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  1. JobotBobica

    O Genesys Where Art Thou?

    So I recently managed to play a demo of Edge of the Empire, and it re-sparked my interest in Genesys. Of course I went to see what is out there. Is it odd that only Terrinoth managed to come out and no other announcements? Is Genesys a dud for FFG - in the sense of not performing up to their...
  2. JobotBobica

    Evil Hat's Tachyon Squadron

    Do we know anything about this game? Google finds the entry on EH project status page, a thread here on SW Fate options, and a few more tidbits. Anything else?
  3. JobotBobica

    [Legend of the Five Rings LCG Thread]

    Stumbled upon this image on Facebook, showing a poster for the new L5R - and only the original seven major clan mons on it.
  4. JobotBobica

    Help Me Find And Old Vampire: tM Fan Site

    So someone dug up my old, old VtM fan site that i thought long gone by now, and it got me all giddy and nostalgic. In digging through my old stuff I remembered another fan site that I really loved, and that had fantastic content. Unfortunately I have very little to go on: I remember it being...
  5. JobotBobica

    [Map Resource] Planetary System Map Maker?

    I either can't google or am managing to miss all the keywords, so help me TRO, you are my only hope. What I'm looking for is a tool that would make me a planetary system map that is similar to this: Any hints?
  6. JobotBobica

    Games With Multiple Characters Per Player?

    The interview on a recent Talking Table Top sent me on a mental tangent. The only game I know that has more than one PC per player is Ars Magica. Are there any others? How do they handle it? And why do you think not more games have a feature like that built in? More I think about it, the more...
  7. JobotBobica

    For Sale Android: Netrunner LCG Collection

    I'm truly sad that I'm selling this exceptional game, but unfortunately time is against me and I can't see that changing any time soon. Currently selling the whole lot only. Shipping will be from Croatia, at the buyer's expense. I'm looking for a fair price, so make me an offer, I really can't...
  8. JobotBobica

    [Fate] Tell Me How It's Done

    So I have read Fate and never played it. Now I'm really curious to see how various games that are powered by it are making use of the various switches and gears within the game. So how do you make it X, and what are best of breed for Fate?
  9. JobotBobica

    Looking For Modern Miniatures Like These

    I'm looking for 28mm modern civilians like lawyers, mechanics, ship captains in uniforms, etc. As well as modern military people in dress uniforms. Combat poses optional. Any recommendations as my Google-Fu is failing me?
  10. JobotBobica

    For Sale Some Older Titles - L5R, Ars Magica, Unknown Armies, Engel

    I'm selling off my old collection. Fair warning, shipping is from Croatia and I'll calculate it to the best of my ability when asked for a book. If interested I'll take photos of the books so you can see the state they are in. All I have was kept on shelves and then in proper storage so unless...
  11. JobotBobica

    Miniature Sites You Frequent

    Give me your links, friends in OGO. I am looking for something so inspire me with your fun and learned sites on the theme of miniatures and miniature stuff.
  12. JobotBobica

    A Study in Emerald - Anyone Else Loving It?

    Got my copy a few weeks back, and my group managed to get in a few games. So far I love it to bits. It is to early to comment on anything properly as we are still in discovery phase, but my opinion so far is that the two tracks are more important than you realise in the first few games (as they...
  13. JobotBobica

    Hope That TT Works For Columns - Page Error

    I'm trying to open this page: http://www.rpg.net/columns/designers-and-dragons/designers-and-dragons7.phtm and all I get is a server error. Update: Found the error; the front page is missing an -l in the extension, it should read .phtml
  14. JobotBobica

    Comfort Me: Almost Watched a Uwe Boll Film

    For days now the local station was running an add for a fantasy flick. And it turns out that it was Boll's Dungeon Siege masterpiece where he manages to make uncool ninja. I'll try to keep my tears on the inside.
  15. JobotBobica

    [Help] Dr Who What If Pic

    A good long while ago, when Dr Who came back, there were a lot of threads about it. Including on about possible other Doctors. One of them had an image of a Chinese/Japanese Doctor and a companion. Anyone remember it? Have the picture? Thanks.
  16. JobotBobica

    Bloodrayne, How Is This Possible?

    I am trying to watch the move for the very first time. By me typing this, you can see that the movie is holding my attention ... not all that well. But how is it possible to take a story of a hot, scantly & skin tight clad, vampire chick and make it so boring that I would rather clean the cat's...
  17. JobotBobica

    Missing Reaload This Page Icon

    Just like the title says - I know t is supposed to be there, but I have been getting the red X or the alt text for weeks now.
  18. JobotBobica

    Behind The Counter #49?

    Is present on the front page, but when you try and go to it we get a nice "page not found" error. Also, no post in the forums, so...
  19. JobotBobica

    Double topic alert

    Because apparently I am blind and made a second birthday thread for Haffy. http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=353030 and http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=353044 Sorry.
  20. JobotBobica

    The Future Comic Book Reader

    Mostly for my friend Yo! Master, I present you with a link to a sweet looking app for comic book reading. Hope it comes through. The Future of Commic Book Reading
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