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    Who were the first-ever rpg.net moderators? [Ask RPGnet history questions here!]

    Re: Who were the first-ever rpg.net moderators? I don't remember the GLB side of things, but I think what got me to register was a horrible thread about the equally-horrible "There's Something About Miriam" reality TV show. People in the thread were going on and on about the usual transphobic...
  2. J

    Can I try recoloring the site when the dust settles?

    Thanks, but I knew that. I like having buttons available to save me keystrokes.
  3. J

    Can I try recoloring the site when the dust settles?

    Delurking... Since Shannon listed an email address, I'm not sure if this is the place to put this, but it seems about as good as the alternatives: I agree. The current layout wastes a huge amount of vertical space:Sigs are huge, with about two lines of wasted space between sig and "reply"...
  4. J

    Video game designers in Game Design

    Seems like there's a near-constant stream of video game designers posting in Game Design. This leads me to de-lurk and ask a few questions: Is Game Design supposed to be limited to (tabletop) RPGs? If not, I'll stop reporting video game designers posting there. (I may also stop reading that...
  5. J

    How did books get so long?

    I didn't say anything about Reynard's intelligence, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't read a personal attack into what I wrote. I'd also appreciate it if you didn't say I'm "ego stroking". I was pointing out a legitimate flaw in Reynard's argument.
  6. J

    How did books get so long?

    My argument is this: There were long and short RPGs in the early days; there are long and short books now. Trying to quantify how long RPGs are, as a whole, is nearly impossible. Trying to quantify whether they've gotten longer or shorter or stayed the same is just as difficult. Absolute...
  7. J

    How did books get so long?

    What? Because I was talking about the topic of the thread -- you know, the thread Reynard started. The thread that we're posting in. And you were responding to my post.
  8. J

    How did books get so long?

    Again, Reynard said "everything is so much longer". All those games are part of "everything". Saying "everything is so much longer" is, like most absolute statements, just about impossible to prove.
  9. J

    How did books get so long?

    So? Reynard said "everything is so much longer". All those games are part of "everything". (Also, a minor point: at the main game store I go to, those games do line some of the shelves.)
  10. J

    Why the Horror Genre?

    Put a little stronger than I would say it, but I agree with your basic point. Why does it matter what other people like? As long as they're not hurting anyone, it doesn't matter what other people find fun.
  11. J

    How did books get so long?

    I agree with this. It's really hard to quantify how long RPGs are these days. Risus is only a couple dozen pages at most; Dread, Agon, Chronica Feudalis, Polaris and 3:16 all weigh in as very short. Are we just talking about D&D? The story's probably different there. I think it's mostly...
  12. J

    [Fantasy] New map of my campaign world

    Very nice work!
  13. J

    [MMORPGs] Ryzom

    I'm still having a lot of fun with the game. If anyone wants to join up, let me know!
  14. J

    TW2000, Classic Traveler, and 2300AD

    For me, the biggest differences were that Traveller 2300's setting was very poorly defined, while 2300AD's was much clearer. For example, in Traveller 2300, most of the aliens are mentioned but never described clearly, whereas in 2300AD, they all have centralized backgrounds, illustrations and...
  15. J

    Your Platonic anti-ideal of a game

    Genre: Supers, or possibly western or nonsensical fantasy, or a poorly thought out mash-up of all of those. Full of poorly-veiled sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. World: Full of stuff that makes no internal sense: dwarves with nothing to eat, huge cities with no farms to feed them, defenseless...
  16. J

    Is there such a thing as a detailed city building supplement?

    johnnype, are you looking for systems to build a city from scratch, or pre-designed components to use in a city? Sorry, I don't know a lot of the supplements you referenced. If you're looking for locations within a city that can be plugged in anywhere, the Citybook series (scroll down) is...
  17. J

    [WIW] The Wire

    Great, great show. I've seen the whole series (all five seasons) already, but I rewatched the second season a month ago and now my roommate is hooked; she's got the discs coming in on Netflix. It's great watching it all again. I keep catching subtle little bits of foreshadowing and things that...
  18. J

    so, how many people play RPGs?

    A big part of the question is definitional. Is a gamer someone who's played D&D once? Someone who plays regularly? Someone who's never played but would like to? OgreBattle defined it as people who "regularly play tabletop RPGs", but even there, there's wiggle room: how often still counts as...
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    RPGs That Use Piecemeal Armor

    And isn't HârnMaster designed to emulate early medieval combat -- pre-full plate -- anyway? HârnMaster is probably the best at showing the full possibilities of piecemeal armor. There are lots of hit locations, many different kinds of damage and armor protection, and (as ChalkLine pointed out)...
  20. J

    2300ad and the heat problem

    If it's possible to store heat in sinks for, say, the length of a combat, it's well worth doing so. Attack Vector, about the most realistic starship combat game out there, uses this system, as I recall. Ships all have big radiator systems plus heat sinks. It all depends on the quality of your...
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