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  1. Insect King

    [Request] Is there a Spanish-speaking Mexican person in the room?

    Hey there, I am preparing to run the new Delta Green. I've set it in the middle of the Mexican drug war and while I've done a lot of reading, I need to ask a variety of questions about Latin Mexicana, the Calderon's ongoing drug war, and how to yell at people in Spanish. Can any of you help me...
  2. Insect King

    [Fate of the Norns] Lords of the Ash and The Illuminated Edda

    Hey all, I haven't heard anything about these two Fate of the Norns products in a while and the only reveals have been for Kickstarter backers so is there any news on their progress? Cheers, Chris.
  3. Insect King

    [Traveller Mindjammer] Is there any news?

    I've been waiting for the Traveller version of Mindjammer for a few months now, so what's the latest update on its progress? Cheers, Chris.
  4. Insect King

    The Unknown Armies 3rd Edition Discussion Thread with extra saucy spoilers

    Rather than clogging the Unknown Armies 3rd edition Kickstarter thread, here is a thread for discussing all the new ins and outs of the new UA3 draft rules, it's aesthetics, secrets and mechanics, changes and additions, and people's likes and dislikes.
  5. Insect King

    [Lovecraftesque Playtest] Wrong Side of the 71

    Session one The lightning was like tiny little flashes like that of static discharge because the storm was so far away. Within an hour, those flashes would crack and lay out a window-rattling rumble all over Aitchee. Jenna Huxley realised her mind was wandering and focused on the work at hand...
  6. Insect King

    [Comics] What's happening with Nameless?

    Hey all, Does anyone have a clue when Grant Morrison's Nameless #6 will be released? Cheers, Chris.
  7. Insect King

    [REIGN] The Diamond in the Box, a Ninth Legion playtest

    Session one It was a warm and sunny spring morning as lovely as that first kiss from a beautiful girl. The sunlight burning through the greenery of the forest rooftop dappled the ground in brilliant greens. The rush of the Anar’s swollen water was punctuated with the shrill tink-clink of the...
  8. Insect King

    [Comics] Question about Marvel's reprint of Miracleman

    Will there be a collected edition or at least the volumes reprinted as trade paperbacks. I know of the Artifact Edition from IDW but I'm looking for an edition that won't make me laugh and laugh at their greed. Cheers, Chris.
  9. Insect King

    [Delta Green RPG Playtest] The Rain Maker, part one

    “Who do you think she is?” said Agent Sullivan as he went about his inquiries, he paging through the remarkably slim folder again. “Don’t know. A bleach-blonde bimbo with silver mascara and overinflated lips; a Sigourney Weaver look alike; perhaps like Larry Hagman in a dress? Maybe she’s your...
  10. Insect King

    [Edge of the Empire] The Scum and Villainy Edition of the Jedi

    So, we're essentially playing Quentin Tarantino's Criminal Space Monsters in Edge of the Empire and it's been mostly fun. We took a look at Jedi after dropping scant knowledge of the EU and a lot of other assumptions fall away. By operating with only the six movies and Clone Wars series, the...
  11. Insect King


    Hey there, I'm not a mathematician but I can awkwardly fumble with numbers if they are basic die rolls but weird dice combos are beyond my grasp. I have an idea for FATE without FATE dice. I use 2d6 + choose the highest result - 1d6. How would this skew the +5 to -5 result statistically...
  12. Insect King

    GUMSHOE P.S. – a dice pool variant

    I really like what Pelgrane Press is doing. They bring out some of the finest and freshest, well-written, lavishly creative and exciting material I've seen in years especially in their Trail of Cthulhu and Night’s Black Agents Gumshoe game lines. Unfortunately, the players of my group don’t get...
  13. Insect King

    [Unknown Armies] The Order of St. Cecil

    The Order of Saint Cecil sourcebooklet by Chad Underkoffler is available for FREE! Check it out heUnknowre: http://www.atlas-games.com/product_tables/AG6009.php Cheers, Chris.
  14. Insect King

    [Call of Cthulhu] Ex Mare, Terrores

    The night was a clear late summer evening. The stars were twinkling through the wind-cleaned night sky. East of the Atlantic, the skies where filled with smoke and explosions as Europeans shot at each other in a turf war. The stink of fresh tar and rotting fish and brine was strong in the...
  15. Insect King

    [Neal Stephenson] The Mongoliad

    It seems Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear and others are researching and writing a set of collaborative "secret history" novels called Mongoliad which will feature, among other things, western martial arts. This is something, I believe, that people have complained has been really neglected in most...
  16. Insect King

    [Eclipse Phase] Lunacity

    Session 1: In the dark and dust Amanda was just leaning back against the wall lazily sliding the mesh windows with her foot -- nothing seemed interesting enough to shake this boredom. Boredom was a problem in the monastery, and while many of the men engaged in rough and tumble behaviour to...
  17. Insect King

    [Perzentile Werkz] a hack for Eclipse Phase

    Hello, I am planning to run an Eclipse Phase game. Eclipse Phase is great: The setting is fantastic, the basic % mechanics are pretty easy, but the character generation kills the fun for me -- totally dead. So, I have come up with my own percentile system to run Eclipse Phase. Here are the...
  18. Insect King

    [Sort of spam but it's for a good cause] Give him some love

    Hello, I hate to spam -- and I hope the mods cut me some slack -- but I'm kind of surprised that Greg Stolze's Unknown Armies-esque novel, Switchflipped, is going so slowly. I could've posted it in the Kickstarter sticky at TRO but I feel this has greater exposure. Really, check it out here...
  19. Insect King


    SESSION 1 The rain rolled over this sector of Gulf City and instead of washing everything clean, the whole printed slum of foamed concrete and woven carboglass felt bloated and spongy as the biodegradable asphalt road surfaces slowly dissolved into milky puddles. At least the smart displays...
  20. Insect King

    [Android] A good multipurpose dice rolling app

    What the title says: I'm looking for a good multiple purpose but easy to look at dice rolling app that covers a wide variety of systems. I'm running Androind Honeycomb on a tablet. Any suggestions? Cheers, Chris.
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