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    Open Combat?

    So I was perusing my copy of Open Combat that I ran across during a recent clean-up effort, and realized that it seems like it has a lot in the way of "counts as" for anything not your basic 'non-supernatural' entity... it advises that wizard/magician types just 'buy' hand weapons or something...
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    TheWarStore.com is closing

    So it's pretty well picked over, and I'm not certain it had the following it did a little while back, but The Warstore posted that they're closing up shop. Thought some folks might want to know.
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    Iron Kingdoms RPG... what's next?

    So... while I haven't actually *played* the game yet, I love reading it and it seems like it'd scratch some of my 4e itches. That said, the line is... not exactly sparse, but doesn't seem to get a lot of discussion in the way of "new shiny sourcebook." Has it sort of hit its critical mass, is...
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     Feeling pretty good... (RPG related)

    So a friend's oldest son has recently hit that age (12) where his mind is SCREAMING for more high-level input, and has a love for all things fantasy, sci-fi, etc. He and his father used to play Palladium Rifts together, off and on. We (and other friends) do this round robin thing with kids'...
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    What's next for Savage Worlds?

    With the release of the Adventure Edition, it looks like many of the newer licenses and supplements are being made (or, in the case of Rifts, being remade) with that edition in mind. (Freedom Squadron even mentioned it.) Can we expect to see the Sci-Fi and Supers Companion updated? Perhaps...
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    4e issues of Dragon/Dungeon/other magazines?

    I'm trying to suss out where the issues of Dragon and Dungeon (and... Polyhedron? I feel like there was another 4e-focused mag) each started and stopped (i.e., by issue number)? Anybody know?
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    Brainstorm: Mayfair's Underground meets Dark Conspiracy

    So, I found myself musing over this mash-up. I haven't really done more than considered a quick lead-in to the story... PCs are still boosts, with the associated PTSD and other problems that plague them... but coming back home isn't just about trying to fit back in to a homeland they barely...
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    Please ID this movie?

    An acquaintance is providing some vague details, but we're stuck. Based on the below, can OM help? "Dark room, guy has a box (puzzle sort of, metal maybe). He seemingly solves the puzzle and gets a key. He then puts the key in something and turns it. This thing then comes out and pricks his...
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    Forbidden Lands RPG?

    I happened across this title due to the sale on DTRPG; it seems like something I'd enjoy based on the ad copy but I know little of the way of how it actually plays. It mentions having old-school roots, but seems to present some manner of subsystem for exploring. So! Tell me about it- good or...
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    Anybody trying out that new Transformers CCG?

    I picked up the core box and some convention exclusives by way of a friend at Gen Con; also snagged the Metroplex box. I'm starting to dig into the play (the I'm only going solo, now); I'm excited to see the combiner decks coming out, and really curious how the mechanic for them works...
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    Grit and Vigor + Blood and Treasure 2e

    Just curious; I know G&V came out before B&T 2e, but are they able to work together or is B&T2 too different a system?
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    Best non-fantasy and/or third-party support/supplements for 5e?

    I'm curious what's really good out there for 5e that isn't strictly fantasy; I'm looking for things beyond the Realms, Middle Earth, etc. Science-fantasy, sci-fi, cyberpunk, horror, supers, western, what have you. I really only know of Ultramodern 5e, and Alien Bestiary. I also just learned...
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    Looking for suggestions for a 5e DM Screen...

    ... like, a really nice one. A friend is wanting to get one for her spouse, but was hoping for something kinda swanky, specifically for 5e. Any suggestions? I had already recommended the Hammerdog 'World's Greatest', but she's leaning more toward something specifically setup for 5e. Any...
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    So, what is the "best" Call of Cthulhu adventure/campaign?

    I'm asking both from a content and 'ease of use by GM' perspective- I'm sure this is a question with wide-ranging answers, but are there supplements/adventures/campaigns that just stand out from all the rest for Coc?
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    Judge Dredd D6

    I was perusing some books whilst cleaning up last night and ran across my MongTrav JD books- I'll likely never play it, but I'm still taken with the books on the whole and have a hard time parting with them. I started thinking if there are other systems that might let one get the zany aspects...
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    So tell me about The Last Parsec for Savage Worlds.

    I'm trying to figure out- is the tone basically Traveller for SW? What makes LP stand out versus some other sci-fi setting for Savage Worlds, or just using the SFC and making your own?
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    So, what did ever happen with Dark Conspiracy?

    From GDW, onto Dynasty Productions. I used to have a slew of the sourcebooks, and mostly enjoyed it because it could easily tap in with Twilight 2k, but I understand it got to a point where it was the GM and Player's Guides for 2nd edition, with most of the sourcebook info included between the...
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    For Sale Maze of the Blue Medusa

    I have a NM copy of the out of print OSR work, "Maze of the Blue Medusa" (seriously, I flipped through it once briefly, and it's sadly been hanging out on my shelf ever since.) I ship worldwide; asking $250 plus shipping. I utilize USPS and typically use Media Mail for US, International...
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    Battletech: Alpha Strike Commander's Edition drop date?

    I'm curious if there's been any announcement about the street date for this beyond "Summer." Is it silly to hope for a convention release? I've looked around but can't seem to find anything resembling a concrete date...
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    So, like, what are the differences between the Cepheus engine and MongTrav 1e?

    There's a Bundle of Holding for the Clement Sector series of PDFs; they specifically refer to the Cepheus Engine, but also note that they can easily be used with the earlier MongTrav edition. That leads me to ask: just how different is Cepheus from MongTrav? Any really notable changes?
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