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  1. Kreuzritter

    🎨 Creative My Crossover Academia: what's their Quirk

    So, for those of you living under a rock, the current hotness in action manga is My hero Academia, a story about your typical hot-blooded teens learning to become superheroes Naturally, by its very nature it makes things rife for crossover fanfic, where character X is dropped into the setting...
  2. Kreuzritter

    [Where I Read] My Hero Academia: School Briefs

    So, with Ranubis having finished their WIR of the series, and little under 5 months before we get season 4, I thought we could tide things over with my newest impulse buy: My Hero Academia: School Briefs School Briefs is a light novel spinoff of the main MHA series, of which quick research...
  3. Kreuzritter

    Bill to ban Lootboxes announced

    so, for those who haven't been by Kotaku, a US senator's announced he plans to do exactly as the thread title says, and introduce a bill to ban lootboxes and microtranasactions in gaming to the senate. Naturally, Jim Sterling was available to comment As Jim says, this bill probably won't...
  4. Kreuzritter

    geek media terms that've stuck in your personal lexicon

    so, a thing that just occurred to me is how particular genre words slip into geek jargon as a go-to shorthand for various concepts, and I was wondering what words everybody's picked up. as an example, what brought this on was the Captain Marvel thread, and how in a post, without thinking, I...
  5. Kreuzritter

    [Horrorpack] Critters are back

    really, it was only a matter of time before the horror reboots got around to them
  6. Kreuzritter

    The Nextflix Evangelion Thread Ep. 1-7

    I don't have Netflix, I don't know when it's actually out, but there's been a call for this kind of thread as fans discover or re-discover Neon Genesis Evangelion through its upcoming Netflix redub release. I don't know if we're going to need a full Game of Thrones grade spoiler policy, but for...
  7. Kreuzritter

    [this is going to bug me all day] Name That Movie/Show

    you know how it is. you're doing what you do, the mind wanders, and you vaguely recall some movie or show you can't name, but your attempt to remember more of it and put a name to it won't go away this thread is meant to answer those burning questions so you get some peace of mind. so, to...
  8. Kreuzritter

    the 2018 Gregs and Gendos, Helens and Ragyos

    Well, it's that time of year again, and with 12 days left to the year, it's time to put out our nominations and votes as we grade this year's crop of fictional parents For those just joining us, let's run through our category namesakes Greg Universe Filling in for the periennial choice of...
  9. Kreuzritter

    The Hellboy remake has a trailer

    and honestly, his hair aside, I like it
  10. Kreuzritter

    Give me tales of Jobber-manias past

    What is a jobber-mania, you ask? a Jobber-mania, a GOOD one mind you, is that issue or story arc where loser villains just come crawling out like bugs from under a kicked over rock an example of this, for those who've been following my M&M 3rd Ed build thread, would be Marvel Two-In-One...
  11. Kreuzritter


    This thread is geared towards casual readers interested in Comics lore. For their sake please be mindful of spoilers that occur past the current point of coverage Hi, I'm Kreuzritter. you may remember me from such threads as Where I Read The Death & Return of Superman or Scary News out of...
  12. Kreuzritter

    Venture Bros Season 7

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzwG8buwBik I have no idea if the season proper has started, but I do know that at least two episodes have escaped into the wilds of the internet
  13. Kreuzritter

    What the HFIL, Paramount Network?

    Maybe because I've had a spectacularly horrible day, but my god, it's like they have only 4-5 shows Ink Masters Lip Synch Battle Bar Rescue COPS MMA and what's more, these take up whole day marathons, maybe spiced with some flavor of action movie at least when they were Spike, there was some...
  14. Kreuzritter

    💯 {Staff Pick} [Where I Read] The Death and Return of Superman!

    This thread is geared towards casual readers interested in Comics lore. For their sake please be mindful of spoilers that occur past the current point of coverage Hi, I'm Kreuzritter. you may remember me from such failed WIR's as Empowered, and "Secret Wars: A Walking Tour of Battleworld"...
  15. Kreuzritter

    I finally have a PS4, recommend me good games on the cheap

    pretty much what the thread title says here, I finally got a PS4, and looking to build a respectable gaming library (I already have Lego Avengers), but I don't want to go bankrupt on the [Jim sterling mode]Triple A[/Jim Sterling Mode] titles so, I'm looking for good, fun and reasonably cheap...
  16. Kreuzritter

    Emara, Heroine of the UAE

    Just found this today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ytnzJjEyAM Enter Emara, plucky teenaged cyborg heroine operating out of Dubai. weekly web series by Eating Stars, that started a week ago, with the second episode going up about a half hour ago good animation, reminiscent of Imaishi's...
  17. Kreuzritter

    Chrono Trigger the Musical

    from the talent that brought the internet acclaimed UnderTale: The Musical, man on The Internet productions have been at work these past few months on Chrono Trigger, the Musical to show their progress, every few weeks they post excerpted songs, staggered and out of order, showcasing what to...
  18. Kreuzritter

    [comics] So I finally read Final Crisis

    How the flying fudge am I better able to understand the purposely convoluted Multiversity than I did this?
  19. Kreuzritter

    Question on text color

    Red is obviously still province of the mods for the foreseeable future. are reddish-hued colors such as Fire Brick or Maroon acceptable for use in IC posts?
  20. Kreuzritter

    [Where my friend watches] AIRPLANE!

    So, I have a friend whom, living overseas, is unaware of numerous works of genre fiction, and has been watching them on our reccomendations while giving their commentary via skype chat. at the time of this writing, they are watching Airplane, and I have gotten their permission to copy their...
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