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  1. Greg 1

    Biggest Supposed Discontinuities in Sci-Fi Franchises (no defenses!)

    Sometimes, franchises are accused, rightly or wrongly, of contradicting themselves. In extreme cases, this can lead people to complain that it's not really the same universe, show, or character any more. Changes in emphasis or tone (more whackiness or drama for instance) can also lead to...
  2. Greg 1

    IC GURPS Dungeon Fantasy: For the Love of Treasure

    The Serpent's Head Tavern, Titan's Fork The large and prosperous trading town of Titan’s Fork stands at a fork in the swift-flowing Great-Barrier River. Flowing west from the Giantholm Mountains, the river splits into the Gracewater, running south-east to the feudal kingdoms of the Pennant...
  3. Greg 1

    OOC GURPS Dungeon Fantasy: For the Love of Treasure

    This is the OOC thread for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy: For the Love of Treasure The wiki is here: https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/For_the_Love_of_Treasure/Main_Page Our avaricious adventurers are: [https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/For_the_Love_of_Treasure/Gregg Dannelley, Human Knight]...
  4. Greg 1

    [Recruitment] Ongoing GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Campaign

    We already have four characters for the campaign For the Love of Treasure, but it would be nice to have a couple more. The Wiki is here :https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/For_the_Love_of_Treasure/Main_Page The party will include my niece, who is 17, and her mother, who is primarily there because...
  5. Greg 1

    [Recruitment] GURPS Old West: Short Combat-Heavy Game: A Handful of Dollars

    The year is 1884. It’s been three years since the Clancy gang shot the sheriff of Dry Run, Arizona, and took over the town. Three years of brutality, abuse, murder. Now the townsfolk have pooled what’s left of their savings to bring in some hired guns to clean up the town. Strap on your guns...
  6. Greg 1

    [Interest] Short Combat-Heavy GURPS Game Interest Poll

    I need to brush up on the GURPS combat rules so I want to run a short combat-focused GURPS game. You won’t just be fighting. I want roleplaying and all that good stuff, because it’s a lot more fun that way. And the game will be long enough that there will be more than one combat. Please let me...
  7. Greg 1

    How Would Feng Shui 2 Work for a Pure Martial Arts Game?

    The title says it all - How would Feng Shui 2 work for a pure martial arts game? Say, for instance, that I wanted to run something like a Kung Fu movie?
  8. Greg 1

    [Recruitment] [GURPS Vikings One-Shot] Looking for More Players

    The game has started, but a couple of players dropped out and one has had to take a break to deal with real life, so we are looking for more players! There's still time to win yourself glory and a place in Valhalla! So far, we have a lawspeaker, a skald (bard) and a gigantic woodsman. Here's...
  9. Greg 1

    [Interest] Potential Ongoing GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Campaign

    In about two weeks, it's possible that I'll be looking to set up an open-ended GURPS Dungeon Fantasy campaign. The thing is, the point of running the game is to have a game for my niece, a young adult just starting university, and her mother, who has no great love of RPGs, but likes to play...
  10. Greg 1

    [Poll] Single "class" parties

    Some campaigns or game-lines take character types that in other games woud be one class among many, and make them the focus of the game. So, for instance, in old school dungeon-crawling, a wizard is one character type among many. But you could run a wizard-only party, or even play a game like...
  11. Greg 1

    [Poll] What sort of party for a historical game?

    What sort of party would you most like to be in in a historical game? I won't define "historical", but it should at least be low magic enough to pass as reality, and the PCs should be lacking in supernatural powers. Vote for as many as you like.
  12. Greg 1

    Everybody is a Ninja!

    Every PCs in the game you are running will be a ninja! What system do you use and why? Does it make a difference to your choice whether the game has wild cinematic action or is more grounded in reality?
  13. Greg 1

    🎨 Creative The goblin horde charges, weapons drawn!

    The goblin horde charges, weapons drawn! What does your character do? Don't spare us the cool details! [Note: This is not a play by post. It's a chance to tell us about your PC, whether it's one you've actually played or one that you would like to play.]
  14. Greg 1

    IC Glory of the Svartrsung

    Norway. 939 A.D. Jarl Olafir the Swineherd of the Svartrsung sends word to all the scattered farmsteads. Jarl Brynjar One-Eye of the Gunnardung has challenged the clans to a great contest at his mighty hall Seggrhalla, by the little coastal town of Fiskrfjordr. Over the course of three days...
  15. Greg 1

    OOC Glory of the Svartrsung

    The wesbsite: https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Glory_of_the_Svartrsung The setup: Norway. 939 A.D. Jarl Olafir the Swineherd of the Svartrsung sends word to all the scattered farmsteads. Jarl Brynjar One-Eye of the Gunnardung has challenged the clans to a great contest at his mighty hall...
  16. Greg 1

    I need to build!

    I've built empires in Civilization and Total War Games. I have almost certainly played any major space-empire game that isn't too new. I had fun building a base in Fallout Shelter. Help me find other good games where I get to build and be constructive.
  17. Greg 1

    🎨 Creative What does your "cyberpunk" gun say?

    I'm not going to argue over what "cyberpunk" is. I'm thinking of Cyberpunk 2020 and Shadowrun as the touchstones, but if you think your weapon is appropriate for a "cyberpunk" world, go ahead and post it. Everyone knows that style is what's really improtant when picking out a weapon. Invent...
  18. Greg 1

    🎨 Creative 101 Civilian Mass-Produced "Cyberpunk" Vehicles

    Let's have a bunch of vehicles for a "cyberpunk" world. I won't argue over the definition of "cyberpunk". I'm thinking of worlds something like Cyberpunk 2020 or Shadowrun, but if you think that your vehicle fits a "cyberpunk" world, it's appropriate. It has to be a civilian, mass-produced...
  19. Greg 1

    Alts for Alpha Clone Eve

    Since Eve is now free for Alpha clones, I thought I'd give it a try again. I read that it is possible to make a living doing PvP through faction war, but that it's good to have a money-making alt on the side to support you. I was making a station trader alt when I realized just how much it...
  20. Greg 1

    🎨 Creative Cthulhu Mythos Dungeon Fantasy

    How would you run dungeon fantasy in the universe of the Cthulhu Mythos? What changes would you make to the standard tropes? Note that the setting has to actually work for dungeon fantasy (however you conceive it). If you have to set it in some crazy corner of the dreamlands for that to happen...
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