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  1. Brad J. Murray

    Cool vehicles and equipment from the 20s and 30s and 40s

    I'm working up the final illustrations for Sand Dogs and I need ideas for cool vehicles and stuff that fit the Indiana Jones quasi-era of mechanical design. I've got some different half-tracks, strange French machineguns, and the ubiquitous Ural motorcycle. What else deserves representation in a...
  2. Brad J. Murray

    [Soft Horizon] Sand Dogs playstorm session2

    At the VSCA blog, with pics. Short version: refined the large scale conflict rules with a wrap-up, found a potential problem with KNOW and with the interaction between wounds and advancement. Our heroes escape a failed defense, drive the wrong way through the desert, and come upon a tome under...
  3. Brad J. Murray

    Sand Dogs life path testing

    Want to play with a life path system I'm working on? Methods All characters have the following methods with a d6 in each: Rescue Violence Socialize Endure Locate Fabricate Chase Mischief Know Career opportunities You’ve been at this a while. You’ve had a few different jobs. You will have four...
  4. Brad J. Murray

    [VSCA] First Soft Horizon volume released!

    The first volume of the Soft Horizon series of linked psychedelic games is finally ready. You can get The King Machine at DTRPG or Lulu, in PDF or hardcopy. This is a tight little game, completely self-contained but linked to all other Soft Horizon games. It's light and simple but delivers a...
  5. Brad J. Murray

    [The King Machine] Chasing the Bomb

    GM (Brad): Okay let's pick up King Machine then as my ideas for Sand Dogs are still a little loose. Anyone want to recap for us? Didymus (a capuchin treasure hunter played by Dune): We met some friendly village folk. We lost the bomb. There's a frozen waterfall holding these two lands together...
  6. Brad J. Murray

    Games for adults; your favourites

    I don't know about you, but I'm old. And I'm enjoying games that acknowledge that I'm old. That I have a fair amount of experience (if not knowledge) of the world. That I'm interested in the world. And so I don't really enjoy fantasy that lacks and underlying allegory or that fails to at least...
  7. Brad J. Murray

    Soft Horizon: I think I figured out how to do multi-planar psychedelia

    So the idea for Soft Horizon has been kicking around in my head for about 8 years -- since shortly after Diaspora was released. The idea was to emulate the bizarre multi-planar psychedelic and clearly made-up-as-you-go-along sf fantasy of Jean Giraud's (Moebius) Airtight Garage of Jerry...
  8. Brad J. Murray

    Games that de-centralize violence: tell me your favourites

    I'm really exhausted by violence in games, media, whatever. Whenever a complicated problem is "solved" with a firearm or a fist-fight I turn over. So many games invite this by presenting violence/combat as a special (and fun!) subsystem or more subtly as the only permanent problem-solver -- if...
  9. Brad J. Murray

    [VSCA] Soft Horizon is finally coming!

    It may seem like a long time ago to you (2011) but I once said Soft Horizon was on the back burner waiting for inspiration. Well I got some. So it is coming. http://www.vsca.ca/soft_horizon/
  10. Brad J. Murray

    Breakout Con in Toronto -- what are you playing?

    Breakout Con is coming! I'll be there at least for the panels (tons of great guests!) though probably not playing any games. Anyone else going? Signed up for anything interesting?
  11. Brad J. Murray

    Combat subsystems

    I think the point at which a resolution system demands a subsystem for combat is when positional information needs to be tracked. Are there combat subsystems that are distinct from the core resolution system (they might incorporate it, but have some other distinction that makes them a subsystem)...
  12. Brad J. Murray

    [Elysium Flare] Public playtest

    Elysium Flare, the VSCA's space opera (yeah we're working on the soft half of the genre this time) is in public playtest. Non-patrons get it a week after patrons (any level) so there's a public one from last week and there's a new text-complete one that will be public in a few days. If you...
  13. Brad J. Murray


    A friend of mine just recently published a system-agnostic mini-game -- almost a boardgame, a self-contained system for playing a downtime scenario with pretty much any characters in any system. So my question is, are these a thing? What other ones are there? Because I really want all of them.
  14. Brad J. Murray

    Anomaly: what's in a picture

    We recently released anomaly 1, a book of fractal images like this one below (this one is not in the book) with a page of story material suitable for a science fiction campaign. I'm interested, though, in what you see in these images. What's the story behind the image below? Do you have an...
  15. Brad J. Murray

    Other Publisher [VSCA] Coming soon: anomaly 1

    Oh it's been a while, I know. But coming soon --- very soon --- from VSCA is anomaly 1, a set of 18 stunning pictures (in this case 3D renders of various fractal landscapes) and accompanying micro-fiction designed to fire your brain for science fiction adventures. No system is implied! As the...
  16. Brad J. Murray

    Monster Diseases

    Regenerative Inhibitor Suppression Disorder Trolls are noted for their great regenerative power, but there is a rare disorder in trolldom that can be crippling both physically and socially: RISD. A troll suffering from RISD has a degraded regenerative suppression hormone gland and regeneration...
  17. Brad J. Murray

    Small Press Hollowpoint t-shirts now available.

    Yes, now you can finally get that t-shirt you've seen me wearing if you happen to live in downtown Toronto and are looking for that guy who keeps knocking down the Boy & Goose Ingress portal on Jarvis Street. Enjoy! And there's more to come.
  18. Brad J. Murray

    [VSCA] VSCA classics on sale!

    Looking to add hardcopy versions of Diaspora and Hollowpoint to your collection? For a limited time (basically until I realize it's been going longer than a month) these items are 20% off at Lulu! Yes, including the original Diaspora hardcover! Visit the re-vamped VSCA site for details.
  19. Brad J. Murray

    [VSCA] Callisto: real role-playing designed for email

    VSCA Publishing is gleeful to announce the release of Callisto, a role-playing game designed explicitly for play by email. Not all of us have the time to get a group together and play regularly, but all of us have a few minutes a day to devote to an email exchange. Callisto doesn't just happen...
  20. Brad J. Murray

    Games designed for play by mail -- know of any?

    I'm currently designing a game that plays exclusively by e-mail, based on the pre-D&D Braunstein games. Are there any more recent ones I should be looking at? Variations on a tabletop game to make it play by mail would be cool, but I'm really looking for role-playing designed from the ground up...
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