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  1. Unka Josh

    Development Blog for Stellar: A Thousand Stars Like Jewels

    As I wind slowly towards releasing an actual Kickstarter for Stellar, I'm writing a development blog, if y'all want to check it out, here.
  2. Unka Josh

    IC Wandering Monster High School

    It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. No, wait. Regular high schools used lines like that, and it was for essays and shit. It was the first day of school; pretty much the worst of times. You could still hang out with your friends over break, after all. And there was the...
  3. Unka Josh

    OOC Wandering Monster High School

    So let's start here by posting all the characters so I have a prayer of keeping track of all of you! IC will start sometime tomorrow.
  4. Unka Josh

    [Interest/Recruitment] Wandering Monster High School (Aspect-Only Fate) (Obv Comedy)

    So after thinking it over, I'm going to tackle this in Aspect-Only Fate. I have never run Fate before, so I'll be making some things up as I go in the name of speed and expediency, but I think it will fit the genre better. Or, to take it from the top: Wandering Monster High School...
  5. Unka Josh

    New Transfelinism Post

    Jasmine Tseng discusses diversity in gaming, in the Android setting.
  6. Unka Josh

    Stellar: A Thousand Stars Like Jewels Setting Discussion Thread

    So, over in this thread here, I mentioned that I'd been writing this space opera RPG designed to have adventure and adventurers as part of the setting; I posted a link to the setting document, and we got to talking about it. So here's a thread where we can, y'know, talk about it. And for...
  7. Unka Josh

    [5e] On the Arcane Archer and its flaws

    I suspect that i'm missing something, but does it seem to anyone else that the Arcane Archer just... isn't all that? At 3rd level, you get a utility cantrip and a skill, plus your Arcane Shot, and at this point, it's not too bad at all-- 2 uses per Short Rest of a couple of powers, generally...
  8. Unka Josh

    May I link to a SFW page of a NSFW site?

    To be specific, I'd like to link to a page of Oh Joy Sex Toy that contains no nudity, no sex, no text discussions of same... but it is still a page on the OJST website, which is, on other pages (that I will not be linking to) a sexually explicit sex toy review site with supplemental discussion...
  9. Unka Josh

    Monster Prom! And something I haven't seen before...

    So I backed the Kickstarter for Monster Prom, and I have my copy. (It's a twisted, fun game-- a single player can finish a game in 30-60 minutes, and there are tons of decisions, choices, and semi-random events.) So the campaign mentioned that it's a non-binary kind of game, in that it wasn't...
  10. Unka Josh

     The Science Fiction of Becky Chambers

    I realize that many of you may not have read the science fiction that Becky Chambers writes; there isn't a lot. Two books out, and one in pre-order, but the two that are out are excellent, and I'm very excited about the third. I enjoy the setting she's created very much-- a selection of alien...
  11. Unka Josh

    OOC Freeform Supers Game

    Okay, someone has to launch this thing, so I guess it's me. Post your characters and the like! Dr. Sofia Armani was an inventive genius, able to construct amazing technology. Various obstacles stopped her from achieving her real potential in academia or from getting hired at an engineering...
  12. Unka Josh

    Feedback on a core mechanic, plz!

    I have a system; it doesn't have a name yet, but it needs one, and I'd love some feedback. The simple version: There aren't really stats. For a given task-- let's use Melee Combat as an example-- you roll a bunch of d6s-- generally 4-8, sometimes more, occasionally less. With a given...
  13. Unka Josh

    🎨 Creative Stellar: AThousand Stars Like Jewels

    So I created a Space Opera game. I'm still polishing the rules and making them into a format that people who aren't me can use, but hey, rules are the less interesting part. (I did make a Quickstart with pregen characters and a simple introductory scenario; if anyone's interested, PM me and...
  14. Unka Josh

    [WIR] Jill Trent, Science Sleuth! (1940s comic with two female leads who kick ass)

    So I hear this Where I Read thing is fun; I considered doing one for Bridge of Birds, but that would be a little epic for my very first WIR. Instead, let's go with something classic-- a WW2 era comic strip-- Jill Trent, Science Sleuth! Jill first graced the pages of Fighting Yank comics in...
  15. Unka Josh

    Setting: Greyhawk 3000

    So I'm running this 5th Edition game for my local tabletop group; we did character generation tonight, and KaitouJuliet and coeli suggested to me that I post some of the stuff about the setting to see what other people think. Feedback is definitely welcome. While not literally Greyhawk, it's...
  16. Unka Josh

    [LBGTQ] Things have really changed for the better in my lifetime

    I remember how badly handled LBGTQ people have been in TV and other media for far, far too long; I was watching TV when some bad portrayals were on. There were a few that strived to do better, but often handled it poorly; there were many that can, at best, be called "Regrettable." ...Heck...
  17. Unka Josh

    5E (Just for fun) Build: The Go Away Sorcerer

    I noticed the wording of some rules, and I couldn't help myself. Purpose: Make opponents unable to ever reach you in a fight. This starts to actually work at 3rd level, but that's OK-- that's when most classes start to kick in. It becomes much more fun at 5th, crazy at 11th, and ridiculous...
  18. Unka Josh

    Goddamnit, Amazon...

    What in your search algorhythms led you to recommend a collection by Milo Yiannopolis and Tom Kratman to me? I don't look at racist, neo-nazi literature on your site, I promise! ....In a bundle of "New Science Fiction," I note.
  19. Unka Josh

    Can anyone help me find a nature video?

    I can't locate it, but I have seen a nature video-- animated gif or YouTube or Vimeo or something-- featuring an octopus. Specifically, there's a video that shows a rock on the ocean floor; said rock is apparently an octopus disguising itself as a rock, because the rock gets up and moves over...
  20. Unka Josh

    IC Playtesting Stellar: A Thousand Stars Like Jewels (The Whitesky Chronicles)

    The swirling madness of hyperspace vanished around the Prayerful Blossom, and they were surrounded by blackness and the lights of distant stars. Because of the sheer mass of the sun-- the star Tellurians had called Alpha Cygni, or Deneb-- it had been necessary to re-enter normal space some...
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