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    Murder mystery larps on Bundle of Holding

    Hi, Right now Bundle of Holding has a great deal on up to 8 larps from Freeform Games. We (Freeform Games) publish murder mystery parties that are basically larps in disguise. We call them murder mystery games so that we can sell them to the general public rather than just to gamers. So...
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    Writing plots for freeforms

    I've been having a few thoughts about writing plots for freeforms lately - partly as a result of our annual write-a-freeform-weekend this year and partly to try and help some of our authors at Freeform Games. Anyway, I've turned those thoughts into a web-page or two...
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    1897 - a weekend long freeform in March 2008

    UK Freeforms proudly presents 1897: Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. 1897... recreates London and Windsor of the British Empire at its zenith. Join us more than a century later and experience first-hand the world of 1897: Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. This weekend-long, live-action...
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