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  1. Mostlyjoe

    Modiphius Game - Where to start?

    I honestly can't make heads or tales of Modiphius game lines. They seem to be doing dozens of smaller one and done runs of individual games and rule sets. Some games uses the 2d20 mechanics, others don't. Mutant Year Zero is a big line..oh no it's Fragged Empire. Can someone clue me into what's...
  2. Mostlyjoe

    FortNite: Building forts, fighting zombies, doing weird stuff. PC/Xbox/PS4

    I'm surprised we don't have a thread about this, but let me introduce you to FortNite. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGB1aLDR2Es It's due out on July 25th. This year. It looks fun! Like crazy fun. It also has a mission based story. I plan on getting it for the PS4.
  3. Mostlyjoe

    Savage Worlds Question: Most up to date 3rd Party books?

    I'm looking for any material written/updated so it's jiving with 2011's updated Deluxe version of the rules. I know there is plenty of stuff from before then, but I'd love to get my hands on material that jives with the most up to date version of the rules. (Less conversion the better.) Is...
  4. Mostlyjoe

    Physical Copes of Savage Rifts When?

    Kickstarter folks are getting their copies, but is there plans to put the print books in the main product distros soon?
  5. Mostlyjoe

    [RANT/PLEA] I've hit a wall.

    I'm going to be as nice and diplomatic about this as I can. So please read this from the point of view of a long time RPG.netter who's just not happy okay? I'm not here to crap on your favorite game, etc, etc. I'm honestly just asking for help. I HATE the current gen of RPGs. Exalted 3rd is...
  6. Mostlyjoe

    Monster Hunter general chat thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOvzepglCbA Coming out in the end of July/early August is Monster Hunter Generations! Think of it as a 3DS "best of" the last 4 generation of monsters. It has 4 great monsters which are featured critters from each generation (including the portable titles). In...
  7. Mostlyjoe

    Shadow of The Demon Lord: Or dealing with the 0th level.

    I never picked up Dungeon Crawl Classics but I did read/play a bit of Warhammer 2E back in the day. I LOVE reading Shadow of the Demon Lord and the concepts in the game. The mechanics are excellent I love how the class system is additive and doesn't have hard prereqs for stuff. That said, I...
  8. Mostlyjoe

    I wanna experiment with FATE.

    So I use to be turned off by FATE but giving the Atomic Robo book a read I think I final grok how I can use it. The sad thing is my lack of experience really hurts me utilizing it well. As a new GM/player what if your best thoughts on how to experiment with it? What if your favorite online...
  9. Mostlyjoe

    Terraria 1.3: Bad Moon Rising!

    Welp Terraria is live with the new 1.3 patch. It's full of all sorts of new toys and foes. Biggest new feature is a harder expert mode with new boss ai. http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/1-3-changelog.20617/ Also for the first time only...a final boss! Have fun mining! Oh, do you...
  10. Mostlyjoe

    Exalted Random Toys! Now with Android Apps!

    Heya folks! I'm still going strong on my Exalted Random stuff generator posts via my blog. Well, I got the interest of Urs Reupke, Anathema Dev he blew me away by creating an Android App to do instant rolls based on my generators. He's even added enhancements to some of them expanding the...
  11. Mostlyjoe

    Exalted: Random 1st age flashbacks!

    The Random 1st Age Flashback Generator! http://lovethelabyrinth.blogspot.com/2014/11/the-random-1st-age-flashback-generator.html Have fun rolling up random flashbacks!
  12. Mostlyjoe

    Exalted: What is wrong with this village?

    Give my village plot generator a roll: http://lovethelabyrinth.blogspot.com/2014/10/exalted-3e-what-is-wrong-with-this.html I'd love feedback on ways to improve it. Also what results did you get? I'm creating Exalted random generation tools. So please suggest others.
  13. Mostlyjoe

    Exalted 3E Solar Lifepath Generator

    How would you like to try out my prototype Solar Lifepath Generator. All you need is a d10. http://lovethelabyrinth.blogspot.com/2014/10/exalted-3e-lifepathing-your-character.html Give it a go and let me know your results and thoughts. I've been tinkering on new Exalted random generation...
  14. Mostlyjoe

    Civilization: Beyond Earth: Harvesting the Xenomass for tentacles and profit.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEl9kI2Aluw It begins. This week on Thursday the game goes live. You can preload it if you have it on Steam. Let's use this a sounding board and team up for the game. I'm eletricplatypus on Steam. I'm going to play ARC, Nobles, first time. Random after that...
  15. Mostlyjoe

    This is going to be interesting: Hoard of The Dragon Queen

    After futzing around with mock fights online I finally talked my main offline group to try 5E. They are walking into Tyranny of Dragons cold. What's fun is the group. Human Necromancer (combat caster) Human Assassin (grapler) Human War Cleric (Polearm Master) Tiefling Wild Blood Sorcerer...
  16. Mostlyjoe

    Divinity Original Sin: GO PLAY! NOW! WOW!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDaYWfqJD3g Just watch this. It's a turn based RPG. It's amazing. Kickstarted, just released. It's like Baulder's Gate on steroids.
  17. Mostlyjoe

    STEAM SUMMER SALE: Post discounts you find!

    In roughly 2 hours it goes live. Remember to watch GOG and Amazon too. Keep folks posted on great deals. Remember to wait for Daily, Flash, and end of event sales for best price.
  18. Mostlyjoe

    [Necro] What would you use for [Metroid]?

    Okay gamers, weird question for you. You want to do a deep space horror game with action hung-fu and gun running in the vein of Metroid. Horror meets space meets awesome suits. What would you use and why? http://youtu.be/yfj67J527Lk
  19. Mostlyjoe

    Bare Bones Fantasy: Has anyone expanded upon this?

    It doesn't look all that hard to come up with a Psionic (class) build, or something for an artificer style of options...oh wait, that's already out there. Is this really new? Or has there been a lot of community work on it?
  20. Mostlyjoe

    [13th Age] Different Settings?

    Simple question: Who is working on alternative 13th Age settings and material?
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