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  1. Chikahiro

    Are there any "make your own units" versions of Blood Bowl or Guild Ball?

    As above. Basically, a fun sports-ball type game, campaign appreciated, that lets you use any minis, make your team, and play your buddies? Simpler is better for me. I'm looking at the Guild Ball chef's team which looks cool, but I don't think I want to play Guild Ball :p
  2. Chikahiro

    Sell me on Conan! as seen in the current Bundle of Holding.

    Obligatory link: https://bundleofholding.com/presents/ConanEssentials I do like Mophedius' Infinity, even if I've not had a chance to run it. But, from what I understand, 2d20 is like peanut butter so you can get smooth, crunchy, extreme crunchy, and DIY crunchy (ie, bunch of peanuts), with...
  3. Chikahiro

     [Song of Blades & Heroes] Show me your custom made army/units!

    So, a friend of mine is teasing he wants to play SoBH. "Cool," I say. I ask, "Can it be reskinned so I can use any model I want?" He's like, "Yep!" I would love to see what you folks have done! Bonus if its bringing in models/units from other genres! Because I still want to buy Infinity...
  4. Chikahiro

    Printed labels on d6 dice: will this adversely affect them?

    Long story short: I want to play a game with custom d6 dice. I am having a hard time finding said dice. I'm considering printing out the faces of the dice on label stock and putting them on. Will this do anything weird to the dice when rolling them? Shouldn't, right?
  5. Chikahiro

    Sci-fi skirmish games

    So, in my quest to find new, short games, I'm sort of running into a roadblock with one game I'm interested in: Deadzone. It seems really hard to find in stock with the shops I've checked, and one shop told me (even though they stock Mantic games) I'd be better off checking out something else...
  6. Chikahiro

    New Remedy game: Control

    https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/06/control-pre-e3-hands-on-the-modern-day-x-men-video-game-weve-always-wanted/ PC, XBO, and PS4... I'm SO glad that they're not tied to Microsoft anymore (although Alan Wake needs a Playstation re-release or Alan Wake 2 just needs to be in the works). I'm...
  7. Chikahiro

    Current state of Deadzone v2 from Mantic Games

    So, I'm looking for a boardgame-ish skirmish game. Deadzone has been recommended, and I've seen bits on it before. I've been watching videos on it recently too. Seems fun! But damn, nobody seems to carry it aside from Amazon. So, it'll be a bit of work to find someone to order it from. And...
  8. Chikahiro

    Steam Link through AppleTV: Tell me about it

    https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/15/18627110/steam-link-app-ios-apple-tv-released I'm told that Apple is adding wireless support for Xbox One and PS4 pads soon to the AppleTV. I'd love to hear more, because it means I can leave my PC where it is and play games on the living room TV. I think. I...
  9. Chikahiro

    Skirmish games that are between board games and war games

    So, I've been playing a lot of Aristeia in the past few months and loving it. Prior to that it was Company of Iron and Warmachine. While I still like Warmachine, COI has not been so fortunate. I think Aristeia has helped nail down what I'm wanting for a smaller scale game: Board units of...
  10. Chikahiro

    [Battletech] What changes over editions?

    I'm getting some old, used Battletech books from the 90's (because getting two of them for $12 total is a deal to me). Then it occurred to me: this game has had how many editions/releases over the years? And its a wargame, too. So, what changes? Weapon and building stats? General rules? Stuff...
  11. Chikahiro

    [Windows] Sell me on a fun, modern arcade-style racing game

    So, I like racing games, but I like them casually. The Sega Saturn days were ideal for me. They had Sega's great arcade racing games. Quick, fun, interesting. Now? It seems like everything wants to be more simulation style, with a deep career mode, unlocking/buying new cars and upgrades, are...
  12. Chikahiro

    Buying individual brushes

    I normally buy brushes in variety packs from Wal-Mart and my local craft store. I've discovered that I like #1, #3, and #5 sized brushes. But, I'm finding when I look at buying individual brushes the stores don't offer them (Walmart) or they're out in the open and subsequently abused by...
  13. Chikahiro

    Super Tux Kart 1.0 released!

    https://www.neowin.net/news/open-source-kart-racing-game-supertuxkart-sees-10-release-after-12-years So, open source project hits milestone, I had never heard of it (or at least didn't remember it), so I'm downloading it right now. Anyone else play it?
  14. Chikahiro

    Recommend me a LOS gizmo

    As it says up top! A friend of mine had a neat laser pointer that drew a straight line. Very cool! Aaaand it vanished. Which sucks because one game I play I can’t easily determine LOS easily by eyeballing. Even though it should be easy, I can’t clear the board, measure from hex vertice to hex...
  15. Chikahiro

    EABA is on the Bundle of Holding! Tell me about it!

    http://bundleofholding.com/presents/EABA So, I've heard its great. Please, tell me more! And by "me" I mean everyone since my tastes are strange and peculiar. I can't be the only person interested, after all :) What's it like? Mechanics? Comparable to? All that good stuff. Don't use jargon...
  16. Chikahiro

    🎨 Creative Atomic Robo single-adventure ideas/seeds

    My "I need advice thread" was here. Now? I'm running this Friday. And I realized after being busy like crazy for the past month I've not put together an adventure or anything. ACK! Gamers are two 50-ish year old friends from church (husband and wife, both pastors), a not yet 30 year old friend...
  17. Chikahiro

    Creators to precursor of HeroScape making new game

    https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/42715/restoration-games-unveils-unmatched-game-line-gts I'm quite curious. Anyone know much about this? Or their past games? It sounds affordable.
  18. Chikahiro

    Looking for online war gaming stores w/decent shipping

    Long story short: no friendly local game shops on Maui, Hawai'i. I've got one resource that takes forever, are out of stock of stuff semi-regularly, but shipping is cheap and I get wholesale pricing ordering (40-50% off most of the time). I'd like to be able to order some things sooner BUT...
  19. Chikahiro

    Kaiju/Ultraman game with miniature support?

    So, I'm looking at Monsterpocolypse. I like the minis. I *want* the minis. Then it occurred to me that there are Kaiju/Ultraman RPGs. But I don't know if any of them support minis. Because, frankly, a mini I can use for a board/strategy game AND a RPG is far more likely to get bought...
  20. Chikahiro

     Running my first Fate game soon: Learn me on it!

    So, seeing as Evil Hat has a sale on stuff, I bought the dead-tree version of Atomic Robo plus the Fate core system books. Hopefully they'll be in this week. I'm going to be running, hopefully, a once-a-month game for some friends of mine who are not active gamers. Some are new, some are...
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