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  1. AegonTheUnready

    Some photos from Historicon 2019 (picture heavy)

    Thanks! Post editted with corection
  2. AegonTheUnready

    Some photos from Historicon 2019 (picture heavy)

    The friend who forwarded those to me is a friend of Walt's too. :)
  3. AegonTheUnready

    Some photos from Historicon 2019 (picture heavy)

    I wasn't in attendance this year, but a friend was kind enough to forward me a picture heavy review with great eye candy WW2 aerial duels. Rules are Bag the Hun. Fantasy skirmish. GW Lord of the Rings 28mm Napoleonics 15mm SYW Renaissance galley warfare 6mm ancients Ogre minis...
  4. AegonTheUnready

    Bloomberg has a story on professional GMing [merged]

    This popped up in my feed today. I thought the subject matter may be of interest to folks here for obvious reasons. :) $500 a session? Man, geek culture really has won, hasn't it? The author could have done without the "childish things" dig. Piss off, journalist lady. more here...
  5. AegonTheUnready

    Fields of Glory:Empires is live

    I think Culture/Decadence is a way to win without having to paint the map, as victory is determined by the highest Legacy? How has diplomacy been so far?
  6. AegonTheUnready

    Fields of Glory:Empires is live

    So FOG:E has been released by Slitherine today. Downloading now. It occupies the same space as Paradox's Rome game, i.e. strateic warfare i the ancient Mediterranean, except with a bit less emphasis on culture and religion, but more on the battle aspect. (there is an option to play out the...
  7. AegonTheUnready

    ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Director: Why Mackenzie Davis Will ‘Scare the F— Out of’ Misogynists

    I caught this on Variety, thought maybe the board would like this Looking good so far. Will wait for the usual suspects to start wailing cries of anguish... full article...
  8. AegonTheUnready

    Praise for The Handmaid's Tale

    My wife and I just finished watching season two. I just wanted to post here that this is an excellent show. Before you watch, though, be aware that it has all the trigger warnings (except spiders). This show is tough to watch. Well worth it, especially for the themes. I have to admit that...
  9. AegonTheUnready

    What is your favorite 4x at the moment?

    Right now I'm noodling around with Age of Wonders 3. it's not bad and I'm having fun, but... there may be such a thing as too much "rock, paper, scissors". AoW3 is more like rock-paper-scissors-hammer-tinfoil-pencil. There are about 8 different vulnerabilitys, specializations, special...
  10. AegonTheUnready

    Biggest miniatures game ever? 20,000 minis, 100 players

    A friend inthe UK forwarded this to me A couple pictures Sometimes I really wish I lived in the UK :D source...
  11. AegonTheUnready

    Stellaris Thread II

    Staying at range would make missile-heavy builds more viable, I would think.
  12. AegonTheUnready

    Imperator: Rome has been released. Anyone playing?

    And the Greek democratic cities?
  13. AegonTheUnready

    Imperator: Rome has been released. Anyone playing?

    I think some of the Greek city-states could be classified as Republics (maybe). Is there more to a Republic than voting by free citizens? And didn't some of the German tribes have voting by king elections? Vaguely recall something like that.
  14. AegonTheUnready

    Books We Are Reading 2019 [merged]

    Finished reading The Library at Mount Char . It's a bit hard to categorize - ostensibly fantasy but I would place it firmly in the horror category. The plot centers around a young woman, Carolyn, kidnapped at an early age and raised as a librarian/apprentice in a hellish cult that she tries to...
  15. AegonTheUnready

    Authors you are hoping get picked up by HBO/Netflix/whoever?

    I'd like to see Bollywood do an adaptation of Lord of Light. Or Bollywood-style musical numbers anyway. Apparently back in 2017 United Cable Productions was doing a Lord of Light adaptation. UCP has done a bunch of shows, including some for SyFy, so it isn't some fly-by-night operation...
  16. AegonTheUnready

    A Work that changes your opinion of an Author's work (Spoilers beware)

    Aha, so that which was summoned could be put down in this case. Do you have a linky to that old thread?
  17. AegonTheUnready

    A Work that changes your opinion of an Author's work (Spoilers beware)

    Was Ringo the guy that posted on REGEnt just to argue with people? And got banned?
  18. AegonTheUnready

    Useful gizmos for mini painters

    Does he do that before or after putting them in the dryer?
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