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  1. Donald Stone

    [MCU] Spider-man: Far from home (I has seen it) (Spoilers)

    Tony played ‘Shoot to Thrill’ in Berlin. This has been your daily pedantic point.
  2. Donald Stone

    [Wrestlepack] Discussion XI: Inevitable Overbooked Heel Turn

    So at this point what’s the over/under on the return of Vince Russo?
  3. Donald Stone

    [Wrestlepack] Discussion XI: Inevitable Overbooked Heel Turn

    I don’t know. That article also say Uncle Paul has been chiefly responsible for the angles for Brock and Rhonda.
  4. Donald Stone

    Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer

    There are plenty of in-world ways they could make the shooting easier. Not super up on the rpg but I assume smart links are a thing? Just make it work like the SMART Gun from Titanfall* and you’re good. *for those that didn’t play TF the SMART Gun was cool. When you pulled the trigger it would...
  5. Donald Stone

    Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer

    Oh, a variable reticle is fine with me. Hell, it’s been a staple of Halo and Call of Duty for many games. At least that communicates to the player what their chances are during play and you can act appropriately.
  6. Donald Stone

    Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer

    As a regular FPS player, I do find the whole ‘your shots will hit or not depending on random chance’ bit some first person rpg’s do really annoying. I prefer that I hit what my reticule on. There’s plenty of other stuff they can use to progress a character.
  7. Donald Stone

    Avengers: Engame (SPOILERS) - Speculate re: Cap's Life

    Personally, I don’t agree with the folks who say Cap obviously became superhero again because that’s who he is. Because I felt Endgame was all about Steve Rogers learning that it was okay to lay down the shield and retire. Besides, as Steve once said trying to end a war before it starts never...
  8. Donald Stone

    YouTube Steps Up Anti-Supremacist Enforcement Efforts

    It kind of seems that we’re already there.
  9. Donald Stone

    [MCU] Rumor Thread: It was the dawning of the 4th Phase [Contains Endgame Spoilers]

    I don’t disagree about the times. I just disagree that everyone had the same values. I mean, Star Trek was of that time as well. So it’s not hard for me to imagine a family of science explorers who believe in things like equality and such.
  10. Donald Stone

    [MCU] Rumor Thread: It was the dawning of the 4th Phase [Contains Endgame Spoilers]

    Granted I wasn’t there, but I don’t think everyone in the ‘60’s was sexist and racist. Most? Sure. But not everyone.
  11. Donald Stone

    What's your dream MCU crossover?

    Ever since the first season of JJ introduced Nuke I’ve wanted to see Netflix’s version of ‘Born Again’ with special appearance by Chris Evans as Cap.
  12. Donald Stone

    All New All Different MCU Rumor Thread

    IIR T’Challa tells Zemo “The living are not through with you.” as he stops Zemo from killing himself. Which to me is T’Challa telling Zemo he’s not getting off that easily.
  13. Donald Stone

    All New All Different MCU Rumor Thread

    Heh. I just started watching Critical Role a few months ago so it caught me by surprise when I was rewatching Avengers and suddenly there’s Ashley.
  14. Donald Stone

    Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker Teaser Trailer

    That laugh at the end... Could we see ghost Jedi vs ghost Sith?
  15. Donald Stone

    All New All Different MCU Rumor Thread

    A:E marks the end of a huge chapter of films 10 years in the making. In this case I’m okay with them taking a little extra time.
  16. Donald Stone

    What should Marvel do with the MCU Doom

    To me, the most important part of Doom is that he be dramatic, menacing, and hate Richards. Everything else is secondary. I like the idea of the F4 being folks from the 60's who are just returning now (I realize they've used that sort of device before with bot Cap's to a certain extent, but...
  17. Donald Stone

    Are You Afraid of the Dark film adaptation

    I watched a lot of the show as a youth, and for some reason the gimmick of tossing a handful of (I assume some kind of flash powder?) into a campfire to start your tale has stuck with far more that any of the actual stories have.
  18. Donald Stone

    [Brightburn] New Trailer

    That’s my take . ‘It’s Superman but evil’ is a pretty common thing in comics, but I can’t recall any movies that have tried to tell that story. Looking at it as a horror movie and not a superhero movie it seems to cover the same beats as one of the various ‘kid possessed by demons’ movies we...
  19. Donald Stone

    Chris Hemsworth Is Hulk Hogan As Santa With Muscles In Mr. Nanny 2!

    By all accounts Ragnarok revitalized his interest in playing Thor, so I could see him signing up for another one.
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