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  1. Monkey-x

    Pulp Sci fi 5e kickstarters.

    You wait ages for some pulp Sci fi rules to be 5e-an-ized and two come along at once. The only thing to do is back both. First is Amazing Adventures 5e from Troll Lord Games https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/676918054/amazing-adventures-5e-rpg And the next is the 5e conversion of Rocket Age...
  2. Monkey-x

    Ruins & Adventure 3: The Sanctuary. Short sidetrek adventures for B/X Essentials, 5e and WOIN.

    The third of the Ruins & Adventures series, The Sanctuary is available now at RPGNow. Each one is ideal for dropping into campaigns when PCs wander off track. https://www.rpgnow.com/browse/pub/2938/Mesozoic-Press/subcategory/31788/Ruins--Adventures
  3. Monkey-x

    Dragon Fist. What happened to it?

    Inspired by another thread, what actually happened to Dragon fist? I luckily have a copy I printed out from the TSR website but did anything happen with it afterwards?
  4. Monkey-x

    Gamma World-Edition to edition compatibility

    I’ve managed to lay my hands on the 4th Edition GW books but with the previous editions slowly becoming available as POD I was wondering how easy it is to use those adventures for the 4e game? Is it silmilar to BECMI to AD&D or even nearer? The other part is the setting. 4e is based around the...
  5. Monkey-x

    Ruins & Adventures: short side trek adventures for B/XEssentials, 5E & WOIN

    The second of the Ruins & Adventures series, Aldair’s Arboretum is available now at RPGNow. Each one is ideal for dropping into campaigns when PCs wander off track. https://www.rpgnow.com/browse/pub/2938/Mesozoic-Press/subcategory/31788/Ruins--Adventures
  6. Monkey-x

    Question about Flurry of Blows ability

    I’ve been trying to work a “move set” out for my new Monk character and I was wondering if the attacks granted by flurry of blows have to be standard attacks or can they be replaced by a disarm or shove? Similarly, can the reaction attack granted by the Sentinel feat also be replaced by a...
  7. Monkey-x

    Tiny Dungeon 2e poison and disease

    Has anyone come up with a good way of handling poison or disease in TD2e? I’m guessing a save to shrug off the initial possibility of infection/poison and maybe straight up damage/rnd or suffer disadvantage until healed?
  8. Monkey-x

    B/X Monster conversion/creation

    I'm looking to put some cold based creatures in an upcoming adventure using the excellent B/X essentials and would like your input on them before they are written up. First up is and Ice Toad conversion. Ice Toad: AL: N; MV: 90’ (30’); AC: 7; HD: 5+1****; HP: 28; #AT: 1 or special; AC0: 15...
  9. Monkey-x

    Cyberpunk 2020, Castle Falkenstein and Teenagers from Outer Space go back in Print??

    My LgS has all three of these books listed as out next week. Does anyone know if there are any changes from the originals and if we can expect more reprints from their game lines?
  10. Monkey-x

    Gamma World-Why flintlocks?

    So I finally got my hands on Gamma World 4e after wanting to play it all the way back to the 90s. One thing that struck me as odd was a lot of the settlements have tech level 3 gear that consists of arquebuses and flintlocks, surely there must be a lot more conventional weaponary in the US today...
  11. Monkey-x

    RPGnow Halloween sale free item locations.

    So RPGnow are running their sale again with free items available if you can find them. This year I can’t find more than the very obvious two. Anyone found more and where were they?
  12. Monkey-x

    Paranoia. What do the corridors of the Alpha Complex look like?

    So I’m hopefully start a game soon with a group of new to Paranoia players and just wondered how people describe the various areas of Alpha Complex? I can see ultraviolet corridors being all sheening white high tech looking but what about the lowers levels? I see them being base grey concrete...
  13. Monkey-x

    Mekton 2 vs Mekton Zeta

    I’ve been looking to buy Mekton for quite some time now and found a decent bundle of Mekton 2 books. I believe M2 uses the same system as Cyberpunk 2020 ( which I like) but is it inferior to Zeta or just an alternative rules set?
  14. Monkey-x

    Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. How are they all still alive?

    I just got my copy of Dragon Heist and it features quite a few well known names from Realms history but after the significant time skip of 4th ed to 5th ed how are they all still alive? Laeral Silverhand has magic but Mirt the Moneylender?? Was the time skip one of 5e’s biggest mistakes?
  15. Monkey-x

    Campaign idea for Demon the Fallen

    I had an idea about a mixed WoD campaign where the players would play a demon and his supernatural folllowers (vampires, Mage etc). Has anyone attempted this before or can think of any isssues that may crop up?
  16. Monkey-x

    BECMI adventure to 5e level comparissons

    Hey, I’m planning on using Goodman Games’ Into the Borderlands to start a Mystara campaign for 5e and I’m looking to use some BECMI adventures to continue it. Does anyone have a rough estimation of what level the PCs should be for companion adventures (8 to 12). Would a straight level to level...
  17. Monkey-x

    Mutant Year Zero- How does it play?

    MYZ is on bundle of holding right now and I’ve had a quick look through the QuickStart but can anyone tell me If it’s a lighthearted or comedic during play as the art seems a little grim?
  18. Monkey-x

    Doctor Who RPG upcoming releases

    Things have been a little quiet for the Doctor Who RPG is there any news about future releases? Is the line on hold until we see the new 13th Doctor?
  19. Monkey-x

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Cd projekt red just put out their trailer for the new Cyberpunk console game and I’m plesently surprised in the design that’s being used. Night city is there and characters that look like those on the covers of the rpg and chrome book seem to have made it in there too. Do we have any news about...
  20. Monkey-x

    Pirates of Drinax-Treasure of Sindal question (spoilers)

    I posted this elsewhere but maybe someone here could help too. I’m a little confused by part of this adventure. When the PCs jump to ACE, most likely from Number One it uses half of their fuel as a 1 parsec jump but after discovering the next location they need to jump to is 2 parsecs away...
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