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  1. Libertad

    [Let's Read] Nyambe: African Adventures

    For its near-fifty years of existence, Dungeons & Dragons has branched out into a variety of inspirational material beyond the Tolkien-styled European fantasy. The older AD&D Player’s Handbook sprinkled artwork of adventuring parties, shrines, and equipment from non-medieval time periods, and...
  2. Libertad

    [Comic Books] How do the Flash’s villains overcome his speed?

    Of the various mainstream comic book heroes, I am the least familiar with the Flash and his rogue’s gallery. I looked them up and noticed that while there are some equivalent speedsters like the Reverse Flash, some like Captain Boomerang seem to have relatively normal human reaction and agility...
  3. Libertad

    [Let's Read] Deadlands Back East: the South

    Introduction This is going to be my first non-adventure review for Deadlands. After four of the major Plot Point Campaigns and the stellar Coffin Rock adventure, this is my first location/setting guide for the Weird West proper. Back East is a two-part line covering the Union and Confederacy...
  4. Libertad

    [Mutants & Masterminds Freedomverse] How many parallel worlds have been designed?

    I've always been fond of the Parallel Universe concept in superhero comics, of varying Earths where history went slightly or drastically differently. The Freedom City setting of Mutants & Masterminds is no stranger to this, but as there's no all-in-one list I could find, I was wondering if any...
  5. Libertad

    [Let's Read] Deadlands: Coffin Rock

    Let’s wind the clock back to the year 2008. Savage Worlds is still a relatively new system, and Deadlands got upgraded to it under the new Reloaded line in 2006. Although there were one to two page side encounters and free online content bridging the 2 year gap, Deadlands Reloaded was lacking a...
  6. Libertad

    [Let's Read] Deadlands: Stone and a Hard Place (Reckoner Series)

    Introduction Jasper Stone. The one-man TPK Machine. The undead mug plastered on countless Deadlands core books. The prime competitor with Dr. Darius Hellstromme as the biggest Marty Stu of the Weird West. Back in the 90s he was a Lady of Pain-esque figure who was less a complex character and...
  7. Libertad

    [Let's Read] Deadlands: Good Intentions (Reckoner Series)

    Introduction “Love me some magical steampunk cowboys.” This was a popular copypasta on Amazon reviews for various Deadlands Reloaded books. I could not tell if the person was trolling, for although anonymous he was a Verified Purchaser for many of said books. But strangest of all was the...
  8. Libertad

    [Let's Read] Deadlands: the Last Sons (Reckoner Series)

    Introduction Howdy pardner, and welcome back to the Weird West! Today we’ll be covering the second of the Reckoner Series mega-adventures for Deadlands. I went into more detail in the opening post of the first adventure, the Flood, but in short as part of the system upgrade to Savage Worlds the...
  9. Libertad

    [Let's Read] Deadlands: the Flood (Reckoner Series)

    Introduction Aaaah, good ol’ Deadlands. A Wild Western Horror RPG still going strong 20 years later. Like many games written in the 90s it suffered from a case of metaplot, but it had one of such length and scope that it would make even White Wolf blush. To this day the the writers still have...
  10. Libertad

    [al-Qadim] Enlightened Monsters

    Artist Unknown I haven't talked about it as much, but I'm quite a fan of al-Qadim. Even 25 years later its mostly Middle Eastern-themed setting is still a rarity in Dungeons & Dragons books. Seeing other takes on the culture such as The Nightmares Underneath, and Kobold Press' Southlands* made...
  11. Libertad

    Help searching for "D&D Africa" settings

    Specifically, setting sourcebooks for Dungeons & Dragons and derived retroclones which draw major inspiration from sub-Saharan African* mythology and folklore. They can include entirely stand-alone settings such as Nyambe or supplements to existing worlds/detailing a particular region...
  12. Libertad

    [Let's Read] Southlands Campaign Setting

    Hard to believe it’s been half a year since my last Let’s Read, but here I am back in the swing of things! Like my last two projects, I chose a book of which I am passionate about: the Southlands Campaign Setting. The Southlands is a sort of “setting expansion” to Kobold Press’ Midgard: a...
  13. Libertad

    [Any Edition] Biggest monster power spike between editions?

    What I mean by this is not the overall level of power of monsters in general, but rather specific examples of individual monsters who in one Edition where wildly stronger/weaker than their version in another Edition. Many monsters are consistent: the average goblin has remained 1st-level fodder...
  14. Libertad

    [Pathfinder] Spheres of Power & Might Conversions

    Hello everyone. As of late I've been rather enamored with a pair (trio technically) of sourcebooks by Drop Dead Studios: Spheres of Power to simulate a variety of magical practices seen in media, Spheres of Might for a variety of martial arts, and Champions of the Spheres combining both elements...
  15. Libertad

    [Pathfinder] I converted Noctis from Final Fantasy XV using Spheres of Power/Might

    After finishing the Northlands Saga 1.3 years in the making (a very satisfying adventure path I might add), I've been on an extended hiatus from the Pathfinder system. Even so, there are still some books and creative projects which fascinate me enough to briefly dive into that game if only for a...
  16. Libertad

    SIGMATA anti-fascist RPG is out. Anything have the book?

    The KickStarter just ended, and the PDF is available on Drive-Thru RPG. Does anyone have a copy of the book? It's a bit pricey for me at the moment, but I wanted to hear peoples' thoughts on it.
  17. Libertad

    [2018 ENnie Awards] So umm...why is MYFAROG a votable option under "Fan's Favorite Publisher?"

    Link here. Why is a tabletop RPG with white supremacist overtones even considered an option here? Also MYFAROG is the name of the RPG, not the publisher to my knowledge. Is this because the options are entirely user-generated, or did someone in the ENnies screw up not knowing its origin?
  18. Libertad

    [Any Edition] Food-centric sourcebooks

    It may be confirmation bias, but I've noticed that there are quite a lot of food, tavern, and similarly-themed sourcebooks for Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. Remarkable Inns & their Drinks was a popular system-neutral product made recently, and it got me thinking of compiling a list. The...
  19. Libertad

    Let's Read: Midgard World Book

    Hello everyone. I'm still riding the writer's high from my Northlands review, so I'm striking while the iron's hot to cover another realm of which I have a great passion. The Midgard campaign setting is the brainchild of Wolfgang Baur, a world he's developed for his home campaigns since he was...
  20. Libertad

    D&D-inspired games by former TSR/WotC writers?

    Although the list of D&D-alike retroclones is seemingly evergrowing, I am particularly interested in reading more about retroclones and tabletop games which took heavy inspiration from the work of writers on official D&D game lines. 13th Age comes to mind as a 3rd/4th hybrid style of game by the...
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