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  1. Sage Genesis

    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    Can confirm, this strategy works.
  2. Sage Genesis

    Annotating Advantage/Disadvantage?

    Does your system use other dice types besides D6?
  3. Sage Genesis

    OOC Morgrave High: Passing Marks 15: Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal!

    Man, this is D&D. Lots of people are "dead" but that doesn't stop them from bothering us. Xali assumes her rogue's gallery will keep coming back from the dead for more sequels, reboots, and spin-offs. But fine: http://orokos.com/roll/748608 Result of 22.
  4. Sage Genesis

    [Pathfinder 2e] why add levels?

    As an educated guess, they probably don't think "keep the numbers smaller" is a laudable goal in and of itself. To compare with 5e, if you take a 1st level character and level them up to 4, the difference in almost any given skill is... absolutely fucking nothing. (We're assuming the level 4...
  5. Sage Genesis

    IC Morgrave High: Passing Marks 7

    Xali gives Elzabeth a look. "You think I know where Fleshbinder is right now? Or where he lives? If we knew that then we would summon help and burn his place down. I know the name Dire Bat Girl makes people think I am world-greatest inquisitive, but is not so. Yet. We are talking about an evil...
  6. Sage Genesis

    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    Gynosphinx. Ah wait, we already had this question. https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/the-ad-d-pbp-trivia-game.848273/post-22670651
  7. Sage Genesis

    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    Curse. That's why my Paladin wasn't immune to it. *grumblegrumble*
  8. Sage Genesis

    Best Mechanics to Steal from Non-D&D Games

    Frankly I don't think "bounded accuracy" is the correct phrase for any D&D or D&D-alike, save perhaps for Dungeon World. Which is only D&D-alike in terms of themes, not mechanics.
  9. Sage Genesis

    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    No idea. But. It can't be coins, those have a set value. Appraisal is simply counting. Ancient coins should still be easy enough, like any other unorthodox coin you can value them by material and weight. And since B was already guessed, I'll go for A.
  10. Sage Genesis

    Hyper Light Drifter RPG announced!

    First thought: Hyper Light Drifter? And it's not April first?! Hell yeah! Second thought: Uh... but wait hang on a sec. That's a single-player videogame based on platforming and timing and finding secrets. And a strongly implied-through-visuals setting. How the heck...? Look, I want this to be...
  11. Sage Genesis

    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    And just for fun let's take a look at the 20th level Wizards. Spells of level.. 1: 50 minutes 2: 100 3: 150 4: 200 5: 250 6: 240 7: 210 8: 240 9: 180 Is 1620 minutes = 27 hours. So yeah, a full day of memorizing won't even cut it. Man. Who knew being a wizard could be so boring?
  12. Sage Genesis

    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    In sequence that's Priests, Warriors, Wizards, and Rogues. So D it is.
  13. Sage Genesis

    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    10 minutes per spell level. I think a 20th level Mage can't even prepare all of their spells in a single day. :p
  14. Sage Genesis

    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    I know Blind-fighting is one, so it's got to be B.
  15. Sage Genesis

    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    Probably attack rolls then?
  16. Sage Genesis

    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    Penalty to movement, to AC, and to... uh.. initiative?
  17. Sage Genesis

    D&D Using Japanese Light Novel Tropes?

    Yeah I've played/run several games with explicit tropes like that. Works fine and it's pretty fun! OK, we mostly played with the guild and world tropes, not the from-another-world/isekai one. Although admittedly if you play Planescape... then it's all from-another-world, isn't it? :p
  18. Sage Genesis

    The XKCD Unpopular Positive Opinion Challenge

    That has 52% though.
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