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  1. J

    Video game designers in Game Design

    Seems like there's a near-constant stream of video game designers posting in Game Design. This leads me to de-lurk and ask a few questions: Is Game Design supposed to be limited to (tabletop) RPGs? If not, I'll stop reporting video game designers posting there. (I may also stop reading that...
  2. J

    [MMORPGs] Ryzom

    My thread about MMORPGs for Linux has kind of morphed into a discussion about Ryzom, so I thought it deserved its own thread. I started playing the game a few days ago and I'm already pretty sure I'll subscribe. It works flawlessly under Linux, no Wine required, which puts it far ahead of the...
  3. J

    Good MMORPG for Linux?

    What MMORPGs do y'all recommend for Linux? I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 on a netbook with discrete graphics, so system requirements can't be too huge. I'd also prefer something that sticks close to a medieval fantasy style, and free would be nice. Oh, and: I'd prefer a game that isn't riddled with...
  4. J

    Contact info for a banned user

    Is it okay for me to tell people here that I have contact information for someone who's been banned?
  5. J

    [Spoilers] Just rewatched Dragonslayer.

    For the heck of it, I re-watched Dragonslayer tonight, and ended up gaining an appreciation for it that I hadn't had before. I already thought it's a great fantasy movie, but I noticed a bunch of things I hadn't really noticed before: The female characters are really strong and quite...
  6. J

    Plastic counters for use with an RPG?

    I'm working on my RPG, Blade & Crown, and realizing that there's something in combat that would be very handy to track via counters. Probably plastic, in five different colors (blue, green, yellow, orange and red), and with 2-3 lines of text on each. Some specific shapes (kite shield, sword...
  7. J

    Multi-quote not working

    For the past few days, multi-quote has not been working for me. When I click on the icon, it doesn't turn red; when I go into "reply to thread", nothing has been quoted. Standard quoting works just fine, but multi-quote is just so handy, I'd rather use it if possible. I'm using Firefox 3.6.9...
  8. J


    Today's session has been quite a hassle to arrange. Lots of working with Doodle, discussion, checking addresses... and then, just as I'm on my way out the door, I see a message from one of the players that they're not going to make it. One other player had already canceled, so now this hard-won...
  9. J

    A suggestion/possible improvement

    When adding to the list of games I own, I usually use the "Browse by Title" interface. When I find a title I own, it takes three clicks, three page loads and many seconds to actually add a title. I understand that this is because there can frequently be many different things with the same title...
  10. J

    Game Index improvement suggestion

    When listing games I own, I usually use the "Browse by Title" interface. When I find a title I own, it takes three clicks, three page loads and many seconds to actually add a title. I understand that this is because there can frequently be many different things with the same title. However, if...
  11. J

    What would you want in a Road Warrior RPG?

    The Road Warrior (Mad Max 2) was just on TV, and it made me want an RPG set in that kind of world. Great action, post-apoc uncertainty, big morality plays, low budget... It feels like an indie RPG! :) There've been a lot of post-apoc RPGs over the years, but they rarely seem to capture the...
  12. J

    Hero point/reward point/token/bead/compel economies

    A lot of games these days give players ways to influence narrative using some kind of beads/counters/tokens, representing hero points/fate points/whatever. The idea is that the player and GM trade these back and forth, hopefully causing wondrous and amazing things to happen in the process. In...
  13. J

    Dots or numerals?

    On your character sheets, do you prefer to fill in little dots, or to have a numeral (1, 2, 3, etc.) in front of you? Why? I'm designing a game and I'd like to know what people's general preferences are.
  14. J

    A small insight: Essential Extra-legality

    This is probably not new to lots of you, but I had a small insight a couple months ago and finally remembered to write it up. Most RPG settings require extra-legality, super-legality or illegality. Adventurous exploits pretty much require that there is something about the law and normal civil...
  15. J

    Anti-trans arguments

    In the spawned thread about whether or not trans people are required to reveal their trans pasts to potential love interests, several people have advanced the argument that trans women are not, in fact, women. (Trans men have been largely ignored in this argument.) Others have equated being...
  16. J

    [Spoilers] What's Inara's secret?

    I just finished re-watching the series and movie, and I felt like speculating about what Inara's secret is. My first theory was that she's on anagathics. This is nicely in line with Firefly's strong basis in Traveller (the RPG). People always wonder why she looks the same as the last time they...
  17. J

    "You owe me one!" Mechanics for favors in RPGs

    Thinking further from David J Prokopetz's earlier thread, what games are there that have specific mechanics to reflect social obligations such as favors, guilt or shame? I know GURPS and other games like it have Patrons and what-not, but are there games where it could be reduced to a single...
  18. J

    Infinitely re-watchable

    What things are there that you can watch again and again, without ever feeling tired? Or, y'know, within reason -- stuff you can watch once a year and never feel like you're sick of it. For me: Futurama. There are always hidden little gems that I hadn't noticed. Monty Python's Flying Circus. I...
  19. J

    There is no perfect page count.

    Elsewhere, we've got people complaining that (among other things) a game is too big because it's 400 pages. But sometimes, we get people complaining that books are too short. And it isn't just about how detailed vs. how light a game is; it seems like people will complain regardless of how long a...
  20. J

    How to model the difference between a seax and a gladius?

    If you could model any aspects of combat that you wanted, how would you model the difference between a seax and a gladius? I'm trying to allow for both in the system I'm working on, but they end up with very similar characteristics, so much so that there isn't much point in having both, beyond...
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