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  1. Proteus

    [Godbound] The Realm of Sklithra

    I created a new Godbound Realm, a sort of companion to Arcem. Any feedback or comments are most welcome. https://docs.google.com/document/d/136092Fxs2j3OfVi-mw8KvWzvmDq04Y5A5LFcxPVrxZY/edit?usp=sharing...
  2. Proteus

    "You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell

    The song from Casino Royale. The natural way to interpret the lyrics is that Bond is speaking. But it makes a lot of sense if M is talking to Bond, in the movie's context as a fresh 00, eminently replaceable and dangerously overconfident. And he DOES know her name...
  3. Proteus

    RIP Gene Wolfe

    The great author and craftsman of literary enigmas Gene Wolfe has passed. The Book of the New Sun, which I've read a dozen times, remains one of my favourite series. It's had a huge impact on me, even if I need a companion dictionary (the Lexicon Urthus) to plumb its hidden depths. Requiescat...
  4. Proteus

    Moving an IRL game online

    So my current face-to-face RPG group, a long-standing group of 6 players for whom I usually GM, are no longer able to meet face-to-face because I can no longer afford the commute. I proposed gaming online in the same timeslot, and there's been a good level of interest. I have no experience...
  5. Proteus

    Viewing new posts?

    I've noticed people talking recently about viewing new posts, and sometimes not even knowing which forum a thread they are reading/posting in is from because they browsed to it via some kind of New Posts list or something? It's black magic to me. I can only reach threads by navigating via the...
  6. Proteus

    Favourite "Place That Ghosts Dwell"?

    In some D&D editions, ghosts live in the Ethereal Plane. I'm looking for more ideas on places to put ghosts. Let's call them "Spirit Worlds". For the purposes of this thread, a Spirit World is: a) Designed at least partly with ghosts in mind. Ghost should mean the haunty kind that might turn...
  7. Proteus

    Games like Krevborna [Gothic/Monster-Hunting/Early Modern]

    OK, so Krevborna is a recent purchase of mine that I really like. It's a gothic fantasy setting of huddled villages, witch-haunted forests, vampiric nobles, and the like. Just wondering what else was out there in terms of games where the PCs can Van Helsing* it up, pitting steel and gunpowder...
  8. Proteus

    [BBC] The City and The City

    The Beeb's adaptation of China Mieville's novel landed today. It will be 4 episodes long, I believe. Any thoughts on the first episode? My suggestion for a spoiler policy is to post spoilers from the TV series freely, but spoiler tag discussion of the book.
  9. Proteus

    Godbound IN SPAAAAACE!

    Fresh out of the Last Jedi and reading through the Lancer RPG beta, while still totally obsessed with Godbound, this was inevitable... I turn my hand, as others have before, to porting Godbound to a science-fantasy setting. My idea is to use this for a Heroic Mortals in Godwalkers campaign, but...
  10. Proteus

    [Any Edition] Earth-related Monsters

    I want to stock a ruined underground city where the elemental forces of earth have gotten out of control, altering natural wildlife into monsters. I don't want to be too on-the-nose, so no earth elementals or petrifying creatures, please. Just maybe the kind of things that dwell underground...
  11. Proteus

    [Kickstarter] The Road to Heaven: Bronze Age Fantasy powered by Fate

    The subject line says it all really. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1917395140/the-road-to-heaven-a-bronze-age-fate-fantasy-rpg/comments This is a thing that exists, and is of interest to me. I think a Bronze Age demigod RPG is a good thing, and while I have issues with Fate, it is a...
  12. Proteus

    Range Diagrams?

    Does anyone know of any diagrams which give a reasonable idea of what weapon ranges (30', 60', 100', that kind of thing) actually look like in a fight, or relative to some fixed scale other than a football field? I want to do "theatre of the mind" conflict but I'm hoping for something that...
  13. Proteus

    Numbers Stations - What Are They REALLY?

    No, this isn't meant to be in Tangency Open. We all know that Numbers Stations are (or were) nothing more than coded broadcasts for intelligence agents. The strange tunes and voices associated with them make them easy to identify for the listener, and the strings of numbers are just messages...
  14. Proteus

    [Game Balance] Language-Implanting Technology

    I'm running a campaign in the Madness Dossier setting, in which the PCs use the technologies of mind-control to combat the influence of genetically-engineered Sumerian monsters from a buried timeline. The campaign is very much a globe-trotting affair, with missions so far taking place in...
  15. Proteus

    What do I want for Christmas?

    So, my parents are generally clueless about what to get me for Christmas, and I'm not terribly sure either. What I normally do is pick a few roleplaying books and then they purchase one or two of them for me. I'm hunting for recommendations. What I Want a) I normally buy pdfs, but the point...
  16. Proteus

    Titles of Politics Threads

    I've noticed some great Mod work recently with putting updates into thread titles so it's a bit clearer what's going on at the time you actually read the thread, especially with fast-moving "breaking news" scenarios. Could I suggest that where possible, this be done with some of the...
  17. Proteus

    [Star Wars] Rewrite the Prequels

    Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace Setup (needsto be rewritten into a badass and portentous opening crawl) The Trade Federation are strip-mining Naboo's moon using a droid workforce. The Nabooans have learned that the mining operation (which is a big space opera moon-shattering operation...
  18. Proteus

    [Thomas Covenant] Spoilery Questions

    OK, so I don't want to put this in the WIR thread because it will get way ahead of things. I can't really stomach Donaldson's prose (I never got to "The Scene" because I couldn't make it past Lord Foul's plot-laden speech to Covenant on his arrival in the Land). But I love me some villains, and...
  19. Proteus

    [Hannibal Season 3] A Sophisticated and Deadly Feast of SPOILERS

    So, it seemed like the time for a spoiler discussion thread for the new season. Any thoughts on Antipasto? -Proteus
  20. Proteus

    My Thread Ban & Warning [Press Conference]

    I've emailed the Admin address about this, but would also like to mention it here. I mentioned the Exalted leak in the Ex 3rd developers thread, and I have been banned from the thread and given a Warning. I feel this is quite disproportionate - a simple red-text statement saying that mentioning...
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