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  1. No-Brand Hero

    [Where I Watch] Princess Tutu - Are We Humans, or Are We Dancer?

    Hello all, welcome to my first-ever 'Where I Watch' thread. I am your host, The No-Brand Hero, and for the foreseeable future I shall be watching a little show called 'Princess Tutu'. The following is a complete list of all the things I know about this show: The show is 26 episodes long...
  2. No-Brand Hero

    Pony Thread in OM at 1000+ Posts, Please Lock

    New thread has been opened. Old Thread should be locked. If this has already been requested, my apologies, but it is unlocked and still being posted to. Thankies.
  3. No-Brand Hero

    I don't care about your damn voice recognition software!

    And I'm sick of watching your stupid five minute "Story Of Our Stupid Product" commercial every stupid commercial break!! GAH! :mad:
  4. No-Brand Hero

    What is this I don't even...

    A game...based...on...dog crap? http://youtu.be/JDyOD1C67J0
  5. No-Brand Hero

    Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0 Announced

    ANN is reporting that the release of Rebuild 3.0 has been announced. Fall 2012. Also, holy crap! Badass fucking ASUKA images linked in that post! A year is too long to wait :eek:
  6. No-Brand Hero

    [You Decide] What Anime I Watch and Post About

    So! I've wanted to do a 'Where I Watch' thread for quite awhile, but I have this little problem: By the time I think of doing a 'Where I Watch' for something I'm watching, I've already finished it! This isn't ordinarily a problem, but I tend to prefer the first-viewing versions of these...
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