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  1. AegonTheUnready

    Some photos from Historicon 2019 (picture heavy)

    I wasn't in attendance this year, but a friend was kind enough to forward me a picture heavy review with great eye candy WW2 aerial duels. Bag the Hun rules? medieval skirmish. Saga? 28mm Napoleonics 15mm SYW Renaissance galley warfare 6mm ancients Ogre minis A Very British...
  2. AegonTheUnready

    Fields of Glory:Empires is live

    So FOG:E has been released by Slitherine today. Downloading now. It occupies the same space as Paradox's Rome game, i.e. strateic warfare i the ancient Mediterranean, except with a bit less emphasis on culture and religion, but more on the battle aspect. (there is an option to play out the...
  3. AegonTheUnready

    ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Director: Why Mackenzie Davis Will ‘Scare the F— Out of’ Misogynists

    I caught this on Variety, thought maybe the board would like this Looking good so far. Will wait for the usual suspects to start wailing cries of anguish... full article...
  4. AegonTheUnready

    Praise for The Handmaid's Tale

    My wife and I just finished watching season two. I just wanted to post here that this is an excellent show. Before you watch, though, be aware that it has all the trigger warnings (except spiders). This show is tough to watch. Well worth it, especially for the themes. I have to admit that...
  5. AegonTheUnready

    What is your favorite 4x at the moment?

    Right now I'm noodling around with Age of Wonders 3. it's not bad and I'm having fun, but... there may be such a thing as too much "rock, paper, scissors". AoW3 is more like rock-paper-scissors-hammer-tinfoil-pencil. There are about 8 different vulnerabilitys, specializations, special...
  6. AegonTheUnready

    Biggest miniatures game ever? 20,000 minis, 100 players

    A friend inthe UK forwarded this to me A couple pictures Sometimes I really wish I lived in the UK :D source...
  7. AegonTheUnready

    Useful gizmos for mini painters

    I got this as an anniversary gift. It's been very useful for paint shaking believe it or not. This is the one I got, but there are other models from different manufacturers Ultrasonic Cleaner, UKOKE UUC06G Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner with Timer, Portable Household Ultrasonic...
  8. AegonTheUnready

    Authors you are hoping get picked up by HBO/Netflix/whoever?

    After the end of GoT, who would you like to see get put on the small screen (or big screen even)? Myself I'd like to see The Laundry Files. With so many urban fantasy TV shows out now, you'd think it would be a natural. And cost of doing a pilot should be a lot less than GoT. Magic, spy...
  9. AegonTheUnready

    The Guardian had an article about Warhammer

    Sorry if this was posted earlier. I just stumbled across this on FB, and I thought it would be good to share Gaming really has come a long way from the 80s, yeah? :) source...
  10. AegonTheUnready

    Allowed to ask about Marijuana if it is legal in your state?

    Not legal under US law, but legal in Nevada (where I live now)? Discussion allowed? or no?
  11. AegonTheUnready

    Movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon that aren't too depressing?

    I remember really liking CTHD a lot. It was sad, but it wasn't depressing, you know? I watched Curse of the Golden Flower and House of Flying Daggers after CTHD. They were both good, but way more depressing, in a way that I'm unable to explain properly. I'm told Hero is also depressing...
  12. AegonTheUnready

    iZombie season 5 - anyone still watching?

    I just want to say, why couldn't my RL RPG group have been as fun as Ravi + Clives? sigh jeezus krist, Liv, your heart is in the right place, but you can't feed all the zombie you have now!!!
  13. AegonTheUnready

    Let's talk brushes

    Obviously brushes are the single most important tool in our hobby. But I see a lot of inexperienced painters making a lot of simple mistakes* that, if corrected, could save them a lot of time and effort. So I'd like to talk here about brushes, and any and all tips we can share for their care...
  14. AegonTheUnready

    Your next army? Elvis Impersonators!

    Wonder what stats these would have for AoS or 40K? heroic 28mm looks like source http://slave2gaming.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=80&product_id=254
  15. AegonTheUnready

    Imperator: Rome has been released. Anyone playing?

    Released Today. What are y'all opinions on it? Good "paint the map" fun? Full of bugs? (I haven't got it yet, but I'd love to read what others have to say). Most important question: What will be the first country you play? :ROFLMAO:
  16. AegonTheUnready

    Mini painters - how to practice brush control?

    Been trying to freehand shield designs. Absolutely nothing fancy, just simple geometric shapes - squares, lines, chevrons. I get a good line and then - splooge! - it drifts off at an angle, or it widens or shrinks. argh! Are there good practices you learned in art school to improve?
  17. AegonTheUnready

    Game of Thrones parody videos?

    I stumbled across this on Youtube. If you're a fan you might find amusing. If you have any good GoT parody videos, post here. We could all use a laugh while we're waiting for the show to come back :)
  18. AegonTheUnready

    ? about getting into Warhammer 40K

    So I've been doing historical minis for a while, and recently I'm wondering about getting a small Warhammer force? Couple questions 1) Which faction would be the cheapest in terms of dollars spent? 2) Do I *have* to use GW colors? Like, if I buy Liquitex or W&N artists acrylics, is that...
  19. AegonTheUnready

    🔐 Closed Why the cool kids are playing D&D - an oped in the NYT

    Author writes about how her tabletop D&D group is way more fulfilling than social media ever could be. more here https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/06/opinion/sunday/dungeons-and-dragons.html
  20. AegonTheUnready

    Anyone up for a giant micro-armor game?

    On a digitally imaged carpet of the Sacramento River valley? Closeup That is some fantastic terrain work <now wondering how I could do that for 15mm scale> source https://newatlas.com/go/4219/?fbclid=IwAR1XLzK3MYLUbqIIDY1Gw5Xv83rW5016NEkh3layQZOoaLrdjLSyjhGLPAA#p12477
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