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    [GUMSHOE] Questions and Concerns about Running GUMSHOE

    You can use the NBA rules to make something like a crusading journalist who's an expert hacker and really well connected, or a Medicins Sans Frontiers doctor who spends her time volunteering in war zones and happens to be an olympic-level biathlon competitor in her spare time - not quite spies...
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    Dracula Dossier - Converted to Call of Cthulhu

    Edom would predate PISCES - Edom starts up in the 1890s, so you'd be folding PISCES into Edom. Or have Edom be taken over by PISCES when PISCES starts up.
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    [Star Trek] Further Picard Details

    Given the heavy Data references, could the mysterious woman be another android? Or a rebooted Lal?
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    Dracula Dossier - Converted to Call of Cthulhu

    Dracula Dossier's steeped in Night's Black Agents rules elements, so even if you're not using the NBA GUMSHOE rules, you should take a look at those rules for concepts like Heat, the Conspyramid/Vampyramid, vampire abilities and so on. As for converting it to Call... it's doable. You would need...
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    NBA: Persephone Extraction- starting premise (Spoilers)

    The first adventure does assume that it's not the start of your Night's Black Agents campaign - it assume they know that vampires and the Conspiracy exist, even if they don't know the full nature of either. (You could segue from (S)Entries in the core book straight into Persephone, if you want a...
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    [13th Age] I may be running Eyes of the Stone Thief soon, and I'm looking for some pointers.

    Make Your Own Luck is available as part of the 13th Age Monthly Bundle, Volume 1, for those looking for it. I'll echo what's been said before - don't feel you have to run the whole thing. Tailor it to your group and to your campaign. Look for ways to make your players *hate* the dungeon - the...
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    [Let's learn] 13th Age

    No One Unique Things? (I know, not really relevant for a fight, but still super-fun...)
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    Handling 13th Icons in a virgin territory

    I think I'd probably make the choosing of Icons a thing that happens at Champion tier. So, in your opening adventurers, you introduce the PCs to lots of powers and factions. Then, when the players hit level 5 or whatever, let them pick their relationships with these powers - and that defines who...
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    How to do the megadungeon

    Partly because it'd be semi-pointless, given the structure of the dungeon. Part of the joy of random encounters is fitting them into the existing map - an encounter where you run into 1d4 trolls is very different if it happens in a narrow corridor, or in an open cave, or near a pool of lava. As...
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    [Star Trek: Discovery] Such Sweet Sorrow Part 2 - Spoilers

    The writing continues to annoy me hugely. One example from this episode: *lots of shuttles and pods launch from Enterprise and Discovery* GEORGIOU to LELAND: "By my count, we have over 200 vessels, and you have only 30." It's delivered as if it's this crushing below, but it makes absolutely no...
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    Pirates of Drinax - experiences, tips, suggestions

    The initial setup is only one part of the problem, though. Substituting the Batarians for the Imperium, the humans for the Aslan and the Asari for the Empire of Sindal/Kingdom of Drinax might yield the "fragment of ancient empire trapped between an established power and a hungry expansionist...
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    Pirates of Drinax - experiences, tips, suggestions

    If you want to convert it to Mass Effect.... strip it for parts, to be honest. The Drinax plot sort of requires ancient human empires and space feudalism, neither of which fit comfortably into Mass Effect.
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    Mutant City Blues 1st vs. 2nd edition

    The setting's unchanged, apart from a few bits of terminology - it's a rules update.
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    ST: Discovery - how is it this season?

    First half was good; Captain Pike is great. The last few episodes, though, I've found laughably bad, relying on the characters being idiots or absurdly arbitrary handwavium.
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    [Let's Read] AC9: Creature Catalogue (and DMR2)

    Anecdote time: long, long ago, in my very first D&D campaign, I wrote up what was supposed to be an epic hivebrood adventure. The PCs were ambassadors of Darokin, sent to this obscure little kingdom I'd created. Secretly, the kingdom had been taken over by hive brood (who were using special...
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    [The One Ring] Any news on Moria?

    Nope. I'm writing Moria for TOR first, and then handing it over for conversion. Moria is still in progress; other projects got moved ahead of it, and I don't have any clue on a release date. But it's coming. Think of it like the caves of the Glittering Caves of Aglarond, where each word is a...
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    Best. Modules. Ever.

    Yes, citizen, your higher clearance will absolutely protect you when you open the submarine's sunroof at a depth of 20,000 ft. Pressure, drowning and darkness always respect security clearance levels.
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    How do RPG writers get paid?

    If I'm writing a chunk of a book, it'll be a per-word rate. If I'm managing a book (outlining it, assigning bits to freelancers, developing and editing it), there'll be a per-project fee When I was with Mongoose, I got a monthly salary, with an agreed word count that I had to hit each month With...
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    [Let's learn] 13th Age

    If I was your GM, I'd try to develop that OUT and backgrounds with you. Are you the ONLY person who's ever been pardoned by the Emperor? Are you the only person who's ever committed that crime? What makes it Unique, as opposed to mildly unusual? Does Prisoner of the Emperor mean you were held in...
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    Books We Are Reading 2019 [merged]

    Yay! Thank you!
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