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    [Exalted] [Bundle of Holding] What Does This Get Me, Exactly?

    So the Bundle of Holding has two Exalted offers (here and here) and I'm kinda tempted by them, but I've realized that the descriptions of the books aren't super useful. So, my question is: what stuff is included in these bundles? Aside from Solars and the Dragon-Blooded, what Exalt types are in...
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    [Sell Me/Tell Me] Hunter: the Reckoning

    So DriveThruRPG is doing a Halloween sale, and one of the things White Wolf has for sale is the cWoD Hunter. There was a bit of mention of it in the metaplot spoilers thread, and between that, the product descriptions, and my vague knowledge of the classic World of Darkness, it sounds like it...
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    [IC] SR4: The Shadows of Seattle

    It’s just after Noon on a Wednesday when your commlink chirps. Checking it, you see a matrix icon that resembles the traditional smiley face image, only red and cocked to one side, with little jagged lines resembling tusks on the mouth of the icon. Answering the call, the icon is replaced by a...
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    [OOC] SR4: The Shadows of Seattle

    Okay, the OOC thread is finally here. Please post final versions of character sheets. And then of course the normal gaming chatter. Recruitment thread, for future reference.
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    [Meta] I will be away for a few days

    Just a note to people I'm playing with: I will be mostly or completely without Internet access until Tuesday afternoon. I may be able to post during this time, but it's unlikely. Please feel free to have my character fade into the background or be temporally NPCed as needed.
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    [NGE] Best Version of the DVDs?

    So, reading Shadowjack's Eva threads (which are awesome) has made me want to rewatch NGE, this time on DVDs I actually own. Therefore, I want to know: what's the best release of the series to get? I'm talking about the different versions released in America since I like the English dub, don't...
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    [Comics] Savage Sword #1

    So the new Robert E. Howard anthology comic is out, and I'm curious to hear what everyone on RPGnet thinks of it. Personally, I like it so far. Both of the multipart stories did a good job of getting me interested in seeing what happens next, and the single part story was kinda interesting too...
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    [4E] Megadungeons?

    How good is 4E at handling a campaign where the PCs explore a megadungeon? Specifically, can it handle the sort of old-school "whoever shows up plays" play style where the party consists of whoever shows up to game this week?
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    [Savage Worlds] Fan Created Content

    I just got the Explorer's Edition, so I want to know: What's the best fan made stuff out there for Savage Worlds? It can be anything: adventures, monsters, conversions, campaign settings, whatever, as long as it's cool.
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