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    Mythical Divine Kung Fu in RPG?

    Recently I've been reading the lore parts of Weapons of the Gods RPG and I fell in love with the descriptions of the kung fu that gods and other mythical beings practiced. Stuff such as walking on beams of sunlight and flames, a strike that brings one's story to its conclusion, fights that take...
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    Qwixalted for Exalted 3e

    I was recently thinking what kind of updates would Qwixalted need in the wake of Exalted 3ed. Not to mirror the changes in mechanics, necessarily - using the new philosophy of combat would probably need a major rewrite - but to reflect the changes in the setting and fiction. There are some...
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    Superheroic World Generation

    Generating random or semirandom worlds is a hooby of mine. For some time I've been thinking about making a superheroic universe (or more than one) from scratch via random character generators that are present in so many superheroic games (I was considering the classic Marvel RPG, although which...
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    [Mage: The Awakening] Old books and the new edition

    Seeing as drivethrurpg has a great sale for the three main lines of CofD, I am considering buying some older Mage books. However, I am not sure how much they work with the new Second Edition of M:tAw. I know that Left-Hand Path is a sort of a bridge between editions, but what about the others...
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    Qwixalted - a question to those who played it

    As a relative Exalted noob, I only recently discovered Qwixalted. It seems pretty awesome, but one thing is bugging me. Even the least competent Exalted (Trait at 1) with enormous complications against them always has 50% chance of succeeding, and even a moderate competence leads to a huge...
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    Mage: The Exalted

    I’ve had a little idea I wanted to share with you. It’s about mixing Mage: the Awakening’s setting with an Exalted feeling and style. The premise would go something like this: Nobody remembers when the Fall occured. Most do not even know it did, and for them this Fallen reality is all that...
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    Looking for an Eastern (non-)martial arts game

    There is a romanticised and spiritual view of Eastern martial arts that is prevalent in popular culture. You know the drill - wuxia, great masters wandering the land, intricately named kung-fu techniques, brave fighters competing for honour, gain and rightousness, a connection between martial...
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    [Mage: The Ascension] A paradigms question

    There's a thing that's been bugging me for quite some time and I wanted to ask you wise rpgnetters to help me sort it out. As far as I understand, mages in M:tAs are able to use Magick because (among other reasons) they believe very much in a specific vision of how the world works and how it...
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