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  1. Timon

    IC [FAE] Potterverse - The Shattered Mirror

    This is the IC thread for the Harry Potter game "The Shattered Mirror", the image links to our wiki. The initial posts here are background for the main game, so if you are one of the players and not quite finished with your character, don't panic!
  2. Timon

    OOC [FAE] Potterverse - The Shattered Mirror

    Welcome to the OOC thread for the Fate Accelerated Harry Potter game "The Shattered Mirror" Recruitment thread is here https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/interest-harry-potter-hogwarts-centered-game-based-on-fae.849043/ We are using the Rob Wieland Harry Potter hack, which is pretty much...
  3. Timon

    [Interest] Harry Potter, Hogwarts-centered game based on FAE

    I am considering running a Fate Accelerated Potterverse game, based on the pretty vanilla Rob Wieland HP hack. Deep Potterverse knowledge is not required but you should be familiar with the books or films. I am not more knowledgeable than that so set your expectations. Spells should be...
  4. Timon

    Apocalypse Masks [Finding a better PbtA D&D than Dungeon World]

    So I was reading Masks again and I was stuck by what a strong PbtA implementation it is. I had a long flirtation with Dungeon World but it does not, IMHO, handle it's source material half as well. It's there a more powerful implementation of D&D in PbtA?
  5. Timon

    Preparing to run Supers! RED

    I have promised my group a game for next week. I have (stolen) a good idea for two adversaries and a macguffin that both adversaries and the team will want to get. I am a fairly experienced GM but I have never run Supers RED before. What are your top DO's and DON'Ts? PS No recommendations to...
  6. Timon

    Betrayal at House on the Hilll - superb family game

    Just yesterday my sons got this out again and had a blast. Of all out boardgames it has been played the most and we are still turning up new Haunts. We have the Widow's Walk expansion and it is completely worth it. Lots of added value. I just cannot get over what a successful game this has...
  7. Timon

    Dungeon Lords

    Played this recently and found it rather complex for the play it provided. I hear good things about Boss Monster. Are there recommendations for similar games I should explore?
  8. Timon

    [Re-recruitment] Girl Genius "Europa Unchained" game

    In a world of mad-science, monsters, fabulous steam-powered and gas-lit fantasy. The heroes strive to survive in a Europe war-torn and transformed by SCIENCE! The game has been running for a while but we now have an opening, perhaps two. It runs based on Fate using a lot of pieces from Atomic...
  9. Timon

    I must laminate ALL THE THINGS

    So I got a very nice little laminator for Chrimbo from my loving wife with a supply of A4 and A5 pouches. I shall put it to good use laminating stuff for my classes but what are the gaming things that I should laminate? I run and play Fate Atomic Robo, Tianxia, Monster of the Week, Star Trek...
  10. Timon

    Could the thread owner be changed?

    This thread is a game originally started by Dawnstar. I have taken over as GM in his absence. Could I become owner of the thread so it appears in "My Threads"? https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/star-trek-adventures-reac-opening-thread.824758/
  11. Timon

    Programming challenge...

    I sometimes run PbP games in which a metacurrency is important and it would be nice to be able to show that metacurrency in a post. For instance, Star Trek adventures really needs Threat and Momentum tracking to function. Of course I can just insert an image, but it is hard to find one the...
  12. Timon

    So... Stellaris or?

    I used to be a Starcraft player way back when I had reflexes and my oldest son is addicted to Stellaris. I played a lot of Sins of a Solar Empire but I love a strong story in a game (fond of Sunless Sea etc) and I just saw a trailer for Star Control. Recommendations?
  13. Timon

    [Star Trek Adventures] Ship choice

    My IRL gaming group is having fun with the Tutorial adventure and I think they will want an actual ship when we get to Nadenda station. We are playing in the default 2371 timeframe, so it could potentially be an Akira, a Galaxy, an elderly Miranda or its Nebula successor, or a brand new...
  14. Timon

    Small red text

    In my Star Trek Adventures PbP I track two game currencies which are generally blue and red counters and I have been using a small text at the bottom of posts to do this in the appropriate colour. One of my players pointed out that red text is reserved for moderation so I should not use it...
  15. Timon

    Star Trek Adventures Resources for the table and online

    We have a couple of STA games running right now, one of them mine, and I keep finding cool resources, so I thought I would share them here. These are particularly handy for STA as the rule-book tends to spread the information around a bit. Please add ones I have missed. There is a particularly...
  16. Timon

     Grand Central Best Wishes

    Like many people here I have a subscription to the Grand Central Absences thread and often see posts by people I know stating that they will not be playing for a bit because stuff happened, fatigue, depression or other issues. I am not stranger to depression and anxiety and often then want to...
  17. Timon

    OOC Star Trek Adventures - Reac

    This is the OOC thread for Star Trek Adventures - Reac @suedenim @squidheadjax @Zebra @Gamer940 IC Thread https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?824758-Star-Trek-Adventures-Reac-(Opening-Thread) Wiki with character writeups and images https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/STA:Reac_Main_Page The...
  18. Timon

    Baroque Space Opera going cheap

    Baroque Space Opera, which I like a lot and consistently recommend for anyone wanting mile-high gold statues on their vast Dreadnought is going for $10 on drivethru
  19. Timon

    Different thread structure...

    Running a PbP here and having played in a few here and elsewhere I am struck by how easy it is to miss reacting to an important post because it gets carried upwards and away in the flow of the game. I started toying with the idea of a forum structure in which a post would have some kind of...
  20. Timon

    Knights of the Dinner Table...I have heartburn

    I BundleofHolding'd a whole bunch of KotD and read the lot. That may have been too much in one sitting. While I liked some of it, I found myself saddened by the utterly toxic relationship at the table. I know that there are players like that. I have on at least one occasion been a bad player...
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