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    [5e] Quick Question - Martial Proficiency

    I was scanning the 5e PHB. I saw that whips are finesse range weapons, which seemed to be awesome (at least RP-wise) when combined with a rogue sneak attack damage. You could do like d4+d6+3 damage, which is respectable. I envisioned a high-dex halfling lashing monsters like a lunatic with...
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    All AI Sci Fi Game?

    Thinking about the astrogation question, I had a quick idea for a sci-fi game. What if you have a space exploration or space action team, but all the players are playing AIs on a ship instead of actual humans? So you could have The Ship, who goes from place to place. It controls helm, weapons...
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    Pocket Size Heroes! (Small World v2)

    Still working away - I added more introductory and character building text. I was proud to wipe out a whole subsection of rules, removing Traits as a rank/item to be rolled against and instead redefining them to be a keyword to add to an Attribute roll. So instead of a bird having separate...
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    Encumbrance: The Adventure Continues

    Just thinking aloud about my idea for a board game inspired by packing up dungeon treasure and bringing it home... It would start with a lair, the dragon lair. It could be a tile, like a Cataan tile. Then players would draw from a terrain deck to show the route the adventurers took before they...
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    Small World

    Inspired by the subtraction game mechanic, I started musing about a game where the numbers and characters are as small as possible. My son just happened to read Stuart Little, about a mouse that lives as a person. Other characters in the Small World could be a pixie, a large spider, or any...
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    [Probability] Yet Another Wacky Dice Pool

    Hmm, just a random idea. Say you have a dice pool, generally from 3d6 to 5d6. If you roll a double, like two 4s, you must flip a dice (not a 4, your choice) to a 4. If you roll a triple, you must flip two dice (not a 4, your choice) to a 4, and so on. Are there any games like this? Any...
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    New Game Mechanic - Magic Sqaure

    Just a quick new idea - has this ever been done before? Your character sheet would be a 3 x 3 box. Maybe the three columns would be marked Body / Mind / Spirit. Maybe each box could have a fixed adjustment, like a pretty strong person could have a permanent +1 in the top Body box. Then you...
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    New RPG Fight Mechanic

    Here's 12% of an RPG mechanic... is it already done before? Say a PC is brawling versus a goon. The PC has 3d6, each a different color as a Strength, Speed, and Skill die. For example's sake, the goon has only 1d8 Strength die. The PC has a Speed die (and the goon doesn't) so the PC can...
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    Destiny 2 - Is It a Buy?

    Destiny 2 seems to be the new hotness. What do folks think of it? As a PC gamer, I like slaying things for loot like in Borderlands or Diablo, and I like light FPS like Overwatch. Is Destiny 2 a good fit? What's the high points? Any bad points?
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    Randomization with Dominoes?

    Just thinking about randomization - has anyone ever done a game with dominoes as the randomizer? Say you have a double 12 domino set (91 dominoes, with 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 and so on up to 12:12). Many families have a set or it's easy to get one at Target, so not an unusual or expensive game item...
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    [Vorkosiverse] Anyone Read Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen (Spoilers)

    I'm just about at the end of the audiobook... anyone else read it yet? So far, I'd have to say it has great scenes, but the whole is lacking conflict and a solid plot. I'm pretty sure Bujold wrote exactly the book she meant to write, a less conflicted, more everyday story about Cordelia and...
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    Tom Clancy vs the Zombie Apocalypse

    How about two great tastes that taste great together? I think "real-world" zombie apocalypse scenarios are a little implausible because a modern military force (with enough time to mobilize) could probably wipe out thousands of zombies per day with bombs, tanks, flamethrowers, and whatnot...
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    Let's Talk About Dominion!

    Seems like we have a few players on-board. This weekend, I went to visit my college buddy and his wife. They went completely bananas for Dominion and have the base set, Seaside, Prosperity, Intrigue, Cornucopia, and Alchemy (which they bought in about 4 months). My wife and I only have...
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    [GTA San Andreas] CJ Is Way OUT of Control!

    A buddy gave me his old copy of GTA, which I never played back in the day. I fired it up, and found that I wasn't able to control the guy between keyboard and mouse. Anyone have advice on setting the controls to a typical Borderlands/Mass Effect setup? I'm used to mouse-camera is...
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    Wanted Pirates of the Spanish Main (Constructible Card Game)

    My son and I recently acquired some Pirates of the Spanish Main ships, and we are having fun playing together. Does anyone have any Pirates collections they aren't using? We would also be happy with stacks of commons, set doesn't matter. It would be nice to have a few more ships! Thanks!
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    (AD&D) I Want My 2 Experience Points!

    We just completed a Michael Moorcock meets White Plume Mountain adventure in AD&D. Our band of heroes drove back Chaos and closed Arioch's gate to the world, conveniently located near the famous mountain. In addition to fame and glory, we received a blanket XP award. We usually get XP as a...
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    Happy Ending for Star Trek?

    My wife and I were watching the new, um, the old Star Trek movie... the one from 2009, heh. :) When Ambassador Spock explains what happened in the past, with the destruction of Romulus and the red matter, etc. - it struck me that there might be a happy ending for Nero. So... Nero and...
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    [New Game Proposal] Devil Boats of the Pacific!

    I happened to see the movie "PT-109" on cable recently. It reminded me of a book I liked as a kid about Kennedy and the PT boats of the Pacific theatre of World War II. Would it make a game? It has brave sailors and and officers of the U.S. Navy... rockin' torpedo boats... and a setting with...
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    What's Better Than Hit Points?

    Is there a better way to create a system of damage and death in D&D without using the dreaded Hit Points? I thought of some additions to my "Cookie Point" system, for instance. Cookie Points 1.1 The possibility of your character dying is reflected as cookies on the game table in front of you...
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