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  1. farseerixirvost

    Unity RPG .....

    As the type with VERY limited time, a bestiary *AND* an adventure or campaign would be ideal for me to get it off the shelf and do something with it.
  2. farseerixirvost

    System for Bloodborne?

    There's LexOccultum by Riot Minds. Fragged Aternum has the immortal bit, LexO does not. https://www.riotminds.se/product-category/lexoccultum/
  3. farseerixirvost

    Games which use cards as a resolution mechanism

    Beat me to it. The game works using a hand of cards. You choose what to play from your hand when, so it removes randomness while still maintaining potential failure (via low cards). The depletion of cards/hand represents the character running out of steam. Hand refreshes after each major...
  4. farseerixirvost

    Compare and Contrast (mostly contrast) Tales from the Loop & Things from the Flood

    So then they both feature kids as PCs? Or is there an age difference between the two?
  5. farseerixirvost

    Compare and Contrast (mostly contrast) Tales from the Loop & Things from the Flood

    Self explanatory, really, but what makes Tales from the Loop and Things from the Flood different?
  6. farseerixirvost

    [Star Wars d6] awesome one-shot or old module

    Thanks for the necro @SibKhatru. GREAT read for those of us who picked up the 30th Anniversary re-print!
  7. farseerixirvost

    New Numenera Books

    Core mechanics are barely changed. Discovery is the main book and replaces the earlier core rulebook. It has game rules and the same 3 classes. Existing 3 classes got revised to be more unique and less 1-sided. You can play the game with only Discovery; you CANNOT play the game with only the...
  8. farseerixirvost

    Sell me (or not) on Modern AGE

    I'm a fan of the dice mechanics and stunt aspect of the game. It is very too kit-ey system right up there with Savage Worlds and Genesys, so really can do anything. Free RPG day in 2 weekends features a new quickstart and a brand new setting (that will be released in September). I suspect...
  9. farseerixirvost

    It's 2019, what system would you use for a game about angels and demons?

    I'd use the latest Savage Worlds Adventurer's Edition. It is tool kit-ey enough to have whatever you need.
  10. farseerixirvost

    Looking for combat based fantasy game

    I just picked up The Witcher. Literally arrived in mail today. Combat has maneuvers for offense and defense. Hit location matters. But I also don't get the impression that it's so detailed that it bogs the game down. It seems to hit every letter in your list. Skills. Check. Magic. Check...
  11. farseerixirvost

    Hearts of Wulin, a new wuxia rpg

    Not entirely sure this will be my jam, but as soon as I saw Lowell Francis' name as co-creator, I figured I could spare $30.
  12. farseerixirvost

    [Recommend] RPG for Dark Fantasy?

    LexOccultum seems to be what you're looking for. Europe, the 18th century. The church is losing its grip on men struggling with old beliefs and dogmas. Alchemists, occultists, and secret societies dig deep into old mysteries and ancient obscurities. The Enlightenment is not only about breaking...
  13. farseerixirvost

    Player questions for a session zero (input on setting)

    Basically what I was going to say. I very much enjoyed a YouTube video Session 0 of an Urban Shadows game where each player gave 1-2 locations for the city. Difference was some were that PC's hang out or they frequented it.
  14. farseerixirvost

    Free RPG Day 2019 Any Plans to Run a Game?

    I'm not inspired by this year's offerings. So I'm thinking I'll run a 5e 3rd party thing (SciFi Esper Genesis or Cyberpunk Carbon 2185) or something using the new Savage Worlds ruleset. Shadow of the Beanstalk is also high on my list. Part of it depends on having physical product (which Carbon...
  15. farseerixirvost

    Cyberpunk RED discussion thread - latest OFFICIAL news (including release date)

    Very interesting. I was not aware R. Talsorian was planning a new version of CP. Thanks for sharing!
  16. farseerixirvost

    Best system for a semi-heroic supernatural japanese horror campaign?

    Kuro is modern/near-future cyberpunk + J-horror. Sadly out of print I believe, but PDF still available at DriveThruRPG. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/238822/Kuro-english There's 2 expansions to it. And I have a QSR, but this one didn't (quickly) pop up in my DTRPG search (maybe I got...
  17. farseerixirvost

     Single Book RPG Recommendations

    Numenera 1 nailed the 1-book deal. I'd argue that Numenera Discovery still does. Destiny is a 2nd core book with additional classes and options, but not at all necessary. Discovery has setting, character generation & advancement (plus rules to make your own options), mechanics, GM advice...
  18. farseerixirvost

    Cyberpunk for PbtA and Fate

    Uprising: The Dystopian Universe is a FATE cyberpunk game, but seems to diverge a good bit from traditional FATE format and bring in many PBTA and/or Blades in the Dark concepts (playbooks, plan-do-outcome/results session format). I'm not an expert in any of these rule sets, though, so could be...
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