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    [Netflix] Stranger Things 3 Episodes 7-8 and General Spoiler Thread for Full Series

    Apparently, it really resonated with a friend of mine; she's commented that she listened to their conversation on loop for most of a day. I'm pretty sure the "teeth" in the mindflayer were fragments of other sorts of bones. It was...not a pleasant thing, and pretty much everyone in it were...
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    [Film/Review/Spoilers] Peele’s ‘Us’

    Fair. I think that the duplicates are representing multiple things at once.
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    [Film/Review/Spoilers] Peele’s ‘Us’

    I think you could make the argument that Gabe's double isn't really about wish fulfillment. His shadow is what a lot of strangers likely perceive him as, as a black man: big, brutish, and threatening. I think its important that the only explanation we get is from a very biased character in the...
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    [Netflix] Stranger Things 3 Episodes 1-2-3 (Spoiler Thread)

    I do like what they're doing with Mike - he feels like a real teenager who is mostly an okay guy, but, well, acting like a teenager. And as Johnathon pointed out to Nancy, the Wheeler's are pretty damn well-off, so Mike probably has a lot of unexamined privilege and entitlement that he's dealing...
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    Someone Has Put Way Too Much Thought Into Goofy Cartoons

    The imagery still makes it a funny joke.
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    Dumbing of Age: that Amazi-girl is off the hook

    I don't really know anything about Ultra-Car, but Carla is awesome.
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    Someone Has Put Way Too Much Thought Into Goofy Cartoons

    Also...I'm assuming that's Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham. Who isn't actually a pig. He's a spider who was bitten by a radioactive pig.
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    (Spoilers) [SHIELD] Toldja

    Yeah...I'm glad they have Clark Gregg still on the show, but I really hope they never forget that Sarge killed one of their agents just for being in the way, rather than explaining, "dealing with a potentially world-ending threat here - help or move."
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    Mordhau caters to the toxic.

    Honestly? You run into it a lot in the actual historical fencing and sword-fighting communities as well. I think its kind of like the Norse Mythology/Viking thing and white supremacists: while there are a lot of normal, cool people who are interested in the topic, there are also a significant...
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    [MCU] Spider-man: Far from home (I has seen it) (Spoilers)

    Overall, I really, really liked this movie. I thought the stuff with the high school side of things was pretty much perfect. Peter gets to see Ned and Betty have one of those hookups that your friends had in high school, that from the outside make no sense at all. I liked that Brad seemed to...
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    If one of my player rolls his eyes anymore they might just fall out!

    A few weeks back, two of us missed a session of our regular game. When we got back the next week, all of the other players were like, "it was awful! You guys are our conscience; our characters always end up doing stupid, crazy things when your characters aren't around to keep us in check!" :D...
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    What core races and classes can be dropped?

    You forgot the "and can't be controlled, summoned, or bound," condition. :)
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    [Official] Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Thread Part II

    Maybe, but it's worth noting that, after he has the hammer, he is perfectly fine letting Steven use it during the fight, and he gives it Steve to take back to Asgard along with the Stones. So he does get rid of the training wheels pretty quickly.
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    [Zelda: Breath of the Wild]Oh my gosh you guys! This is such an amazing game!

    I saw this, and immediately went "WHAT!? How do you get a Wolf Link buddy?!" Then I looked it up and saw that it required buying a fucking Amiibo. God damn it.
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    A Work that changes your opinion of an Author's work (Spoilers beware)

    Yeah, but again, that's not what we're talking about. If there were one or two characters that were always super sexy, and it was clear that it was because they liked that, fine. But when its the only option, and always feels written for male fans, it gets really tiresome. And Moore is also...
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    A Ravenloft to Call My Own

    You could take some cues from stuff like Castlevania and make this more of a monster mash, with other Universal Monster stypes, like werewolves and such. Or you could make Orlok a type who experiments with weird magics and such, to have golems, strange extradimensional monsters, etc.
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    Agents of Shield: Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson

    This episode felt a great deal like an episode of Farscape, and I love it.
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    [Feng Shui/others] Keeping abstract position fair

    That's fair. Feng Shui is generally a great system, but I can see where there are few cases were the incentives provided by the rules don't match the source material.
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    [Feng Shui/others] Keeping abstract position fair

    I think this is a big part of the issue. Enemies in Feng Shui shouldn't be doing things that make tactical sense, they should be doing things that feel like what happens in an action movie. And, for the most part, this means that they don't focus fire on one target, unless you are going for a...
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