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    [Re-Recruitment] Golden Sky Stories: Fuchsia Town

    Due to the unexpected absences of some players, Fuchsia Town is looking for no more than three more players. Please post your characters here. You may make any henge from the core book and Colors of the Sky. IC thread here. OOC thread here. Wiki here. Edit: Oops! Requested this be moved.
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    [Sell Me On/Off] Spacemaster vs. Star Frontiers

    I know very little about these two RPGs other than they were mentioned in a couple threads. I'm intrigued by Spacemaster. Should I be? And how would one compare/contrast one system and possible setting to the other? And was there some sort of Spacehamster in Dork Tower that was inspired by...
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    [Recruitment/Development] Star Trek Adventures

    I mentioned it in the previous Games you'd really like to play thread, and again in the new one. I wanted to give it about a week to see if someone would volunteer to run a new game. There was some interest and no one starting a new game of this, so I'm posting a formal thread. I would be new...
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    What are some good Star Trek novels?

    Awhile back, I had gotten one of the Mirror Universe novels. It was set some time during the Enterprise era, I think. It was good, but I never finished it. What are some good Star Trek novels that you like? What era and period of the tv shows do they occur in?
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    [spoilers] Does anyone remember Red Earth?

    I saw this recently, then did a little research on it. It was the first game for the hardware that Street Fighter III ran on. It appears to be fantasy themed and has a colorful cast of characters with stories behind them. It's also the first game I've seen where you can punch a T-Rex. I was...
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    What games like Mass Effect on PS 4?

    Is there anything interesting in Playstation 4 world that's like Mass Effect and Starflight, or are those sort of options all on PC? The newer Mass Effect for this gen of console seemed to have gotten less than stellar reviews depending on the reviewer. I've got Elite Dangerous, but I'm having...
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    Is Space Opera (RPG) pretty popular?

    In this thread (https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/what-was-the-failed-promise-of-early-traveller.847977/) Space Opera was mentioned more than once. Does it have a large following, and what's the appeal? Is there something in the setting, system, or presentation that people like? Is there...
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    [Sell me on/off] Star Trek Adventures (and some questions)

    I like Star Trek a lot, though I'm not very familiar with the canon. I have trouble tracking those sorts of things. What reasons do you see that I should get this? What are some things to be aware/cautious of? What are the bad things about the books and system? One sell off point for me is...
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    🎨 Creative Create a planet

    I tried the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion's tables for planet generation. Can you make something with these parameters? Espen IV Gravity: Normal Dominant Terrain: Temperate Forests Atmosphere: Normal (Average Temp: 60 F) Population Density: Average Dominant Government...
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    [Any WoD] What does game prep involve?

    It has been about forever since I last ran a Chronicles of Darkness campaign. So long ago, that I don't think I even have my notes for it anymore and forgot the process I went through. I think I just wrote a campaign pitch and what was going on and went from there. What do you do to prep for...
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    IC Dog King's Bounty

    It's a cold and breezy day in the capital city of the Emerald Kingdom, where King Duggin III, his council, and his family hold the seat of power. The city's name is Emraldia. It's winter, and the nearby mountain already has snow on it. Despite the cold, Raccoons ply their wares in shops and...
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    [Possible Spoilers] What are some of the most epic quests/adventures you can think of?

    Primarily in fiction and tabletop gaming, what are some of the most epic quests or adventures you can think of? What do epic quests or adventures usually entail? For me, when I think of epic quests I think of LOTR. Multiple locations and various foes and allies, as well as one end goal. But I...
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    OOC Dog King's Bounty

    This is the OOC thread for Dog King's Bounty, an anthropomorphic fantasy game using Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. Development thread here. Wiki here. IC thread here. Please post/repost your characters in this thread, along with maybe a brief background, and add to the Wiki when ready.
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    Have we seen all the mechanics?

    We've had decades worth of video games by now and I'm not sure how many titles. While watching a playthrough of a game, I saw some familiar mechanics and game modes. Dancing, first person tank battles, being stationary and shooting at things and things shooting at you, and even a top down...
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    [Recruitment/Development] [Savage Worlds AE] Fantasy with Anthropomorphics

    It is the height of King Duggin III’s reign, and statues of the vain Dog King can be found everywhere throughout his realm (and sometimes outside of it, as well). His latest obsession has been funding expeditions in the many ruins of the predecessors in exchange for a cut in any treasures sold...
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    Help me choose a thing for next month?

    I'm attempting to stay under budget and was looking to get one or two things from this list next month: After the Bomb Maus 1 and 2 Usagi Yojimbo: Book 1: The Ronin Wild Talents Can anyone tell me more about these? Which would you choose? I'm not a major fan of post-apocalyptic games, but...
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    [Early Edo Period] Would this character concept work? (and some questions)

    I'm working on a character and was wondering if this one would work out if it was set in the early Edo period of Japan. I have a feeling it might be more workable in later periods, and if so when would you say this concept would work out better if at all? Here he is: Potential problems I'm...
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    [Tactical Gaming] How important is exact distance for combat maps?

    For games that are more tactical or typically have a large number of combatants, how important is tracking distance to exact detail? I noticed some games give ranges in meters or feet for certain weapons, others go with range bands like Close, Short, Medium, etc without giving exact ranges...
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    [Sell Me On/Off] After the Bomb

    I think this has gotten some love from the forums before. What are its good and bad points? Some questions: 1) I see it's from the 80's. What 80's conceits does it have? 2) Are the rules presented in a complex way, or is it a good and understandable read? 3) I'm not a huge fan of...
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    [Spoilers] What did Diablo 3 do with the lore?

    I just finished the excellent Diablerie 3 thread and through that I think someone mentioned they didn't like what Diablo 3 did with the lore. So what were the bad things that were done with the lore, in your opinion? What were the good things? Did any loose ends get tied, and what are the...
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