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    Staff Picks - Shadowrun Lite

    On 7/25, The Wyzard announced in the Shadowrun Lite thread that he was planning to make it a "Staff Pick", and the title was changed. However, it did not get posted in the Staff Picks thread. I hoped a reminder might be helpful. Shadowrun Thread...
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    [Shadowrun] On-the-spot teaching of new players?

    I'm planning to run some "show up and play" style games for a newly-opened game store in my area. The criteria I've set for the games is: 1) reasonable prep time (ideally < 4 hours prep for a 3 hour game) 2) easily sellable through the store (in print, in standard distribution channels) 3)...
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    Night's Black Agents for Shadowrun

    I have been considering adapting NBA to run Shadowrun, since techno-thriller seems to be a nice fit with the SR themes and background. My intent is to use a very rules-light approach to modelling the more exotic parts of SR -- I'll let the cool stuff like cyber and the matrix mostly be visual...
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    Brainstorming: modern, gritty, multi-generational game

    I've discovered, over the last few years, that I really enjoy multi-generational gaming, by which I mean games like Pendragon where the players control an entire family, playing successive generations of PCs (children, grandchildren, nephews, etc) over an extended period of time. So far, I've...
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    Request: Concern Trolling and the FAQ

    As a "new" old user trying to get reacclimated to the boards, and possibly begin posting again, I've been starting to read some of the more recent threads. A common cause of infractions these days appears to be concern trolling (and "tone policing", and etc), which is a term I was unfamiliar...
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    [Godlike] Strikeforce Morituri

    In the late 80s, Marvel published a series of comics about people who intentionally subjected themselves to a process which gave them escalating super-powers, with the side-effect of death within one year (or less). As the heroes' power becomes stronger, it becomes more and more difficult to...
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    [Meta] Invisible Castle is back up

    Looks like Invisible Castle is back on line, for those using it in their games.
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    [nMage] Sanctum of a Paranoid Mage

    Harmast may want to stop reading now. I'm preparing a campaign to run for next fall. The basic premise is that a local Consilium broke down because of an infestation of Paranoia spirits. The spirits have been eliminated, but the PCs job is to go in an rebuild a Consilium out of a bunch of...
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    "You are not a mod"

    I've seen some concern expressed by mods (red text admonishments, but not warnings) at various times that posters were trying to control the direction of conversations, by asking other posters not to talk about certain side-topics, control thread drift, or whatever. Can you (mods) clarify the...
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    Snappy new load times!

    The forums seem particularly responsive this morning. Did we get new hardware? Regardless of the cause, thanks; it makes browsing a much more pleasant experience! :D
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    [Financial Advice] thread

    cdi expressed some concerns about my questions about stock valuation for non-public companies. I don't particularly think his argument has any merit, but I wanted to allow the board staff to make that decision. cdi's objections in summary: The full post and thread context can be found on the...
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    Sticky proliferation

    Any chance of a reduction in the numbers of sticky posts at the top of the forums? We seem to have an awful lot these days (8 in TT, 6 in Tang, 5 in TRO). Totally your call, of course, but some of them seem like they could use pruning.
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    [IC] L5R: Winter's Peace

    Winter's Peace 24th day of the Rooster, 1118 Imperial palace, Otosan Uchi “Do you know what they are calling it?” Otomo Obei remains silent, his forehead pressed to the ground, knowing that the Emperor was not truly asking his opinion. “The Meddler’s War. All the clans, every one reach...
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    [OOC] L5R: Winter's Peace

    Welcome to the OOC thread for L5R: Winter’s Peace. At some point, character background and stats, NPC list, a backstory summary, current condition info, etc will all be able to be found on the RPG.Net WIKI, here. The PCs are: + Hida Tsuneo (Male Crab Bushi) -- Shiv the Elephant + Daidoji...
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    [Recruitment] L5R: Winter's Peace

    I'm still interested in running an L5R game. I've had several people express interest by PM. The game will start in late Autumn and rapidly transition to Winter Court, and will have a fairly serious & military-oriented mood. I'll be using mathey / Spatulalad's style for running PbP games...
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    [Mage: Awakening] Inserting an unplanned scene

    After a three week hiatus, my Mage game will be running today, in addition to its normal time this week. However, there's a strong chance that one of the players won't be able to make the new time, and I don't want him left behind / missing the important parts. So, I plan to insert a scene or...
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    [Keetoms] American, or European?

    I've been coming to realize that almost all of our allies are European, which makes grouping more difficult. I'm considering swapping my account over to a European server, to make grouping easier. I know you can always do International Districts, but they're so empty that you need a full group...
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    Computer RPG Games with Choices

    Are there any computer RPGs out there where your choices actually matter, in the sense of the content changing / story branching based on player choices? I'm not talking about multiple endings, but rather more extensive changes to the story line. Anyone have any recommendations for games with...
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    North Houston, TX -- Star Wars: Rebel Infiltrators -- Players wanted

    Play Location/Method: Houston, TX System: D6 Star Wars Frequency: Bi-weekly on weekends, times to be determined. Format: Semi-episodic and mission-based, with room for player initiative. Genre: Space Opera Current needs: 2-3 additional players Accept Drop-In Players? By special arrrangement...
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    TX, Houston (North or Central) - Seeking Players or GM(s)

    I've got a couple recent openings in my game groups, plus the one group I was actually playing in just dissolved. So if you're interested, please send me a PM or an e-mail; you can use my login name @sbcglobal.net. Note that the spelling isn't what you think it is. :) The two games I am...
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