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    Anyone know how to access downloads from Backerkit after a project is closed?

    Blades as a project was run by John Harper. Evil Hat is just publishing it.
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    Anyone know how to access downloads from Backerkit after a project is closed?

    You'll need to contact John Harper directly - once a Backerkit Project is closed, the contents are no longer available.
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    E3 2018

    So, Sony has dropped two new announces: Tetris Effect, a VR Tetris game from the guy behind REZ and Vib Ribbon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mr8fVT_Ds4Q Twin Mirror, an adventure/horror/mystery game where you return to your hometown for an event, and wake up with a major hangover, no memory...
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    Recent non-indie/semi-indie horror games - any good?

    Agony is a misogynistic mess of a game - it's mostly boring, and never really horrific, but the things it does decide to do mean it's a bad option for YouTube. Scorn is still a good four months out, so we're not seeing much on it yet. Fade to Silence hit early access almost 6 months ago, it got...
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    Blades in the Dark and Kickstarter Ethics

    I'd probably say that the Stretch Goals are accepted at the end of the campaign - they're clearly contingent on certain funding levels, and the pledge is for 'Core plus unlocked stretch goals at end of campaign', not 'Core plus unlocked stretch goals at an undefined fixed point during campaign'...
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    Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon - For those missing that classic 8-bit Castlevania Experience

    Interestingly, Curse of the Moon is the Blaster Master Zero team (which was the Mighty Gunvolt team). Inti-Creates has basically created a dedicated retro-nes team, and they're really good.
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    Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon - For those missing that classic 8-bit Castlevania Experience

    This is basically a subgame from the folks at Inti-creates who were originally supposed to work on MN9, as i understand. They pulled out of that arrangement, leading to development having to functionally start over on MN9 and requiring them to put together their own team unexpectedly - I suspect...
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    [Massive Video Card Upgrade]So.... What'd I miss?

    Ys VIII's PC Port is still shaky - Crashes regularly for a bunch of people (including myself). Be a little cautious. Hrm. Not sure what else you had to play games on, so some of these are also console derived. Nier: Automata - Very good 3rd person action game. Has a bunch of chapters, which it...
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    [Sell Me On] Final Fantasy XIV

    No, it's solo only. Failing a couple of times goes grant The Echo I believe, boosting all numbers in your favor, but that one generated a fairly high justified complaint level as I recall.
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    Destiny 2 - Cayde promised us loot

    It doesn't matter much, but the Adventures and such you have on Earth fill in some plot and give gear and xp. Individual weapons power levels matter very little - overall power is 99% of your output, so use all three weapons freely even if one is much higher light.
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    Good Game controller for for use with windows/steam?

    Both the XBox One and PS4 controller are, at this point, extremely well supported and functional for the vast majority of games.
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    1440 at 165hz or 4k at 60hz

    I'd go for the 1440px165 display. Some blind tests generally show that people notice the framerate much more than the resolution increase at monitor sizes and distances. Once you're talking about, say, wall-mounted 50 inch displays, the resolution wins, but most people are talking maybe a 25, 28...
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    Why are there so many roguelikes these days?

    If I can digress slightly, I find it somewhat amusing that very few of the modern generation of rogue-likes are actually... well, Rogue. They take the fundamentals (permadeath, strong randomization) and apply it to another style - Spelunky is a Platformer, FTL a Ship-Management game, Binding of...
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    Why are there so many roguelikes these days?

    See Spelunky for the the kickoff of the current Wave, then follow it through Binding of Issac, FTL, Nuclear Throne, and so on. The two big breakthroughs were the idea that individual runs should be fast, and the meta-unlock element such that even failed runs could have rewards.
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    Destiny 2 - Cayde promised us loot

    Yeah, that is...
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    [WoW] Post Legion expansion Speculation/Rumors/Spoilers - "Battle for Azeroth"

    so... Grommash recognizes you, and they ask about Warchief Vol'jin. It's pretty clearly explicitly WoD Draenor.
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    Destiny 2 - Cayde promised us loot

    Day 2: The adventures are decent, and there's a post-game quest series that seems way better than the main quest. Several new collectables, mildly grindy but will actually do fairly well by just exploring Mars. I get the feeling that maybe they just spent all their time on 'what are they going...
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    [Recommendations] What's new in JRPGs?

    Cold Steel happens after Sky, but doesn't really rely on it - there's references, but they're to events that happened relatively far away and a couple years ago. I'd say that Cold Steel is the better Game, but that Sky is better written - it's less cliche than Cold Steel.
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    Destiny 2 - Cayde promised us loot

    The writing and pacing is okay for maybe the first third, then terrible, but the actual encounters are mostly decent to very good IMHO. The adventures are actually decent so far.
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    [Childish Gambino] This is America

    There's a LOT. The deliberate Uncle Ruckus face at the beginning. Death on a Pale Horse in the background, with the Cops coming after. That traditional 'whites of eyes and teeth black menace' image melting to a scared, fleeing man. The kids - clean cut, relaxed hair, private school uniforms...
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