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    Son. Of. A. B&$%h.

    I'll be the first to spread the bad news: http://io9.com/5516295/when-larpers-attack Get ready for some LONG conversations about our "fun hobby." At least Tom Hanks didn't gang rape anyone in Mazes & Monsters....
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    Projectiles and Calls

    I am curious about LARPs which allow variable effects on projectiles and, as a result, require Calls (verbals) to inform a victim of the varied effect. 1) How often is there confusion or argument about which projectile hit a victim, in large battles? Please do not tell me about how all of your...
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    Another LARP Movie?

    http://io9.com/5453431/please-make-our-peter-dinklage-larping-knight-fantasy-come-true Anyone else got info?
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    Useless Americans!

    http://io9.com/5382093/american-larpers-are-useless This is what I hear as I read most posts here. :)
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    Another LARP Promo Video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhHid5U31kk&feature=channel_page About half posed/directed and half actual play.
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    Mana v. Selection

    In another thread, which I don't want to jack: I'd like to start a bit of discussion around this point: Pros and Cons, a bit of a Poll, third- and fourth-options, and so forth. To open things up: I use once-per-reset Abilities in GLASS for a simple, pragmatic reason. It makes for tough...
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    Game Chef 2008 Layout Competition

    The Game Chef 2008 Layout Competition is ON at the Game Chef site. Thanks in advance for your participation! Thanks doubly for reposting this notification and link on other sites that I might not know about or frequent!
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    Locating LARPs To Join

    Please post advice for locating LARPs in various regions, including LARP registry links, links to specific LARPs, and general advice for local searching. Please review thread before posting, to minimize repetition. ADMINS: Please Sticky, as an FAQ thread.
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    Shade's is doing a LARP Census on Frappr

    http://www.frappr.com/larplistcensus Go there, click in, be counted! It's pretty interesting....
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    LARP Cruise, Halloween 2008

    For those who haven't heard or read in other threads, this could be the event of the decade: http://www.gameradventures.com/larp_carribian.htm I am making this thread for speculation, planning, and general excitement. I am already 99% committed to going, and I want to find out more about how...
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    Is This a LARP? (Red Flag Warning!)

    After inspiration from a Forge thread, I have slapped together and published this concept: WARNING! Foul Language, Disturbing Gameplay, Parental Guidance is suggested. FYAYAH! All hilarity (and darkness) aside, I DO have a question: Could this be used as a role playing drill or warm-up or even...
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    GLASS Fans and Users Now Have a Home

    (Cross-posted in Open Promo, but also here because it's very LARP-specific.) Hi, folks; This is just an FYI to let everyone on this forum know that I have created the beginnings of the main site for GLASS: Generic Live Action Simulation System, which is still in development (though approaching...
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    GLASS Fans and Users Now Have a Home

    Hi, folks; This is just an FYI to let everyone on this forum know that I have created the beginnings of the main site for GLASS: Generic Live Action Simulation System, which is still in development (though approaching Gold Candidate for the system). Check it out here: http://glasscutters.org...
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    Suggested Solution to this Forum's Dire Lack of Traffic

    Hi, all; After a (small) bit of research, I have concluded that there is a much better site for LARP discussion. It has several sub-forums (including a catch-all for you table-toppers and CRPGers). It doesn't have ads. It's backed by an active LARPing group in New York, who also run a leading...
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    New RPG Ready for Playtesting

    I have just put a new role-playing game into Ready for Playtesting status at the Icehouse.org Wiki: http://icehousegames.org/wiki?title=RPG But David, what is Icehouse? Good question: Icehouse pyramids--now called Treehouse pyramids due to re-branding efforts--are sold by Looney Labs. They were...
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    Generic LARP System in Beta

    For those of you who haven't heard, yet, of GLASS, I now have an overview and link in the RPG.net wiki: GLASS: Generic Live Action Simulation System If you like reading and critiquing systems, now's the time to do so for GLASS! I intend to begin authoring the first full draft for publication...
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    GLASS on RPG.net Wiki, now

    Just an FYI, for folks who like to read and critique systems: my generic live action role playing system is now linked from the RPG.net wiki: GLASS: Generic Live Action Simulation System Reply with feedback to the e-mail address in the wiki, or here in this thread, to discuss. Thanks for...
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    Neverwhere LARP

    In another thread, it was said... OK, you win the Coolest LARP Concept Award. I am going to recommend that setting to some buddies of mine that want to start up a boffer/airsoft game. What system did you use? While most of the characters in NW were fairly mundane, there was the whole Knack...
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    Browser Setting Advice, Please?

    For some time now, it has been sort of a bother to me that my browser seems to re-download every Avater and Sig graphic in every thread, even if I have read the thread and am coming back to it later. Is there some setting in Opera (9) that will tell the browser to always try to use the graphics...
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    [GLASS] System Test Document for review

    I am still seeking readers, playtesters, and reviewers for my generic LARP rules system: GLASS: Generic Live Action Simulation System - System Test Document v1.0 (beta) I ask that we limit discussion to the following specific questions: Is it apparent what situations GLASS can model versus...
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