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    Navigating Marvel Unlimited

    Please excuse me if this is way simpler than I think it is . . . How does one go about navigating Marvel Unlimited when looking for specific issues? I've been wanting to go back and find some of my favorites from my youth but for the life of me I can't find a search function capable of what I...
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    (Marvel Heroic) Sources of Milestones?

    Anyone have a lead on a source of original MHR milestone write ups? I've gone through a number of sites in the past, as well as the game books, looking for Milestones that can be repurposed and while I've found many, they're just not getting the job done. (I've tried Marvel Plot Points in the...
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    Thousand Suns Bundle at DriveThruRPG

    FYI, there's a Thousand Suns bundle at DriveThruRPG that contains the core book, Starships, the Five Stars sourcebook/adventure, a PDF character sheet and Issue 1 of the Imperio fanzine, all for $20USD. (Regular price for the lot is ~$30). Take a look here...
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    [PS4] Opinions on Spider-Man?

    I'm curious what people think of the new Spider-Man game. It occurred to me that this might be something for my Xmas list.
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    Shadow, Sword and Spell: Opinions?

    Anyone have any experience with or opinions regarding Shadow, Sword and Spell from Rogue Games? There seems to be precious little coverage on the Net re the game.
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    Secret City

    Did anyone catch this on Netflix? I just finished it last night and was wondering what others thought. (Please hide any spoilers in deference to those who haven't see it/seen it all).
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    Thought Experiment: Same Hero, Different Systems

    With all of the threads in recent months about supers games I thought it might be interesting to pose the following: given a set of general parameters, what would the same superhero look like in different game systems? I’ll avoid anyone I personally know to already exist in the Marvel or DC...
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    Thor: Ragnarok Has Made It To Netflix

    I was very happy to see this movie appear on the Netflix list yesterday as I eagerly look forward to re-watching it. :) Especially the first 15 minutes or so.
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    (Marvel Heroic) SFX and Limits for Watcher Characters?

    Does anyone know of a listing of SFX and Limits for Marvel Heroic tailored for Watcher characters? I have a nifty one for PC Datafiles and am looking for an equivalent (if it exists). Thanks!
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    [Marvel Heroic] Earning XP From Other Than Milestones

    I'm curious as to how other folks have used/awarded XP based on something other than Milestones. Milestones have never had much traction with my group and with a new game coming up I thought I might check here and see what others have done. Cheers!
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    [Marvel Heroic] Looking for Players in the Laurel/Glen Burnie MD Area

    I'm looking to start a game of Marvel Heroic one weekend a month beginning, hopefully, this January. The actual day, (Saturday or Sunday), time and location is currently up for grabs as it's player dependent. (I'm leaning toward meeting at Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie; the Savage Public...
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    DC Universe Online - Opinions?

    With the demise of Marvel Heroes Omega I'm looking around for another superhero game, preferably one that is free. DCUO qualifies so I'm wondering what people think of it. I downloaded it to my PS4 and played a few minutes but I'd appreciate any insight from others who've spent time on it. Thanks.
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    Need Help Identifying Book Series

    I have a dim recollection from elementary school in the early 70s of a series of books that centered around two brothers who investigated various mysteries. There were something like five books, at most, that had black or otherwise dark covers and a few full color, full page illustrations inside...
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    [Leverage] Who goes first? Who goes next?

    I can neither recall or find any mention in the Leverage rules regarding the order in which characters act. I realize that the game is heavily narrative driven and so it's probably a simple a matter of whatever serves the plot best but I thought I'd ask. Thanks!
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    [Marvel Heroes Omega] Thoughts on console version?

    I've been playing Marvel Heroes Omega on my PS4 for a little while now and thought I'd start a thread specific to the console version. (As opposed to the PC version). Randomly . . . I miss being able to play the Vision. I hope he'll be added in later. I would have loved to try out each of...
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    [Doctor Who - Series 10] Is it my imagination or has it improved?

    I haven't caught more than a handful of episodes, and so have stayed somewhat away from the episode-by-episode critiques, but my overall impression of the current series is that it is much improved over the last one. Don't get me wrong, it's still the Doctor, but the stories seem better written...
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    [Glen Burnie MD] Marvel Heroic Roleplaying One Shot

    I'm trying to gauge interest in a one time* game of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying tentatively scheduled for 02 APR at Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie MD, start time of 2:00 PM. The scenario I have in mind is a variant of the Breakout event from the core book. Anyone interested can PM me here or email...
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    Marvel Fiction

    Are there any print, non-comic, books out there for the Marvel Universe? I'm not talking novelizations of the movies but entirely new stories. My wife is interested in such things but doesn't like comics/graphic novels. Thanks!
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    What's Your Favorite Game?

    It's as simple as the subject line suggests, what's your favorite game? Tells us why this is so. Or amusing anecdotes from your games. Or favorite character. Or whatever. :)
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    [Marvel Heroic] LTTP - Stats for Captain America: Civil War Supers?

    Like the subject says, can anyone point me to a thread here, or elsewhere, where stats for characters in the movie might be? I did a search here but no joy. Thanks!
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