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    player's options: more is more

    I was talking to someone about their homebrew fantasy game, and he proudly proclaimed that it had 50 races and 100 classes. Something about that excess struck a chord with me and got me thinking. What games are out there with a truly absurd number of player options (classes, races, feats...
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    OSR Games (Labyrinth Lord) Straffshire: Village of Planar Fugitives

    Everyone's eleventh favorite campaign setting is back, and you can get it on Drivethrurpg. Thank goodness! Straffshire is a gonzo, high fantasy setting for Labyrinth Lord. In the plane-shifting village of Straffshire, mortals, fey, demons, undead, sapient animals, and other creatures...
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    [Discord] Sailor Moon RPG

    This is probably a shot in the dark, but... Does anyone want to do a Sailor Moon mini-campaign using Guardians of Order's old Sailor Moon game? I'm volunteering to GM, but I'm open to someone else doing it too. I've been GMing various systems for about 20 years. We could take this in a lot of...
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    Straffshire: Village of Planar Fugitives (5e)

    Straffshire: Village of Planar Fugitives is now available on DriveThruRPG. You can also check out this preview PDF for a glimpse inside. If you have a role-playing blog and would like a free copy of Straffshire to review, please reach out to me. Thanks so much! Straffshire is a setting for...
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    derived stats: math too complex?

    I’m creating an RPG with somewhat of an “traditional” feel. The game uses attributes, skills, and derived stats based on the PCs' attributes. Right now, the rules work pretty well and the game play is simple and fast. However, I’m a little worried that people will be intimidated by the math...
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    Dome Raid: Feedback Exchange

    Hello! I've been writing an RPG for about a year now. I'm nearing completion on a first draft and I wanted to get some more opinions. I've been working pretty much in isolation. Here is a link to a PDF of my manuscript. This is not the complete manuscript. It is a document about the game's...
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    Race Compendium: Beastfolk and Anthropomorphic Animals (5E)

    Get it on the Dungeon Masters Guild. 18 new races for 5E! Five are fully-realized beastfolk races with detailed histories, personalities, and physical descriptions. The other thirteen are archetypes representing various generic flavors of beastfolk. Contents include: Thrummers: Long ago...
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    Trove of Magic Items (100 Items for5E or Labyrinth Lord)

    Open The Trove of Magic Items and discover 100 new magic items for 5E or Labyrinth Lord. Get the 5E version on Dungeon Masters Guild. Or get Labyrinth Lord version on DrivethruRPG. The Trove features unpredictable, balanced, and fun to use magic items in an neatly organized format. Its...
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    Wild Wilderness Vol. 1: 50 Encounters - D&D 5E

    Wild Wilderness is a new D&D 5E supplement available on the DM's guild. It features 50 fully detailed wilderness encounters for levels 1-20. Your players can rescue a time traveling wizard, exorcise an all-powerful haunted cello, liberate a slave ship on the high seas, or tame a demonic...
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    Looking to review your DM's Guild products

    Hello! My brother and I are starting a roleplaying blog which you can visit here although there isn't much content right now. I want to write some reviews of DM's Guild products. If anyone has written an interesting product, I'd love to take a look at it and potentially write a review. Post a...
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    What sort of D&D 5E supplements are you most likely to read/buy?

    I'm surprised that I couldn't already find a thread like this. I know a lot of people here are involved in creating homebrew D&D 5E material. I am too. So I'm doing a little market research for all of us. =) What sort of D&D 5E supplements do you read or buy? Adventures? Player options books...
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    skill list for a sci-fi game

    I'm writing a sci-fi game where the players are alien mercenaries and spies in a futuristic society. The game mostly takes place on the surface of a planet, and space travel is not an important part of the setting. A lot of the game is about infiltration. In fact, it's a little bit like...
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    body switching

    I am creating a sci-fi game with psychic powers. I want to have a psi-power where the psi-user can transplant her mind in another creature's body and control him. Under these circumstances, the psi-user would use the physical attributes and skills of her host body, but her own mental attributes...
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    Continual Fire Damage

    I'm trying to figure out a simple way to handle recurring fire damage in my game. The combat is very fast and pretty deadly. Most combat encounters are over in 2-4 rounds, so I want an effect that is simple but dramatic. Right now, it works like this: Fire causes 1 damage per round at the end...
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    balancing attributes in D20

    I'm making a D20 game that uses 6 D&D-like attributes: strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, perception, charisma. Each of these stats is used for skill checks, but also derived stats. DEX seems to be used more than the other stats. I worry that DEX is a better value than the other...
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    Palladium 2018 Open House

    There has been a lot of Palladium discussion on these boards recently. Is anyone else going to their open house in Detroit next month? I'll be there. Maybe some of us can meet up.
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