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  1. 4th of Eleven

    [Harry Potter/The Wizarding World] Give me your Wizarding Schools

    The Iram School of Mystics and Mages Located deep in the Rub al-Khali desert, the Iram school is one of the most prestigious magical schools in the Arab world, taking in students from across the Middle East and beyond. Though not as large as its rivals in Alexandria and Istanbul, the Iram...
  2. 4th of Eleven

    Starship Troopers: Interpretation and Analysis

    Ironically, Rico ends up being the best argument against the system - his complete lack of introspection, motivation or curiosity about the world around him would make him the worst possible voter in a democratic system.
  3. 4th of Eleven

    Biggest Supposed Discontinuities in Sci-Fi Franchises (no defenses!)

    And, of course, there's the one novel where a bunch of mechwarriors fall into a wormhole and end up on a planet of intelligent bird-people which... hasn't officially been deemed non-canonical, but has been put in the 'We will never, ever, ever reference this again' category.
  4. 4th of Eleven

    Starship Troopers: Interpretation and Analysis

    Although that does seem to rarely implimented - the 'counting caterpillars by touch' example is presented as a hypothetical, an "LOL, what if a disabled person tried to apply, can you imagine?!" example. Which makes it sound to me like it rarely actually comes up, and the system doesn't actually...
  5. 4th of Eleven

    [Star Wars] Episode IX News [The Rise of Skywalker]

    We don't actually know that Palpatine was part of an unbroken chain going back millennia; it's entirely possible the Jedi had succesfully wiped out the Sith multiple times, only for other villains to revive the Sith name. Hell, Palpatine doesn't seem too attached to the Sith traditions - 'Darth...
  6. 4th of Eleven

    Klaatu's Choice - Would You Take It? [The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)]

    On the other hand, the general arc of his various stories featuring R. Daneel Olivaw were that humanity needed to expand rather than stagnate on Earth, and also it'd be best if we were being secretly controlled by unaccountable robots.
  7. 4th of Eleven

    Starship Troopers: Interpretation and Analysis

    As I said in the other thread, Heinlein was writing during the height of the civil rights movement; to be arguing in favor of a 'limited franchise' at that time in the United States without thinking about what that meant in the real world at that time goes beyond simply being naive into some...
  8. 4th of Eleven

    Starship Troopers: Interpretation and Analysis

    It also justifies the Bugs launching a pre-emptive strike on humanity; you cannot live in peace with a nation that believes it will always need more liebestraum - sooner or later, the Bugs were going to end up on the chopping board. (There's probably room for a sequel where the interstellar...
  9. 4th of Eleven

    Biggest Supposed Discontinuities in Sci-Fi Franchises (no defenses!)

    Stargate SG1 was always kind of weird in how it handled the original movie - they referenced the movie's events a lot, especially early on, but changed so many details that it was effectively its own continuity.
  10. 4th of Eleven

    Criticism that misses the point

    If the primary objective of the mission is to destroy civilian infrastructure, and the goal of the mission is not to directly hamper the enemy's war effort, but rather to cause suffering to the civilian population, then it is a war crime under the Geneva Convention. Given that the Federation...
  11. 4th of Eleven

    Criticism that misses the point

    Specifically, the start of the book is an attack on a Skinny city's waterworks, specifically for the purpose of rendering their city uninhabitable. Apparently, the concept of 'legitimate military targets' went the way of 'universal suffrage' in the Trooper-verse.
  12. 4th of Eleven

    Criticism that misses the point

    Yeah, Heinlein was writing in 1959; two years after the Civil Rights Act. The idea of 'limited democracy' wasn't a purely academic thought experiment in the United States at the time. And, yes, the book is totally inconsistent about what counts as valid service; in the same conversation as the...
  13. 4th of Eleven

    Criticism that misses the point

    Truly, a paean to liberal values and peaceful coexistence!
  14. 4th of Eleven

    Criticism that misses the point

    So, basically, you want a more faithful adaptation that also goes against the basic ideology of the book?
  15. 4th of Eleven

    [Marvel 616 and MCU] I love inconsequential, slice-of-life headcanons

    The rivalry between Dr. Doom and Reed Richards has long since spilled over into general academia. Almost every working scientist has their own opinions over which of the two is right, and every university campus has a story about a conference breaking down into violence after someone said the...
  16. 4th of Eleven

    A Work that changes your opinion of an Author's work (Spoilers beware)

    The Josh Kirby covers kept me away from Pratchett for a long time too; too self-consciously 'wacky', and with a coloring style that left everything looking vaguely unwholesome. They stood out on the shelf, I guess, but not really in a good way. (Of course, later editions would instead go for an...
  17. 4th of Eleven

    [Where I Read] The Star Wars Expanded Universe - Legends Continuity

    I've never been sure if KJA intentionally wrote Daala as an incompetent who's been promoted well beyond her level of skill, or whether he genuinely thought he was writing an intimidating villain and the total failures of all her plans were just because he had to have the heroes win in the end. I...
  18. 4th of Eleven

    Superhero Team Archetypes

    The Space Police: Generally backed by an extraterrestrial government, and more concerned with cosmic events than Earth-based problems, though their token human might have a more parochial perspective... Examples: The Green Lantern Corps, the Nova Corps, the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, some...
  19. 4th of Eleven

    S3 of Star Trek Enterprise is shockingly different from S1-2

    The novels basically went with the idea that Riker's program is about as accurate as the average Hollywood 'historical' film. And yeah, it should have been Riker and Troi post-Nemesis on the Titan - ending the show with a glimpse of the future beyond what we'd seen before would have been nicely...
  20. 4th of Eleven

    EA is flat out morally bankrupt. (regarding Battlefield 5 DLC and WW2)

    I'm just horrified that we've reached the point where "Nazis are bad" is considered a dangerously controversial statement that corporations want to shy way from.
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