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  1. Montegris

    🎨 Creative August Painting Thread

    Previous thread here. So I finally finished my giant. Pretty much everything but metallics is Contrast paints. I'm very, very pleased with the results, more so given that it took me 6-8 hours of work in total to have him painted. Given that this big guy has sat in my shelves unpainted...
  2. Montegris

    [WIP][Wrestlepack] WWE2K19 MyCareer

    I decided to pull the plug and get WWE2K19 after seeing that I had spent a crapton of hours on the previous game, and I'm recording my forays into MyCareer mode, where you create a wrestler and take him through the indies into the WWE (so basically a Story mode). So far, I have a few hours of...
  3. Montegris

    Wizkids and Games Workshop announce new partnership

    Well, I never expected to see something like this: https://wizkids.com/2017/10/19/wizkids-announces-new-partnership-with-games-workshop/ Queue Warhammer 40000 dice masters and heroclix, as well as reprints of classic games that FFG also reprinted, I guess.
  4. Montegris

    [Wrestlepack] Recommend me great matches!

    As I mentioned in The One Phil's WiW thread, I've recently developed an understanding, and to a certain point, appreciation for professional wrestling. Little by little, I'm checking out some of the best classics out there, but here's where I turn to the wisdom of the wrestlepack. So, recommend...
  5. Montegris

    [ASOIF] Red priests?

    So a friend of mine is going to run a game of A Song of Ice and Fire rpg as his first attempt at GM'ing, and I've decided I want to play a Red Priest. I however have been looking about, and it seems that, since the games are set "before magic awakens", the only options you have for magic are...
  6. Montegris

    [VtM]Help me plan out the Sabbat's Attack on New York!

    My long ongoing VtM chronicle is starting to gain momentum again, and I'm planning to open up with a bang. If you've read New York by Night (or my own thread on the matter, linked on my sig) you probably already know that the setup is a city that's recovering from the Camarilla ousting the...
  7. Montegris

    [ME:A] The Multiplayer Thread

    Since it seems nobody has got round to doing it yet, and since I'm sure many people are playing MP, or will be once they get through the main storyline, I think it's time to create a thread where we can post our handles so others can add us to form teams, discuss about our experiences, and so...
  8. Montegris

    [Wild West Cinema] Critique my setup for a one-shot

    These days I've felt like some Wild West gaming (which my group has never done so far) and after some research I picked the (so far excellent) Wild West Cinema by grubman, to prepare a one-shot story. The setup is as follows: A stagecoach trip between New Mexico and Arizona in 1873 (note that...
  9. Montegris

    So, let's say I want to have weapons and armor used in a more realistic way

    For a game I'm preparing, I mean to have weapon and armor use mirror reality a little bit more (as far as we know it, anyway). By this I don't mean in terms of mechanics so much as in terms of player expectations, and societal attitudes towards weapons and armor in a medieval setting. If it...
  10. Montegris

    Question about reporting red text

    I just saw the following warning in the infraction forum: https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?785478-Warning-for-MrMephistopheles-Warning In it, Arachne grants a warning to a user for reporting red text. So, my question is: if we find something questionable or that we feel is against the...
  11. Montegris

    [Advanced Fighting Fantasy] Crown of Kings

    My first contact with anything resembling roleplaying games was the Sorcery! gamebooks I read 20something years ago. I loved the story in them, and I've recently discovered there's a conversion of them into an Advanced Fighting Fantasy campaign for which I've heard good reviews. With this in...
  12. Montegris

    [oWoD, VtM] Help me steer things back on track

    I've been running a V:tM (with some crossover elements, more on that later) game for the past few months that went on hiatus last November when one player attempted to betray an NPC and the rest of the coterie decided to stay neutral or stop him (which made the betrayal fail). Now I'm seeing...
  13. Montegris

    So, I now have Marvel Unlimited. Recommend stuff for me to read!

    As per the thread title, I've decided to subscribe to Marvel Unlimited, and so I turn to the wisdom of Other Media for recommendations on stuff that's really good and I shouldn't pass up. I suppose it's worth mentioning some stuff you needn't recommend, as I've already read it or own it (note...
  14. Montegris

    [Heroquest] Castle of Mystery. Opinions?

    As part of my Extreme Heroquest project (see sig) I'm adapting all the various quests from the original Heroquest (the boardgame by MB/Games Workshop, not the Glorantha RPG by Issaries) base box, and I've just reached the infamous Quest 10: Castle of Mystery. For those who may not remember it...
  15. Montegris

    [Rant-ish] PC with 20 Cha being roleplayed as 8 Cha

    This isn't so much a thread on "what should I do" so much as an "ugh"/venting thread, but regardless I wouldn't mind hearing suggestions on how to handle this (if only to give me some food for thought). In my current campaign, one of the players is playing a Cha 20 Warlock whose family got...
  16. Montegris


    Note: even though I'll be posting 5E stats, I've titled the thread as "any", as much of the stuff I'm going over here is just conceptual brainstorming. In the campaign I'm currently running, Hobgoblins are the main baddies (at least until the real culprit behind them is found, but even then...
  17. Montegris

    Give me ideas for Gothic horror elements

    Lately I've been pondering to revisit a setting that I started working on for Runequest 6, which basically consisted on a duchy and its capital, a large city surrounded by forests and the occasional backwards village here and there. In the forests, wolves and worse stalk their prey, a few...
  18. Montegris

    [V:TM] [OWoD] Let's Read New York by Night

    Over in other threads and in PM’s, DoctorDogGirl has mentioned that he doesn’t like New York by Night much, but that he’s quite interested on my outlook on that book (and why I find it a good one), and suggested that I do a Let’s Read thread. Even though I’m somewhat reluctant to do so (because...
  19. Montegris

    How In-app Purchases Have Destroyed The Videogame Industry

    A very interesting and insightful article on what is wrong with the F2P model and (particularly) mobile phone gaming. Definitely worth a read. The second video example is blood-curdling, for lack of a better term. http://www.baekdal.com/opinion/how-inapp-purchases-has-destroyed-the-industry/
  20. Montegris

    [WiP Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition] The Hellpit Spleengnawers' rat race to the top

    Recently I've been playing quite a bit of Blood Bowl Chaos Edition (thanks to playing BB: Team Manager with some friends and getting the itch for some actual Blood Bowl), and I've played a campaign up to the point where my orcs have won the Blood Bowl cup and are the first in the rankings. My...
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