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  1. Knaight

    An Open Letter to Implore You to Play Old Games

    What the GM sells them on is pretty much what I was thinking, in practice. Sure, specific games get nixed if someone doesn't like them (which is why I probably won't get to run Warbirds despite my love for it, given that my little brother hates it for some reason) after a session or so, but at...
  2. Knaight

    An Open Letter to Implore You to Play Old Games

    This seems a bit overstated to me. Granted, I have an unusual degree of leeway because of how I built up a group, but if you've got a group willing to play not-D&D you've generally got a group willing to try a wide variety of games.
  3. Knaight

    Opinions on Lindybeige history Youtube channel?

    They're solid, but if you want a more nuanced opinion ask Arethusra. Red is her kid.
  4. Knaight

    Does laissez-faire chargen bother you?

    It depends on presentation. If the game writing fosters a culture of "players can use whatever options they damn well please", then yeah, I want all the options to make sense with what the game is going to do. If it's more "these are tools to make characters, see that you have an idea what...
  5. Knaight

    Collectivizing Ownership of Hit Points

    Torchbearer and Mouseguard both do this to an extent, so there's precedent. Beyond that I'd generally expect it to work, where you can even keep in dynamics like trying to direct attacks towards some characters instead of others by varying damage. From a simulationist perspective it gets really...
  6. Knaight

    Challenge: how could these dice be used with d20 games?

    You could use them as damage dice, as a sort of dice pool where you throw multiple dice and pick one aspect from each of them. The success/failure and Fudge die cases would need to be mapped to something, the other two are pretty obvious.
  7. Knaight

    What is the least playable RPG?

    That would be it, clearly I misremembered the spelling.
  8. Knaight

    Can you think of a PC game with realistic-looking women's plate armour in it ?

    Mount and Blade is maybe a bit graphically underpowered for this, but the armor differences by sex are basically what you'd expect from fitting the same armor design to two different people, nothing more.
  9. Knaight

    What is the least playable RPG?

    Among other things it has a metacurrency board with something like 16 different spaces on it, all of which use dubious iconography with no words, with rules involving passing the metacurrency around the board in different places for narrative control. Those 16 spaces don't count the additional...
  10. Knaight

    Opinions on Lindybeige history Youtube channel?

    Also don't go anywhere near his commentary on climate change. Dude is a straight up climate change denier, in ways sufficiently bad to raise questions about his ability to parse data at all.
  11. Knaight

    Is the Best RPG still to come?

    Probably. If the hobby persists there will be more future RPGs than current RPGs. Even if there is a general negative quality trend numbers and noise should generally drop future games into that slot, even given all thr subjectivity involved.
  12. Knaight

    What is the least playable RPG?

    Bhailadam is a contender here. The amount of esoterica you need to have a handle on to even begin playing is staggering, and it's doable only in a technical sense.
  13. Knaight

    What Don't You Get About PbtA Games?

    Mostly because if you're going for your own thing making a whole PbtA hack is quite a commitment. I'd rather either use a generic system that takes less work or roll my own from scratch at that point.
  14. Knaight

    [Chronica Feudalis] Thinking about using it, opinions?

    I adore CF and routinely reccomend it. It generally works beautifully, though it is worth noting that the social conflict system makes some specific assumptions.
  15. Knaight

    What Don't You Get About PbtA Games?

    I've softened on classes (including playbooks) a bit since running Save The Universe, but I still generally dislike them and they're a barrier to doing PbtA more often. Someone elses setting getting all over my game requires a very specific mood to appeal; classes are embedded setting. Playbooks...
  16. Knaight

    Save the Music What-If

    Music is dead. I've bought something like 5 CDs in my lifetime, and some of them were as a preteen with terrible taste. We've got Good Charlotte, Greenday, Drum Tao Live (a taiko drumming concert), Brother, and Albannach: Bareknuckle Pipes and Drums. There's also some burned CDs from my...
  17. Knaight

    Skill Points vs Skill Pyramids

    Ease of character generation and rules memirization tops my list, but structure that pushes that sort of variation is on it. Still it would be nice to see multiple structures more often. Generalists having shorter but wider structures is the obvious one, but fitting in 3 pyramids is often doable.
  18. Knaight

    X-Cards, VCR Controls, and VOIP Gaming

    A custom emoji that's just a massive X mighy work. Otherwise a lot of VoIP clients can do image embedded text.
  19. Knaight

    What was the 'failed promise' of early Traveller?

    Mirroring the reaction chart still feels clunky, and there are weird cases around getting repeats. I'd probably try an encounter deck for 52 ships where you can make notes on thr cards, including whatever the starting reaction is.
  20. Knaight

    Are there any games where players have effectively unlimited meta-currency?

    You can always get more in Cortex, but you can run out and be at 0 for individual rolls. This can even be several individual rolls, if you're in a situation where you don't want to throw a d4 around.
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