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    Infraction for Orange_cat: 17) Permanent Ban

    Post: [#Gamergate] Gamergate Thread II: Circling the Drain [merged] User: Orange_cat Infraction: 17) Permanent Ban Points: 1000 Administrative Note: Message to User: Original Post:
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    Infraction for DavidFoxfire: 17) Permanent Ban

    Post: [#GamerGate] Gamer Gate General Thread - READ THE FIRST POST User: DavidFoxfire Infraction: 17) Permanent Ban Points: 1000 Administrative Note: Message to User: Original Post:
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    Infraction for DanaJSyed: 17) Permanent Ban

    Post: Did you guys heard of these 2 browser based mmo rpg games - pokemon style User: DanaJSyed Infraction: 17) Permanent Ban Points: 1000 Administrative Note: Message to User: Original Post:
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    Witches of East End, who else (besides me and probably Naxuul) watches?

    I'm watching the first episode of season 2 now, and I'm more excited about it than I would have thought when my girl and I started watching last year.
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    GoT Season 4, episode 1 - Two Swords (book readers, SPOILERS ALLOWED)

    Here's the companion thread for Game of Thrones season 4, episode 1, for all those folks who've read the books, or don't care about spoilers.
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    GoT Season 4, episode 1 - Two Swords (Non-readers) NO SPOILERS ALLOWED

    Here's the first season 4 Game of Thrones thread for non-readers. Read the rules above. Let's make this season one where we DON'T have to deal with hinky crap in each and every one of these no spoilers allowed threads. Be considerate, or get used to getting hammered the mod staff.
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    BBC's Musketeers - Anyone Watching?

    So I've been watching the BBC's new Musketeers show with my girl, and it's been pretty damn enjoyable so far. The plots and script aren't bad, the show moves at a brisk clip, and the actors are pretty appealing. The costumes and sets are absolutely gorgeous so far, and the fights scenes are...
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    Comic Book Draft Clearinghouse

    The first thread reached 1k posts, so here's a new comic draft clearing house thread. This is place to: Propose a comic draft Advertise a comic draft Look for a draft to join Keep track of drafts in progress This is not the place to: conduct a draft discuss a draft in progress Bitch that you...
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    The Glaring Weakness of Creepypasta and Amateur Erotica

    I've noticed that creepypasta stories and amateur erotica both tend to have the same failing: there's a point where the author gets too far into the subject matter and goes off the rails and way over the top. With amateur erotica, what starts off as the story of an adventuresome couple ends up...
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    Legends and Lore 4/22 - Feats and Skills and Options, Oh My!

    http://www.wizards.com/dnd/Article.aspx?x=dnd/4ll/20130422 Here is the newest Legend and Lore column. It's a longer one than usual, with a hefty chunk of bullet points.
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    Infraction for Fajita McJones: 3) Three Day Ban

    Post: New Playtest 3/20 is up! User: Fajita McJones Infraction: 3) Three Day Ban Points: 3 Administrative Note: Message to User: Original Post:
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    Neverwinter Beta

    Started playing the beta weekend for Neverwinter today. I'm running a rogue as my first character, and having a lot of fun so far. The combat is pretty dynamic so far, even at my low level, and has held my interest much better than GW 2 did. The graphics for characters are absolutely nothing...
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    Infraction for moderntomsawyer: 3) Three Day Ban

    Post: Never Get Drunk in a Sword and Sorcery Game User: moderntomsawyer Infraction: 3) Three Day Ban Points: 3 Administrative Note: Message to User: Original Post:
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    D&DNext Wizard spotlight

    And here we go This article goes a little deeper than the previous class spotlights, and Mike goes pretty far into explaining the approach to reducing wizardly power. For example, when discussing items. This, this I potentially really like. There's some interesting flavor potential here...
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    Et, And, Ampersand: the newest D&Dnext Art column

    Here It's a discussion of the ampersand throughout the history of D&D. Here, at last, is the burning heart of D&Dnext design!
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    Dragon's Eye View 3/28

    So the next Dragon's Eye View is up3/28/2012. It's a discussion of appropriateness of armor within a fantasy context, and pretty interesting. There's also an open call for artists at the bottom.
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    Any of the "old school" reworkings take modern classses and retool them?

    I keep getting the urge to delve into some of the OSRIC stuff, because I feel a bit nostalgic, I suppose. I'm a bit spoiled, however, by some of the cool new classes introduced in 3e and 4e. Do any of the retro-clones incorporate stuff like the Avenger (with the serial numbers filed off)? Just...
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    Is there any actual mystery in the new Sherlock Holmes?

    I'm a couple shows into the first season, and it doesn't seem like there's any real mystery laid out for the viewer so far. I'm enjoying the show so far, because the performances are strong, but it doesn't seem like there's any attempt to lay out clues so that I can try and solve the case as...
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    MisterGuignol permabanned for personal attacks via private message

    MisterGuignol has been banned for personal attacks via private message. As always, appeals can be sent to Admin.rpgnet@gmail.com
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    Anyone here remember Interstate '76?

    While browsing Amazon today, I randomly remembered the game Interstate '76, an Activision game from around 1998. Anyone else remember it? Hadn't thought of it in years, but I played the shit out of that game when it was first released. I must have logged a few hundred hours behind the wheel...
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