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    [Interest/Possible Recruitment]Survive This! Vigilante City

    I wanted to give this game a try. At the moment, this is only an "interest" thread. I know that the ratio of players to GMs around here is easily dozens to one, so it's usually pretty easy to find players. However, I'm looking for players with a genuine interest in trying this out rather than...
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    Vigilante City - Thoughts?

    I came across this game when the Kickstarter was running for books 3 and 4. I took a chance on book 1 when I found very little written about it. Given the popularity of supers systems here, I was a little surprised that there was so little written about it here. So I figured I'd try to start...
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    Starfinder Combat Scenarios

    My boys are interested in trying out Starfinder. Before I jump in, though, can any fans tell me if there are combat-heavy adventure paths?
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    *Kickstarter* Fight! 2nd Edition

    Divine Madness Press is proud to announce the Kickstarter campaign for the 2nd Edition of Fight! The Fighting Game RPG! Originally released in 2010, Fight! allows you to bring the characters and stories from traditional fighting video games to the tabletop. Create characters with their own...
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    IC Angelfall: Invasion

    The dust settled slowly back down to the rubble all around them. What was once a 3-level office complex in the heart of downtown Neo-Hakkaido was now just a pile of destruction, another testament to the secret but violent incursions of the creatures from the Other Side. There were eight of...
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    OOC Angelfall: Invasion

    This is the OOC thread for drkrash's Fight! Shonen game, Angelfall: Invasion. The players are: ajdynon RdMarquis Cannonball thorya You can post your sheets if you wish, but I have them all in a word doc on my end. I think I'll have some other rules-related stuff to post here, but I haven't...
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    Please tell me of FASERIP and MSH

    I know there are older threads about this, but I'm looking for some more specific info. I was reading my ICONS stuff. I love the game, but it wasn't a great fit for my group. But anytime ICONS is mentioned, I hear about MSH games that have been going on for decades and how it remains many...
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    [Recruitment/Interest] Urban Fantasy Fight! 2nd edition

    I guess I'm going to try to run an urban fantasy-themed game of Fight!, using the 2nd edition rules (which are not out yet). Fight! is a game that emulates the characters, stories, and action of fighting video games. Some familiarity with the 1st edition rules would be very helpful but not...
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    TPK in Storm King's Thunder

    My boys had a TPK last night in Chapter 3 (the sandbox chapter) of Storm King's Thunder. They went to Port Llast, decided not to get involved in the frost giant attack on the city, but encountered a couple giants anyway while getting away. They are 4 6th level characters, so that's a pretty...
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    Military Sci-Fi

    I'm having game ideas that I won't get to run. :) What systems would you recommend for military sci-fi along the lines of Aliens, the Killzone video game, the Roughnecks cartoon, etc.? I'd like something that is fast-moving enough that a PC doesn't have to chew through 50 HP per enemy, but...
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    IC OSR: Sakkara 2

    This is the continuation of the old Morgansfort thread, started in 2015.
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    [Interest] Shadow of the Demon Lord

    I'm presently enjoying the fact that the only game I'm running here is my very low-key OSR game, but it's Friday night and I'm feeling stupid and I'm really curious about running Shadow of the Demon Lord. I tried running it here before and it died quickly and badly. I don't know if I'll run it...
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    Essential Daikaiju Movies

    My sons and I are on a mission. We have a list of 77 daikaiju movies we are working our way through. Since July, we have made it through 39 of them. But I am convinced there are other ones that should be on the list that I don't know about. My question: what *non-Godzilla or Gamera* daikaiju...
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    What an editor does

    I know that there are different "levels" or "depth" to editing jobs, but as I am presently in a search for an editor, I'm finding it unusual how big the discrepancy is between different editors for the same job. Case in point: the low-ball quote and the high quote for the same job is $1000...
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    Seeking Editor and Graphic Design/Layout

    Hello. I am looking for an editor for the approx. 340-page Word manuscript for the 2nd edition of Fight! The Fighting Game RPG (links to game in sig below). I am also looking for someone able to do layout, including a page design for the book. I would also be interesting in some light graphic...
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    How do I order this production?

    I'm looking to publish the 2nd edition of my RPG. The 1st edition sold pretty well and has a decent fanbase. It was also produced on the cheap by me hitting up starving artists and having a friend who knew a thing about layout putting the book together. I'm a writer/developer. I have...
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    Exorcism Movies

    This semester, I'm teaching a class on the portrayal of exorcism in film. I have some ideas of what films I want to use, but I thought I'd ask here: What do you think are the best portrayals of exorcism in film and why?
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    🎨 Creative Kaiju RPG Design

    I was going to resurrect this thread to post this, but I realized I was going in a different direction than that thread. The Wyzard: I suspect you might be interested in this. (It’s pure coincidence that it is almost exactly one year later that I’m posting this.) Every few years, someone...
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    OOC Daikaiju Ministry

    This is the OOC Thread for drkrash's Mecha game, Daikaiju Ministry. The players are: The Wyzard Houlio Caias Ward This is a cut and paste of some material posted in the interest thread, describing the general pattern of the game: Each episode begins with player scenes. These are (as the book...
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    IC Daikaiju Ministry

    The kaiju attacks had been increasing in frequency. There had to be some sort of pattern to them, but the Powers That Be hadn’t figured that one out yet. While the human inhabitants of the planet lacked a solid strategic plan, the military continued to round up anyone and everyone who might...
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