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  1. Doctor Guilty

    What Games Should Ditch Their House Systems

    Amen. I tried reading the Modiphius rules and went "why the F would I ever do it this way?" A lot of people have suggested Atomic Robo and I think I see how, but I don't like Fate. Far Trek comes close, but it's not quite what I want. I might just break down and write the D6 version I've wanted...
  2. Doctor Guilty

    [SilCore] Silhouette Core and Math

    We've talked in other threads before about this generally, but maybe a play-by-play example would help. I'll try to write something up in the next day or so. Member Heavy Josh took the rules apart more than I did, I'll ask him if he has an example ready.
  3. Doctor Guilty

    Looking for good TTRPG to play with kids

    Do they like Star Wars? There are a couple of options using the classic West End Games D6 rules.
  4. Doctor Guilty

    GURPS spaceships vs traveller Interstellar wars

    How does it compare with Silhouette’s Vehicle Creation System rules?
  5. Doctor Guilty

    Battletech - confused with so many versions...

    If you’d like to try Heavy Gear before you buy, check out the port to the WEG D6 rules in my signature. If you decide it’s right for you and your group, get the Second Edition rules. The later SilCORE Edition changed things mostly for the sake of changing them. It had a couple of useful ideas...
  6. Doctor Guilty

    So, my wife just watched Exosquad...

    I don’t know Exosquad, but the pictures I found online make me think Heavy Gear might work out great for you. Check out the links in my signature; they’re for a free port to the classic WEG D6 rules. Give them a try!
  7. Doctor Guilty

    [funny] Ruin an RPG by changing one letter of its title

    Tripe 8: The characters are all cows with eight stomachs in post-apocalyptic Montreal. Heavy Sear: A cooking show, the contestants must prepare their dishes with the aid of giant robots. 230 AD: A science-fiction game of trade and exploration during the Roman Empire.
  8. Doctor Guilty

    (Warbirds / Ace Combat: The RPG) The Comet Defense Forces!

    If you prefer something more fanciful, one mashup I'd like to do sometime is Warbirds and Space: 1889. The Guilds would take the place of (or be) the Red Captains, backed up by the mad scientists in the You Must Be Mad! supplement. (I think it'd be a great long-term campaign - the liftwood...
  9. Doctor Guilty

    (Warbirds / Ace Combat: The RPG) The Comet Defense Forces!

    Konnichi wa, campers. I've had a brainwave for one of the worlds in my Heavy Gear sandbox setting, and I could use some help with source material. My version of the planet Eden is more like "Strangereal" from the Ace Combat series of video games. It's broadly similar to Earth, it's Twenty...
  10. Doctor Guilty

    I just picked up Untold - Adventures Await -

    On behalf of the congregation: SQUUUEEEEEEEEEE! :cool: I love Story Cubes, they’re just the thing to get my writing muscles moving.
  11. Doctor Guilty

    Would You Still Recommend GDW’s House Rules?

    FF&S was very thorough, but I can't go back to them. The Silhouette rules are still the best fit for me. Absolutely. TNE has more options overall, but it doesn't cover all of the nitty-gritty survival material T2K does (which is understandable). Having thought about it, I should have...
  12. Doctor Guilty

    Would You Still Recommend GDW’s House Rules?

    Konnichi wa, campers. A recent thread asked about systems for everyday characters that didn’t use D6s, and my suggestion was the GDW House Rules, which are probably best know in Twilight: 2000 Second Edition and Traveller: The New Era. I liked them a lot at the time, but I wonder if they’re...
  13. Doctor Guilty

    What games deal with religion well?

    Religion is a strong element in the Heavy Gear setting. Old religions fall, new ones rise and people believe in theirs - and spurn the religions of others - like they always do.
  14. Doctor Guilty

    [Recommend] RPG for regular everyday people?

    From the character generator you say you’ll be using, I would suggest the old GDW House System rules, like Twilight: 2000 Second Edition or Traveller: The New Era. It was based on a d20 roll (but long before the D20 System), with modifiers based on difficulty. The available PDFs aren’t great...
  15. Doctor Guilty

    Choosing a setting & system

    Here’s the link on DriveThruRPG. It uses the same rules as Twilight: 2000 Second Edition. I liked it for a much less depressing setting with rules I was already familiar with. EDIT: Yes, it does require the T2K2 rules, it’s not self-contained.
  16. Doctor Guilty

    🎨 Creative Combine Two TRPGs Together!

    I don’t know why I’d forgotten this, but one combo I wanted to try a while back was Warbirds and Space: 1889. The Guilds would become the various groups of Red Captains on Mars, backed up with the invention rules in the You Must Be Mad! supplement.
  17. Doctor Guilty

    Anyone Still Playing Star Wars Saga Edition?

    I’d heard over the years that there were several common fixes to the rules, along the lines of what others have posted above. Would they be in one place anywhere? This is on my To-Do-Someday list, but any help is appreciated.
  18. Doctor Guilty

    [Sci-Fi] Sell Me on a BIG Bad

    Oh, I had a most unpleasant thought. The Big Bad from Botany Bay is something from ... outside. A malevolence so vast, so alien and so hostile to life in our galaxy that it cannot be bargained with. It cannot be reasoned with. It can only be stopped. That's right, Botany Bay is being overrun by...
  19. Doctor Guilty

    [Sci-Fi] Sell Me on a BIG Bad

    Sorry, I may not have explained it clearly. Botany Bay was a penal colony before Earth abandoned its colonies. It never had a large population (officially, anyway), and almost everyone was marooned on the planet when the Gateships were withdrawn. EDIT: Sorry, I misread the remark. My thought is...
  20. Doctor Guilty

    [Sci-Fi] Sell Me on a BIG Bad

    Konnichi wa, campers. I’m floating ideas for one of the worlds in my Heavy Gear sandbox. The world of Botany Bay was established allegedly as a penal colony, but one of the ideas that I’m considering is that there’s something there so scary that the Earth government literally abandons its...
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