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  1. DeeCee

    [Interest/Recruitment] Spider City 'Runners (oWoD20th Crossover Kitchen Sink)

    Once again the kernel of an idea got into my head, and won't let go. The idea is a World of Darkness 20th Anniversary (and previous attendant splats, editions, etc) crossover game, but one without the weight of metaplot hanging over our heads, or the need to know every detail of a modern city...
  2. DeeCee

    [IC&OOC] (D&D 5E) From Obscurity to Glorium

    This is the IC and OOC combined thread for "From Obscurity to Glorium", a 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons game set initially in The Outlands, on the planes. The group has heard tell of a Challenge(tm) soon to take place in Glorium, the gate-town to Ysgard in the Outer Planes. The prize consists...
  3. DeeCee

    [Interest/Recruitment] (D&D 5E) From Obscurity to Glorium

    Who A group of starting 1st-level characters. What An overland wilderness voyage, culminating with a Challenge(tm) of combat against a dire opponent. Where The trip begins just outside Axos (a town that hasn't been good to you or anyone), and is supposed to progress through the wilderness of...
  4. DeeCee

    [Interest/Recruitment] (FASERIP) - Smokin' Expendable xXx's

    Smokin' Expendable xXx's ======================== Dipping a little toe back into GMing. The Marvel universe already operates under action movie/comic book laws and tropes. The Marvel Super Hero game (FASERIP version) doubly so. Even non-powereed people can heal up quickly, take damage that...
  5. DeeCee

    [IC/OOC] Marvel FASERIP - SynthFASE

    This is the IC and OOC thread for "SynthFASE" (I may need a better title), a Marvel Super Heroes FASERIP Advanced game, using the Ultimate Powers Book for character generation. It is intended to be newbie-friendly, both to Marvel and to the forum style of play by post. IC and OOC comments will...
  6. DeeCee

    [Interest/Recruitment] SynthFASE - Epic(?) Science Fantasy Powered by FASERIP

    I'm in the mood for some semi-cosmic Marvel spacefaring, but without the cumbersome Marvel continuity. It's the Marvel universe, but probably with little to no big name character interaction. I propose an epic(?) science fantasy game using advanced FASERIP for the rules. Using brand new...
  7. DeeCee

    [Interest/Recruitment] (V20) - "Of Those Who Serve"

    All God's children need traveling shoes Drive your problems from here All good people read good books Now your conscience is clear - Tanita Tikaram "Twist in my Sobriety" THE PITCH: An all-Obertus revenant game in which they have decided to part with the Sabbat. It was inspired by the quote...
  8. DeeCee

    [IC/OOC] oWoD: "Why Are You Not Rocking?"

    They sold you some old line About the greater good and sacrifice ... - Clutch, “50,000 Unstoppable Watts” Welcome to the IC/OOC thread for the tentatively-titled “Why Are You Not Rocking?” - a crossover oWoD Chronicle using mostly v20 rules with whatever other edition mechanics bolted on to the...
  9. DeeCee

    [oWoD Crossover] Interest/Recruitment: Pentex Last Team

    Tradition, honour, glory, duty. A sacred primal background stretching to the mists of prehistory. Some would say a holy mission charged unto thee by the very spirit of Life itself. That ain't you. You are a vat-grown, private-tutored, plausibly-deniable and certainly expendable product of...
  10. DeeCee

    [IC/OOC] D&D 5E: Rise Above

    This is the play thread for Rise Above, a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game for which I recruited here. As I've stated elsewhere, the way in which I run my PbP games is to have both IC and OOC comments in the same thread. I feel that this helps to make it a more tabletop-like atmosphere, and...
  11. DeeCee

    [Interest/Recruitment] D&D 5E: Rise Above (Zeroes to Heroes)

    Nobody takes the old mountain pass road anymore. Nobody, that is, except for your captors. The road cuts through great heights with their everlasting snow, a perpetual winter no matter what the season in the foothills or the plains. Most civilized societies take a dim view of humanoid...
  12. DeeCee

    Gauging Interest/Possible Recruitment: System/Story TBD

    I have Analysis Paralysis. I know that I wish to run a play by post game again, but I am hesitant when it comes to choosing which idea to pursue. I thought that I'd come here to offer up a few possibilities, and see if they tickled anyone's fancy. I DO know that if I don't post something and...
  13. DeeCee

    [IC & OOC] (D&D 5E) Borrow Money, Borrow Chains

    Welcome to the In-Character (IC) and Out-of-Character (OOC) combined thread for Borrow Money, Borrow Chains! As always, folks can see the links in my sig for the style of posting which I use in PbP here; I like to keep it open and fairly casual, with everyone contributing both IC & OOC in the...
  14. DeeCee

    [Interest/Recruitment] D&D 5E: Borrow Money, Borrow Chains

    A new year, potentially a new game. I realized recently that it had been FIVE YEARS since I started to run my last PbP (see .sig), and since things have cooled down work-wise, and because Critical Role has really made me hanker for 5e, I thought that I'd jump in and give it a go. Therefore...
  15. DeeCee

    [IC & OOC] (W:tA) The Orgy in San Berdu IV

    Continuing on from the last thread.
  16. DeeCee

    [Dominion] Rules Interpretation Question

    Well, it's more a question of interpreting the card text. I was in a game of dominion tonight, wherein an opponent played Golem. Her two revealed action cards were Alchemist and...something else, I'm not sure which. She decided to play Alchemist first, as is her prerogative, and drew 2...
  17. DeeCee

    [IC & OOC] (W:tA) The Orgy in San Berdu III

    OOC: The other thread was getting a bit long; starting this to play nice with the forum software.
  18. DeeCee

    Request for Thread Lock

    Hey guys, my IC/OOC thread for my Werewolf game is now up over 900 posts, so I've started a second thread. Would you please be so kind as to close the first? It's here: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=530727 Thanks!
  19. DeeCee

    [IC & OOC] (W:tA) The Orgy in San Berdu II

    OOC: Continuing from the first thread here.
  20. DeeCee

    International Comics: Expose Yourselves!

    A friend recently made the suggestion that for Christmas, the group of us should trade series, or series-arcs, of comics. It's a good idea, I think, but the problem for me is in finding comics that they (being comics geeks of the highest order) have not seen. I have a few ideas for North...
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