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  1. Silvercat Moonpaw

    Are there any games where players have effectively unlimited meta-currency?

    One aspect of meta-currency I'm not happy about is the fact that either you hold to it till it's "useful" -- possibly not getting anything for your efforts because the time-limit ends before you can spend it -- or you spend it at the wrong time. I'm not saying this is bad design, just that I...
  2. Silvercat Moonpaw

    101 Real Science Things That Should Grant Super Powers But Don't

    1) Hawking Radiation What It Should Do: Give you super-brain powers. What It Actually Does: Indicates black holes are decaying.
  3. Silvercat Moonpaw

    Currently what are the various magic systems of 5e (incl. 3rd party)?

    So there's the traditional "Vancian" (i.e. spell slots). Then there's some kind of spell point rule. Then there's a "mystic" class that does something like psionics.... Any others?
  4. Silvercat Moonpaw

    If I wanted to get into The Known World/Mystara, what's a good start?

    I've heard a lot about Mystara, how it's supposed to be kind of weird and all over the place. I think right now I could use a setting like that, but since there's no "Mystara Big Setting Book" I'm not sure what to read to get the best experience.
  5. Silvercat Moonpaw

    Gaming supplements that never were

    Didn’t know if this should be it’s own thread. For me it would be all the Fantasy Craft books/settings they planned but couldn’t justify. At least the gear supplement, and maybe the wixia setting. Also BESM 3e’s Anime Multiverse setting book. This actually has an Amazon listing at one point...
  6. Silvercat Moonpaw

    Looking for yet another generc point-build system.

    UPDATE: Generic systems. Unless you think your suggestion can stand for a generic. I like complex point-build systems. Not because I need them to play: I could easily use something much, MUCH simpler. It's because if I have something that requires me to build beforehand I can put off...
  7. Silvercat Moonpaw

     HERO "vs" GURPS

    On a GURPS thread someone mentioned the HERO system. Since I've read GURPS but not HERO I'm curious how the two compare. Mostly does anyone who uses both feel that one is better for some things over the other? Any stand-out parts of one system you wish the other had?
  8. Silvercat Moonpaw

    Does asking for cat behavior advice violate Rule 9/6?

    I'm not always sure where Rule "Don't ask for professional advice" ends. In this case I'd like to solicit advice to deal with some annoying stuff one of my cats does. I can figure out that if it seemed like something that a vet should deal with I wouldn't ask. But I figure asking other people...
  9. Silvercat Moonpaw

    Do you ever feel bad using a guide/wiki/whatever even though it's silly?

    I have a weird reason to vent. #firstworldproblems I was going through Breath of the Wild and trying to find the last shrine. And I've been working at this on-and-off for months, and even after consulting online guides in such a way as to preserve at least part of the challenge I decide it's...
  10. Silvercat Moonpaw

    Spoiler titles don't display

    When I use the Spoiler option from the drop-down menu next to the smiley face it asks me for a title. But the title I type never seems to get displayed.
  11. Silvercat Moonpaw

    [Let's Read] Fantasy Craft

    Again. Yeah, I did this back in 2014. But I'm hoping this time I can do it in a less-mechanical fashion. A terse fashion, though, is likely. Game Background Fantasy Craft was created by Crafty Games in 2009 from their Spycraft game, derived from a tweaked version of the 3.0 PHB. There was...
  12. Silvercat Moonpaw

    Is there a way to turn off my Signature by individual posts?

    On the old forum you could uncheck a box to tell the forum not to add your signature at the bottom of a post. This was nice because otherwise the signature just added unnecessary length any time you wanted to post multiple times in succession. Is this feature now gone?
  13. Silvercat Moonpaw

    IC Crinoverse: Disaster Day

    We tune in to NBC New York News at 9. The picture is of a young, bald, black reporter in a blue suit standing in the greenery of what can only be Central park. reporter: Good morning, New York! And what a beautiful morning it is! Hal Rooker here, and today marks the commemoration of the--...
  14. Silvercat Moonpaw

    OOC Crinoverse: Disaster Day

    WARNING: This is a closed-recruitment game. Please don't ask if you can join. If I need more players I will post a thread in the Meta forum, so watch there if you're interested but have not been invited. Okay, Crinoverse compatriots, in case you haven't read it: In this adventure an...
  15. Silvercat Moonpaw

    [Brainstorming/Interest Check] Ideas for a Low-threat game.

    Getsuya PMed me indicating a desire to GM a low-threat game -- as I'd expressed interest in one -- but needed a suggestion to get started. I'm not good at those sorts of suggestions, so I decided to post here and both crowd-source and check for interest. "Low-threat" means something that isn't...
  16. Silvercat Moonpaw

    Is there any way to adjust how my user name appears?

    Right now my user name gets cut into "SilvercatMoop" and "aw". Is there any way to change it so that doesn't happen? Probably by inserting a space before the "M", I'm not asking anyone to figure out how to give me extra width.
  17. Silvercat Moonpaw

    [Rant] How do you make languages more than an exercise in "GM May I"?

    I don't quite "get" languages in RPGs. Not necessarily for the reason you might think: Since languages in all the RPGs I know are a static thing (i.e. you never roll to see if you know them/how well you do) language-based obstacles are simply at the whim of the GM. The GM knows which...
  18. Silvercat Moonpaw

    🎨 Creative Competing elemental systems in one setting.

    I find the Classic Four elemental system to have enough weird cases in it that I always feel like changing it whenever it gets used. A part of me doesn't hate it, though, when used in certain other properties (Avatar is the ur-example). I started wondering about a setting that had both in it...
  19. Silvercat Moonpaw

    🎨 Creative The Small-centered setting

    So what implications are there for a setting that's based around Small-sized characters being the norm/baseline for the majority of civilization instead of Medium-sized? (Just to clear things up: this isn't an adjustment of the scale such that a domestic cat is now considered a Small animal...
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