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    IC [Fate Core] Interface Zero: Burning Hyperchrome

    (ooc) I could see Mr Data and Jesse having a hilarious time trying to parse human behavior, say at a singles dance.
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    IC [Fate Core] Interface Zero: Burning Hyperchrome

    Baby blinks. "WHAT did you say?" She stutters as she tries to interpret Jesse's statement. Her meatbag brain manages to decode the android's creative language -before- she launches a haymaker Rock Em Robot uppercut intended to sever fragile mechanics in an andy's neck... "Umm, that's a good...
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    Is the Best RPG still to come?

    I'm really digging 5e, It has the better parts of the class powers from 4e, but eliminates the complexity of the grid, and it provides the D&D experience condensed down to an easy-to-play ruleset. Plus WOTC has positioned it as an easy to enter game with starter sets and adventurer league...
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    Meet the new 007...

    Heh, that would be history if she comes out at the start of the movie with the traditional "Bond walks, draws and fires" scene. Even better if the title sequence features animated naked men dancing around. :D Maybe Craig Bond will take a dive, so she will have to settle the score for revenge...
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    Selling magic cards?

    I sold about $150 in MTG cards to Card Kingdom years ago all by website/mail, with no trouble. The website was very easy to use.
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    🎨 Creative A Disaster Relief/Search & Rescue Superhero Team

    Like Rescue Heroes? :D That actually is very topical, with a lot of real heroes like the cave rescuers in Thailand or Chile, or wildfire-firefighter crews, or the Coast Guard. Maybe instead of a fictional account, you could create a graphic novel that shows these real events and explains how...
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    Starship Troopers: Interpretation and Analysis

    Just going by the book - it may be fortunate that the Terrans are well-positioned to fight an interplanetary conflict, with a militarized world government and large military forces sufficient to engage in a planetary invasion. At the point described in the book, there's no negotiation with the...
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    IC [Fate Core] Interface Zero: Burning Hyperchrome

    Do the heat patterns show gangers moving around actively, or groups lying still asleep. In game, is it day or night time that would regulate their sleeping cycles? Or gangers are like Reavers, they never lie down? So there's a force dome that covers this area, so the whole place is fairly dark...
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    IC [Fate Core] Interface Zero: Burning Hyperchrome

    Baby raps a steel knuckle against the decaying concrete. "You're playing my tune, sister." She ponders. Is it daytime or night? Any lights on in the building or any power readings? Maybe if it's dark we can cut the lights and go in ninja-style, Baby has multi-spectral goggles.
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    IC [Fate Core] Interface Zero: Burning Hyperchrome

    I rolled Survival for create advantage on rad resists, Physique to resist rads. "I've got antidote patches, just holler when your teeth start falling out." Baby tries to be nice... but inside she wants to see the designer baby get sick and dirty and to laugh herself silly. She's seen a lot...
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    IC [Fate Core] Interface Zero: Burning Hyperchrome

    Oops, but Physique is also +3.
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    IC [Fate Core] Interface Zero: Burning Hyperchrome

    "Nuboy, didn't anyone tell you where you were going?" Baby searches her pack and quickly polls the others to see if there's any rad protection she can scrounge for Sage. Not much luck. "Can you sense anything with your brain powers?" Survival to assist Sage - survival: 4dF+1 0 DOH! If I...
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    Please help me finalize my RPG

    Maybe you can find some aspiring editor who can help with the visual presentation for low/no cost for a design credit. 3d20 as a core system seems workable, gives variety but doesn't take too much fiddling. I would probably write 1/2/3 on a piece of paper and put my matching d4 on top, so I...
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    Battlebots 2019

    Is there a pre-clock when the driver gets a warning? We see the ref say, "I have to see movement"... is there a set time before the KO count starts, or is that up to the ref's interpretation? We don't actually see the refs do very much - maybe they monitor transportation/safety issues in the...
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    IC [Fate Core] Interface Zero: Burning Hyperchrome

    Baby wishes there was beer and barbecue behind the door, but no such luck. She sighs. "Six, do yer thing," she says quietly. I freshly watched Road House over the holiday weekend. The Swayze was pure cool, RIP.
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    IC [Fate Core] Interface Zero: Burning Hyperchrome

    Baby feels a little tired, but she continues to trudge along. She stuffs an energy bar in her mouth and takes a few quick swallows of water. Then she checks that her gear is all in place and eyes her dosimeter to check her rad exposure, just they taught in kindergarten. She nods to Tanya for...
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    🎨 Creative Anti-transhumanism as a viable faction?

    What sort of life do anti/non-transhumanists live? If humans are living to 200 years old with high standards of living, education, and personal freedoms like in The Federation, transhumanism may not be such as popular option. If baseline humans are eating rats in the cellar of a hellforge...
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    Skill Points vs Skill Pyramids

    I guess FATE wouldn't be broken if you took 10 skill points and split them to 5 +2 skills. Split them to 10 +1 skills and you can be "Slightly Above Average Guy". :) Or there might be other preset allocations to attempt to balance (say you have 4/4/1 for skills if you take 2 +4 skills).
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    Battlebots 2019

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    [5e] Quick Question - Martial Proficiency

    Cool, cool, thanks. My main for the campaign is a cleric plus we already have surplus rogues, so my whip build may have to wait. My concept was for a halfling cattle rustler - by day he works as a migrant animal handler, by night he steals livestock and horses. If cornered, he lashes out with...
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