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    What is the most "heretical" house rule you've ever instituted?

    I was recently having a Facebook discussion about the effect of using 3d6 instead of 1d20 in 5e games. Reaction was decidedly mixed, as you can imagine! It got me thinking about what other fundamentally game-changing house rules might be out there. What are some that you have used or seen? What...
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    Challenge: how could these dice be used with d20 games?

    I'm about to launch a second Kickstarter for the dice in the image below. I would like to include some house rule ideas for using the dice, specifically with d20 games such as Pathfinder and D&D 5e. I'm not against a 3d6 mechanic replacing the d20. But I'm open to any & all suggestions. Thanks!
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    [Heroquest Glorantha] what is it like in play?

    For those who have the HQ: Glorantha, I would like to hear your thoughts on how it plays at the table. I have the book, and know it is supposed to mimic the style, pacing, and outcomes of heroic fiction & movies rather than anything simulationist, but the mechanics strike me as obstructing those...
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    Looking for help on this house rule/mod.

    I've been playing around with giving unique benefits to specific race/class combinations. For example: Dwarf Wizard Dwarf wizards may brand their body with runes containing spells from their spellbook. They may cast the spell from a given rune without expending a spell slot. This “rune casting”...
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    Sell me/unsell me on The Fantasy Trip

    All I know about TFT is that it has some GURPS DNA in it. Tell me more!
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    [5e] favorite house rules & tweaks

    In a complete ripoff of this thread, what are your favorite 5e house rules? I'm trying out something I call the Boss Die, where, during "boss" encounters (usually the big bad monster at the end of most sessions), each player rolls 1d4. Somewhat similar to the escalation die in 13th Age, the...
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    Do you own DCC dice?

    Dungeon Crawl Classics uses d3, d5, d7, d14, d16, and d24 dice in addition to the standard d4, d6,d8,d10,d12, and d20 most of us are used to. Do you own any or all of these dice? If so, do you use them for RPGs other than DCC? Or do you just collect dice?
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    What old school adventures have been 'updated' to d20?

    I have Tales From the Yawning Portal, a collection of adventures from previous editions updated to 5e. Are there any other older adventures that have been updated? Specifically, I'm looking for pre-3e adventures converted to 3e or 5e.
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    Has the Traveler chargen system inspired any other RPGs?

    Has there ever been an RPG that uses a character generation system inspired by the original Traveler system, with characters attempting to be accepted into different branches of the military or organizations? I'm thinking of designing a fantasy RPG where, during chargen, players roll to see if...
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    What is the best fantasy RPG based on 3.x?

    Pathfinder? Iron Heroes? Arcana Evolved? D&D 3.5? Something else? What fantasy RPG using 3.x rules as its foundation do you feel is best?
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    Is there an RPG where players lay out "dungeon rooms" on their turn?

    I know there are RPGs that don't require a GM. Do any of them have a mechanic where each player has a stack of "dungeon cards" featuring rooms, corridors, monsters, features, etc, and players lay a new card down on each of their turns until something triggers an event? I'm probably not doing a...
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    "Fixing" OD&D's combat system

    I was reading OD&D and was puzzled by its seeming assumption that the default combat system was Chainmail, the miniatures game developed by Gary Gygax prior to D&D. Combat values are given as "Man+1, Hero, Hero +1," etc. If you don't have Chainmail, these things make zero sense. Even if you do...
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    Are there any RPGs that reward low attributes?

    I was looking over WOTC's 2003 'Unearthed Arcana' and was intrigued by an optional system whereby you gained benefits for traits that would normally be associated with low attributes. For example, 'torpid' gives you a bonus against enchantment (compulsion) effects. It lead me to wonder if there...
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    Help me understand EGG's "Chainmail"

    I've got the wonderful special edition OD&D box set that WOTC released a few years ago. The default combat system in OD&D assumes you've got the original "Chainmail" miniatures game. Each class's Fighting Capability refers to things like "Man," "Hero," and "Super Hero." A 6th level Fighting Man...
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    What's the name of this OSR fanzine?

    In looking at other fanzines in preparation for my Black Dragon 'zine, I came across one that really sparked my interest. It was all hand drawn & written, full of gonzo ideas (I think there was a new class that was essentially a chainmail bikini clad warrior). I can't remember the name of it...
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    *Kickstarter* Black Dragon: old school creamy goodness!

    Hi everyone! I would be deeply honored if you would consider supporting my Kickstarter campaign for my OSR 'zine called "Black Dragon." It's a throwback to the early 1980s 'zines you would see at RPG conventions. This issue contains a tavern generation system, an article about dwarven magic, a...
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    Looking for feedback on OSR Kickstarter page

    I'm not sure if this is the proper forum to post this, so admins, please move it if it isn't. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on this Kickstarter campaign page before I launch it (later this week). It's for an OSR 'zine called Black Dragon. Thanks!
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    Pre 3e D&D: mages in armor not casting spells?

    I posted a thread on a 1e AD&D Facebook group, asking what things Magic-Users in their campign do to survive those dangerous early levels. There was one response that struck me. It suggested that the MU should wear armor and not worry about casting spells from memory, but concentrate on using...
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    How does current Traveller compare to the 1983 starter set?

    I just picked up the pdf of the 1983 Traveller starter set on Drivethru (for free!). I played the heck out of that game back in the mid-1980s before I stupidly traded the box set to someone. Looking over this pdf, I'm struck by how good the game is. It's simple, clean, and fast. The only issue...
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    Black Dragon: an Advanced 2e that never was

    Black Dragon, an RPG inspired by 2nd edition AD&D, is coming to Kickstarter later this month! Black Dragon is part of Kickstarter’s ‘Zine Quest initiative during the month of February. This idea, spearheaded by Burning Wheel’s Luke Crane, is designed to create a return to the...
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