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    Which RPG title had the most number of published material

    That's gotta include a lot of third party publications. (Maybe I'm wrong . . . )
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    [Netflix] Stranger Things 3 Episodes 7-8 and General Spoiler Thread for Full Series

    To me it felt longer than that and when there's a lot of dramatic tension in the air it, again to me, seemed like a significant detour. I totally get that the Duffers committed totally to that scene but it didn't work for me. It may be because that movie does not resonate with me as I never saw it.
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    [Marvel Heroic Roleplaying] A Few Tweaks?

    Critical? No. However, all it takes is one die coming up as a 1 and you're into d4 Effect Die territory.
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    [Marvel Heroic Roleplaying] A Few Tweaks?

    I don't claim to be an expert but both your ideas seem sound to me. I've had issues with #2 myself when it comes to folks like the Fantastic Four.
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    [LTTP] No Man's Sky - what do I need to know?

    Shouldn't we be closing in on another update?
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    Disney all-in on Star Wars a mistake?

    I think Disney proved it could do great things with Rogue One in terms of exploring the universe and creating engaging characters. Yes it tied into the original trilogy but if the Mouse was to put the same effort into an original Rebellion* storyline it would get my money fast. *No Jedi please...
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    [Official] Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Thread Part II

    Yeah it occured to me that she should have been using those mental powers to at least stall Thanos, a la Mantis in IW.
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    [Netflix] Stranger Things 3 Episodes 1-2-3 (Spoiler Thread)

    It may be my failing memory but it seems like the color palette for many of the outfits has been dialed up to 11, even by '80s standards. I looked at Dustin's radio antenna and thought "The reason you're not getting Suzie is your antenna design is pants". ;) I kinda feel like this season is...
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    [Official] Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Thread Part II

    Having rewatched the movie recently I realized that after Captain Marvel, Wanda may be the most powerful hero out there*. It certainly looked like she was going to take down Thanos before he went with the nuclear option. *Yes, I realize that there is plenty of room for debate here.
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    [PS4] Opinions on Spider-Man?

    Very true.
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    What was the 'failed promise' of early Traveller?

    "How you doin' Commodore?"
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    [PS4] Opinions on Spider-Man?

    Wow this is a cool game!
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    What was the 'failed promise' of early Traveller?

    It's hard to believe that this still gets brought up as an issue after 42 years. Did no one else do what we did "back in the day"; ignore the rule? At least until '81 when it officially became optional.
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    Most unused gaming purchase?

    I had virtually everything for D6 Star Wars for 20 years, played in a series of games run by someone else last year and found I didn't like the system in actual execution. So I've been selling them off ever since.
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    (Cortex Prime) - Any broken combos out there?

    Keep in mine that someone like Colossus has great SFX that prevent him from taking Physical Stress but that doesn't mean he has much defense against Emotional Stress, for example. I've gotten a lot of mileage out of inflicting Emotional Stress on characters like Rogue and Captain Marvel lately.
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    What was the 'failed promise' of early Traveller?

    Really Lucas et al were modelling their story on the aircraft vs ship action of WWII in the Pacific. It makes for great visuals and plucky heroics but when everyone is flying through space, it breaks down because the big ship with lots of weapons can take out the small boat with one or two. That...
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    What was the 'failed promise' of early Traveller?

    I've seen Dave's comments but where can I find Frank's?
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    What was the 'failed promise' of early Traveller?

    DGP liked adding to the details of the Traveller setting but seemed weak to me on "here are fun and interesting ways to play", especially where the Rebellion was concerned.
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