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    Literal Setting Building

    It's probably the most ambitiously lazy idea ever, but I've been thinking about running a game where the party is responsible for literally building the setting. They arrive on a completely blank map and their job is to explore it, tame it, and build anything they need. Eventually, they build up...
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    [Recommend a System] Everybody Wants To Rule The World

    I've wanted to run a game where the party not only explores, but builds up the map through the process of play. Not a "god game" or "world construction" game like Microscope. Sort of like OSR with strong support for stronghold-level play. In fact, I already have a pile of OSR stuff that I could...
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    Looney Tunes RPG

    I was talking with a friend about the TOON RPG from the 80's. While it was clever for its time, I've realized that we've learned a lot and game design has advanced quite a bit since those days. How would one design a Looney Tunes short subject style RPG these days? The basic structure suggests...
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    [5e] Forensic Necromancer?

    In the 5e campaign I'm playing in, we got in a fight with some people, and once we killed them, we realized that they might have some useful information. One of the other players proposed that if anyone knew someone who could cast speak with dead we could still interrogate them, but the term...
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    [Suggest a System] Pro Wrestling As Soap Opera

    It recently occurred to me that part of the reason that professional wrestling is still popular, even after everyone basically knows it's all fake, is that it's "soap operas for guys." It's manufactured drama full of faces and heels and rivalries and maybe even a little sex. While I'm aware of a...
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    [Pathfinder/ Ultimate Campaign] Downtime Storylines?

    I'm currently running a Pathfinder campaign using the Ultimate Campaign downtime rules. The party doesn't have the money to do the big stuff like run a business or a kingdom or anything like that, but I like the idea of things like using the Earn XP activity so players who miss a session aren't...
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    Small Press Adventures in Oz now available at IPR!

    Attention IPR shoppers: Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road is now available in Print and PDF directly from the Indie Press Revolution website just in time for your holiday gift shopping! If you've been looking for a game to share with your kids, someone else's...
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    Best game to learn?

    I read an article recently about how dependent the RPG market is on gamers teaching other gamers and how we need to design games that will not only appeal to non-gamers, but will be able to give a good experience to someone learning on their own. Are there any systems that do a good job of that...
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    Looking for a Pick up Game

    I've been running my current campaign for quite some time, but recently, some of my players have developed attendance issues and things have been put on hold until we can get that sorted out. Until that happens, and for those times that not everybody can show up, I'd like to run a slightly more...
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    [Bundle of Holding] Anybody checked out the latest one?

    Lots of cool family friendly games there, if I do say so myself. http://bundleofholding.com/index/current
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    [Game Idea] Your only stats are your relationships

    I've been thinking about designing a magic-school/high school drama RPG for a while now and came up with an idea that I want a few extra eyes on to see how workable it is. The core mechanic is a d6 dice pool. Roll 4 or higher on a die, score a success, more successes wins. A character starts...
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    [Adventures in Oz] Your Oz, Your Price!

    You don't have to be William Shatner to name your own price on exotic travel. Explore L. Frank Baum's Oz with Pay What You Want pricing! Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road is designed to be family-friendly and to capture the spirit of the classic Oz stories. Grow...
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    Campaign Continuity Models: Star Trek vs. Doctor Who

    I just had a thought about how Star Trek and Doctor Who handle continuity and how that might apply to an RPG campaign. Doctor Who: It's been going on for this long and it's still the same show. Sure, every now and again we change actors, characters, writers, directors, and so on, but it's still...
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    [Reign + OSRIC] The Company we Keep

    I've been running an OSRIC campaign for some time and my players are just getting to the point where their characters are going to be granted a keep. While I could do the traditional thing and use the rules OSRIC provides for maintaining and staffing a keep, I'm tempted to use the Company rules...
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    [Adventures in Oz] Second Annual Baum Proliferation Sale!

    In honor of L. Frank Baum's birthday (May 15), I'm putting on my Second Annual Baum Proliferation Sale! From now until Thursday, May 17, you can purchase the print edition of Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road for 15% off the normal price. That's right, rather...
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    Failure to engage the economy?

    I've been in something of a gaming slump for a while. The only game I've been able to run for more than a session or two over the last year or two has been an OSRIC megadungeon I downloaded off the internet (Castle of the Mad Archmage FTW!). While contemplating running a serious game, I realize...
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    [Reign] Forming a Company in Play?

    Picked up the Enchiridion a month ago and I'm really digging it. Thinking back on my gaming career to those times when something like the Company rules would have come in handy, I recall one campaign that I played in where we started out as typical adventurers, but after a few levels we decided...
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    Best Mecha Game Ever?

    What do you think is the best mecha-oriented tabletop RPG and why?
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    How many of you pay any kind of attention to the divide between these three elements? On the one hand, many of the most successful games out there cover all three of these bases in some way. If someone in your group says "Let's play D&D." you instantly get an idea of the system (the rules, of...
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    [Adventures in Oz] Cyber Monday deals!

    Congratulations! You've survived a particularly punchy Black Friday, shopped locally on Small Business Saturday, and now it's time to shop in comfort and convenience on Cyber Monday. Today only, you can save 10% off the eminently giftable print version of Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying...
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