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  1. hippokrene

    Disney all-in on Star Wars a mistake?

    Disney Tourist Blog agrees that attendance is far lower than predicted. You don't have to look far back to show that people were talking about the 'insane crowds' Disneyland's largest attraction ever was sure to have. I noted in the film thread that Toy Story 4 had the highest opening of the...
  2. hippokrene

    [Movies] The 2019 Box Office Report

    Toy Story 4 does the best in the franchise despite the last movie coming out in 2010 = Disappointment Man, Disney is Hollywood's evil empire this decade, isn't it? Anyways, it's hard to see Spider-Man: FFH 'record opening' as anything more than a marketing spin. There's no competition for...
  3. hippokrene

    This generation's cartoon.

    If fan fiction is anything to go by, it's Naruto.
  4. hippokrene

    [Film/Review/Spoilers] Peele’s ‘Us’

    I dislike horror. There are excellent horror films and I can appreciate the genre, but it often gets a hard pass from me. That’s likely why, despite thinking Get Out was a great film, I wasn’t aware of Us until yesterday. It popped up in Amazon’s ‘since you liked...’ recommendations. My first...
  5. hippokrene

    [Recruitment] City of Necromancers: 4e Paragon Planar game (using PbtA oldschool emulator)

    @Atlictoatl If you're still interested, 'Raheshi Demonslayer' sounds appealing. I made a bargain with night hag in the desolate swamps of Attigor; I slayed a monster who had spurred her affection and in exchange she gave me its eye. Literally. It sits in my left socket now and with it I can...
  6. hippokrene

    IC Storm Panthers (4e)

    "I know a lot of orcs!" Mintstrip says with a grin. A few orcs and half-bloods around the table chuckle. "Did she say it was my kid? If so, it ain't true. Don't care how handsome it looks!" The gnome sounds a tad soused. He's unlikely to just walk away from his game without good reason...
  7. hippokrene

    RPGs about playing aristocrats, gentry, members of the ruling class, that sort of thing?

    Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought focuses on playing the elite elemental-demigods and rulers of the Realm.
  8. hippokrene

    🎨 Creative Anti-transhumanism as a viable faction?

    That's because you're associating 'be transhuman' with 'be powerful.' That's explicitly not the case in the setting of DE. In Human Revolution and Mankind Divided, the majority of transhumanism is dangerous, expensive, requires you take medicine for the rest of your life, and increasingly...
  9. hippokrene

    [Netflix] First Witcher cast photos

    It's difficult to read much from just standing around, posing in costume. Ciri looks a touch bland. Of all of them, I find myself more interested in Yennifer and wondering if they'll be able to capture her character.
  10. hippokrene

    Extreme Tunnel Vision

    Games are about solving a problem. When you hold up a problem in front of a player, they'll often attempt to solve it. The more difficulty they have with it, the more they're motivated to whack at it. The more they whack at it, the more psychological investment they have in solving it. It's a...
  11. hippokrene

    Blood & Treasure

    I liked the few episodes I've caught, though I constantly find myself thinking, "Hey, that dude looks like PewDiePie."
  12. hippokrene

    Batman: The Animated Series- Worst Villains

    "My boyfriend defends me against my father" is not quite the feminist opprobrium I'm looking for.
  13. hippokrene

    Batman: The Animated Series- Worst Villains

    In all the incarnations I've seen, I've found al Ghul to be bizarrely dull. He never comes off as charismatic, brilliant, or noble, which is what the character concept needs to work. Also, his treatment of his daughter is always sexist and gross. I would love to see her just shiv the fucker once.
  14. hippokrene

    Batman: The Animated Series- Worst Villains

    I agree with Daggett. His biggest problem was that he didn't succeed or manage to get away, unlike Lex. Almost every episode he was a villain in had him end up handcuffed and carried away, or in the middle of a trial. He eventually loses his company and ends up committing petty theft to get by...
  15. hippokrene

    Is Rolling Initiative Worthwhile?

    Rolling for initiative might take time but 'we all hash out when we think we ought to go' also takes time. While it might work at your table, I certainly wouldn't consider it good design if I saw it in a game. Static initiative for PCs might be a good compromise. You can still have feats and...
  16. hippokrene

    IC Storm Panthers (4e)

    The fellow snorts in derision. "Oh yah, I can tell you're high-class fellows. Better be getting the silk napkins and highmountain ale out for your table." A waif of an elven girl comes up the stairs behind you and he waves her forward. "And here I thought you'd left town..." Your group...
  17. hippokrene

    IC Storm Panthers (4e)

    The place is a riot of scents and sounds, old and new. The building has to be at least a century old. It's been remodeled a number of times and catch what looks suspiciously like peep holes along the wall, suggesting there's a hidden space behind it. You spot a few blades tucked into people's...
  18. hippokrene

    IC Storm Panthers (4e)

    He seems confused for a moment and then breaks into a smile. "No, no, he ain't one for fights." Pointing across the hall, he leads your attention to a table of four playing a card game. A small group of watchers stands or sits around them, drinking and chatting among themselves. As one shifts...
  19. hippokrene

    OOC Storm Panthers (4e)

    I'm hang out at the doctor's office today but will have a post up this evening.
  20. hippokrene

    OOC [4e/PbtA] City of Necromancers: The Renewal of Compacts

    Tagged. Can't wait to finish up my character and jump in. I've missed being a player!
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