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    Scion 2nd Edition

    Has anyone tried or taken a look at it yet? From what I understand it uses a new iteration of the Storyteller rules: Storypath or something? Any comments?
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    Dragonball Super: Its FINALLY struck me why I'm not as into the Tournament of Power business...

    The opposition by and large, doesn't come across as Evil just as being trying to survive as much as the protagonist. Yeah, some of them jerks and assholes but then again so are members of Team Protagonist. Its lends the whole a downer, tragic vibes that, for me, make the humor and satirical feel...
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    Hulu "Into the Darkness" original move: Culture Shock. Anyone seen it?

    Might hit rather close to home given current events but I found the trailer intriguing. Has anyone checked it out and can say if its worth a look or not? Please no plot details or other spoilers, I really like to surprised particularly when it comes to horror.
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    What does the term Spoiler mean to you?

    With my recent thread on the film Cloud Atlas, an assumption I'd long held was punctured that assumption being that "spoiler" had a pretty universal meaning among consumers. So I became curious just what different felt would be a spoiler, particularly if they're asked to not spill any when...
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    Would a thread discussing Trump's Orlando reelection rally be acceptable?

    Would that be an acceptable thread or is it too small a matter to address in an entire thread? Just wanted to check in.
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    [Film] Does anyone on the forum have an opinion on the 2012 movie Cloud Atlas?

    I've been curious about this movie for quite some time. The clips and trailers don't give away much. I'm not entirely sure what genre it is and it didn't seem to make a huge splash at the box office unless I am remembering incorrectly. Can anyone give me a (hopefully spoiler free) opinion on it?
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    Marvel Cinematic Universe: The (not so) Incredible Hulk?

    Maybe its because of my fandom and affection for the character but sometimes it seems like he gets played more for comedy relief and "Worf'ed" outside of films where he's not the principle character? Is it possible because Hulk films were as a big a success as the others or do the writer just...
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    Classic Marvel FASERIP: The Ultimate Powers Book Matter Creation powers.

    During the time when I was using the UPB, I considered house ruling the Matter Creation that had a weight limit 1 Ounce per Health point that character had. That always seemed pretty strict to me and I debated raising it/basing the limit on something else, perhaps Psyche x5 in pounds. Did anyone...
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    GoT Parody: A Song of Vanilla Ice and Fire

    Its been out for awhile but I didn't find it posted and it seemed like a humorous way to say Farewell to the show and characters. If nothing else, it gave me a laugh and I hope it does for others. Enjoy!
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    [The Strain] Series conclusion

    It ended a couple of year ago on Season 4. I was a fairly regular viewer until Season 3 but lost track for various reasons and I was wondering if 4 was worth looking up, particularly if the series actually concluded, wrapping up the narrative or was it a case of sudden cancellation so you're...
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    Monitor issue

    My monitor is pretty cheap and the colors are flaky so I've used the wrong color for text in some messages when going for "sarcasm" color. I apologize
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    [Exalted, possibly non-canon discussion] Solar PCs and their 1st Age live(s) and ties to the present.

    Have you found that your players in more Solar centered games (or otherwise playing Solar Exalts) are interesting in their earlier incarnations and life times in mythic 1st Age or otherwise? Solar Exalted have more ties to their past than what would canon to some degree due to seeing changes so...
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    STARZ's American Gods

    I recently started this Starz series and I find it odd but strangely engrossing. It bring the rpg "Scion" to mind to the most part with shades of Mage and other Wod/WW/OP etc games. The slow burn nature of the reveals in this season appeal to me. A few things throw me, how some of the focus...
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    Have I been thread banned from the Russia investigation thread?

    My initial ban has expired but I can't post to that thread (Insufficient rights) but additional action along with the day ban wasn't mentioned in my Infraction Notices?
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    [Live Action supers: Costumes, Code names: Use them or not?

    There's been a flood (detractors might say a glut) of television, online and movie entertainment that attempt to take on the colorful genre of superhumans/Superheroes to varying degrees of success. Some embrace the genre tropes like costumes and “hero names”, other pay them a (sometimes...
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    I'd like to know more about the G-core system

    I understand its related to Classic Marvel FASERIP? What are the differences? Is it light, medium or dense, in your opinion? Anything particularly stand out good or bad? Any information wold be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    How do I discuss Moderation I feel is unfair?

    I'm not sure of the procedure so I wanted to ask before I tried.
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    The final episode of Netflick's Iron Fist (Possible Spoiler)

    Late, but I've been on a binge of the Marvel Netflick's shows recently. The final episode of Iron Fist left me scratching my head, incredibly curious what they had planned to explain all that. Were the changes drawn from a story arc in the comic or some other story? I admit I didn't follow the...
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     Thread title change request: I messed up.

    Would a Moderator please change the title of this thread: https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/trump-v-cohen-who.842807/ to Trump v Cohen: Who do you think is lying? Please, thank you.
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    [Exalted] Any Solar Exalted fans still around?

    I remember there were a few of us, fans (or fanboys when things got heated. :)) of the Solar Exalted though the later Types always seem more popular (as far as this site went, I can't speak for general Exalted fandom). Any of us still around? I think the way the views/presentation of the Solars...
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