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  1. simonpaulburley

    Whatare your thoughts on "simultaneous" combat?

    Pretty sure the original Tunnels and Trolls did this. I also do it in my “Code” games but that system’s designed to be more hand wavey and narrative and not so much “see what you get”.
  2. simonpaulburley

    Looking for the 'Goldilocks' superhero system

    Thanks for the call out. Alas The Comics Code - as innovative and fun as it is - is too lightweight, narrative and hand-wavey for the OP.
  3. simonpaulburley

    Looking for the 'Goldilocks' superhero system

    Oh, bless you! BTW - Squadron UK - basic is dirt cheap and everything an SHRPG expert would need.
  4. simonpaulburley

    Batman: the Batmaning

    If Batman WAS the way you described then there’d be no Batman stories. He’d be unbeatable. There’d be no jeopardy. (There’d still be JLA, Supes team ups etc. “ how does a mere mortal give Dark Seid pause” type stuff.)’ Nope. We - and his foes - just THINK he’s like that. Which is, of course...
  5. simonpaulburley

    Best Shonen Anime Simulation-RPG

    I’m not going to say I hit the spot with this one.... https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/212379/The-Code-of-Shojo-and-Shonen But it’s got some intriguing ideas in it. If you want I’ll make the pdf PWYW for forum members for a short while.
  6. simonpaulburley

    How does one go about self-publishing an RPG?

    Oh yes and if anyone can find a publisher to work with, I've actually got a proper game which needs publishing properly. A full multi-genre game designed to be the basis of a range of sourcebooks. Using just d6 but generating cinematic results. Easy to play but giving players a fasciting range...
  7. simonpaulburley

    How does one go about self-publishing an RPG?

    Hi and welcome to the bottom of the gene pool publishing-wise. It may be that you already know what I'm going to say as it's and all the wonderful posters above clearly assume you know it because it's what you statesiders call 101. I "publish" a range of games. Alas I'm still best known for the...
  8. simonpaulburley

    Any new universal/generic systems coming out?

    (.........urm....... I've got one. Just need to get my finger out and find a publishing partner to make it look good etc. Or bite the bullet and do it myself.)
  9. simonpaulburley

    Backgrounds: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How Much, Why Again

    Not necessary. We discover our world together. However I do like a bit if possible. No more than one side of paper with me retaining a veto over details. Enough to spark my imagination not enough to introduce constraints into the campaign world.
  10. simonpaulburley

    Not Here to Play Games: Struggling with Enjoying the "Game" Part of TTRPGs

    There’s nothing wrong with you. Your feelings chime with my own and so many other people. I used to write chunky SHRPGs but now write 2d6 lightweight stuff. My (UK) analogy is that there are two types of “FIFA football” computer games. The main one is where you control the actual players in a...
  11. simonpaulburley

    Superhero system (mid crunch) with power/resource management and decent armour rules..

    I am sorry to say it’s nothing to do with beyond not raising objections. (I’m also quite relieved to be able to say it’s nothing to do with me.)
  12. simonpaulburley

    Superhero system (mid crunch) with power/resource management and decent armour rules..

    GH? Well bless YOU! I take it you’ve taken a look at Squadron U.K. ? The basic game is still PWYW for some reason (I’ve got to get round to fixing that!) https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/107240/Squadron-UK-Basic
  13. simonpaulburley

    Looking for a label

    If you go by "Solo: A Star Wars Story" I believe Chewbacca is referred to as a "beast" as in: "Throw him in with the beast." "Wait. you've got a BEAST?"
  14. simonpaulburley

    How to cross over into an alternative reality?

    Just cross them over, listen to the players theorise. Pick one. (If in doubt pick their second theory.)
  15. simonpaulburley

    Best system for a Power Rangers one shot?

    My own game The Code of Shojo and Shonen does this: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/product/212379 It’s very lightweight but great fun. Handles norms, rangers, Zords and megazords with a simple system that doesn’t have too much to learn for a one shot.
  16. simonpaulburley

    Deciding on a System

    I suspect it might be a bit lightweight or hand wavey for you, but my fantasy game The Code of Warriors and Wizardry might be a good fit: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/product/217981 It’s part of the game’s conceit that everyone has a supernatural ability of some kind
  17. simonpaulburley

    The Greatest Campaign You Never Played?

    A campaign based on the Warhammer world festivals. I ran the Winter scenario one Christmas and then the “Keg End” one. Fundamentalist Dwarf zealots hunting down the Godless heretics intending to hide ale away to consume during the “dry” months. But I never got to run the “Pie Week Murders” et al.
  18. simonpaulburley

    RPGs with card rules

    Duty and Honour https://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/product/58749 Napoleonic Roleplaying - and it’s maritime companion Beat to Quarters. Because “common folk use dice. Gentlemen play cards.”
  19. simonpaulburley

    Biggest misconceptions about your favorite games?

    (Niche self centred answer:)’ GOLDEN HEROES has random character generation. No it doesn’t. It has a cunning and innovative (and addictive) blend of random rolling and design. (Every Single Bloody Review......)
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