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  1. Mostlyjoe

    💯 {Staff Pick} [Sine Nomine] Godbound

    I'm finding it weird that THIS thread keeps me up to date on Sine Nomine stuff since G+ imploded. Where are updates posted mostly now?
  2. Mostlyjoe

    The Ballad of Min-Maximus (how a power-gamer ruined Wild Talents)

    I'm having flashbacks to my 90's era Champions and GURPS games. Had to learn very hard how to say no and stick to my guns.
  3. Mostlyjoe

    Rifts® for Savage Worlds: American Armageddon Kickstarter is live!!!

    Same on the burn not giving them anything. What was the idea behind that?
  4. Mostlyjoe

     [Exalted 3E] Are there areas of the setting where solars are openly accepted?

    I guess it depends on just how much local powers Dragon Bloods have really.
  5. Mostlyjoe

    BESM 4th Edition Announced

    You can look forward to it. But the man, and company (ies?) he's run hurt folks who freelanced work for him. People who followed the company watched it goes up in flames around the time he nabbed the GoT licence and then promises were made, and then ignored. Etc. Basically this is a monster...
  6. Mostlyjoe

    BESM 4th Edition Announced

    Oh boy. Here we go for this train wreck again. I'm already warning folks on Twitter.
  7. Mostlyjoe

    Destiny 2 Year 2 - I'm comin' home, Ace.

    Dumb question. Does RPG.net have a PS4 clan?
  8. Mostlyjoe

    All New All Different MCU Rumor Thread

    Derp. Eternals. I remember The Externals, ya. Immortal mutants. Late night posting nightmare.
  9. Mostlyjoe

    All New All Different MCU Rumor Thread

    The Externals: They tie into the tale of the Celestials, who were established in GotG. Semi-immortal beings who have loads of powers, get 'reborn' every few centuries to defend the Earth, fight the Deviants, and so on-so forth. Technically Thanos comes from a spin off tribe of them on Titan. So...
  10. Mostlyjoe

    Warframe Discussion Thread #5: We All Lift Together

    Expired my good man. You need to submit it with no expiration on it.
  11. Mostlyjoe

    Warframe Discussion Thread #5: We All Lift Together

    Does RPG.net crowd have an active Discord for Warframe? I know there is/was a guild at one time. I'm just looking to hang with more folks when I frame so I can find help and offer help to run missions.
  12. Mostlyjoe

    THQ Nordic 8Chan AMA

    Uhhh. That's horrifying.
  13. Mostlyjoe

    [Ex3 Lunars Kickstarter] King, General, Vizier, WEREWOLF. 12th Feb!

    Or a Chameleon/Disguise Octopus/Stickbug, etc. Since some of those charms become Protean too!
  14. Mostlyjoe

    [5E: Unearthed Arcana] Revised Artificer

    I am SO down with playing a Dungeon Meshi style Artificer now.
  15. Mostlyjoe

    [Ex3 Lunars Kickstarter] King, General, Vizier, WEREWOLF. 12th Feb!

    I love how Lunars are now masters liars, on a tier that Solars almost can't beat. Honestly, if it wasn't for Solar Perception and Integrity charms, I don't think they ever would have been able to keep up. And even then higher essence Lunars can mess with Solar tier Perception mechanics. Scary.
  16. Mostlyjoe

    Ninjas & Superspies...any good?

    The book lavishes a LOT of attention on it's various Martial Arts. There is a reason why it's follow up was called Mystic China. But it's serviceable for what it does.
  17. Mostlyjoe

    [WIR] TMNT/After the Bomb/Road Hogs

    Ah yes. The first RPG I bought with my own money. So many games of this played.
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