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    Scion 2e ETA

    Hello all, I'm planning to run a game which will include the Mrs, and Scion came to mind as one I've not played yet she could get into as she's played the WoD games (system wise not an enormous leap of faith) looking through my shelf full of WW product it occurred to me that rather than hand...
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    Wrath and Glory Ships

    Wrath and Glory has just dropped on my desk. Blessing unheralded dice and other gubbins (decks etc.) in the box. I'll actually read it now. ;) EDIT - That's UK for ref.
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    [Masquerade 5E] Anarchs and Camarilla books are out

    Pre order PDFs are out guys fill your boots Just had a bit of a scan, looks interesting. For me I'm still getting over the shift from V20 (I'm an old school vampire player) a couple of new options in there but nothing major.
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    Is Gencon not such a big deal this year?

    Im in the UK with little chance of making a gencon for the forseeable future (kids, etc.) Usually this time of year companies like FFG shut up shop and the RPG.NET boards are aflame with 'Who's meeting who' and 'Who's bough what sweet pre-release goodness' I had to check it hadn't been...
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    London gaming Stores

    Hi - I'm in the big smoke for the day with work and find myself with a free afternoon. Can anyone recommend / tell me where the gaming stores are? :) I know about the Orcs Nest in Leicester Square, but are there other options? Cheers! Crabbie
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    Eoris - So is anyone playing it?

    Hi all, I keep looking at the beautiful Eoris sat on my gaming shelf, picking it up browsing for a few minutes then putting it back down with a resigned puzzelment. Is anyone playing it? What kind of games are you playing?? I have these Final Fantasy games of Epic in my head. I just can't...
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    [Eoris] Its in the UK

    Just what it says on the tin really. I ordered it from VoE last Saturday and it arrived today (Friday) That's speedy service :) The VoE guys might be quiet, but they sure are efficient !!
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    [Deathwatch] Final Sanction

    I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm quite looking forwards to Deathwatch now. Mind you I'll have to finish up DH and skip my RT game I was contemplating :-P *Possible spoiler* Genestealers seem to have gotten a bit of a steroid shot in the arm.... :-P
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    Eoris - Anyone getting worried?

    For those people that put $120 dollars the way of Eoris, with its removal from the websites shop is anyone starting to sweat a bit? :(
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    Hi all Because apparently I dont spend enough on games I don't play I've had my interest piqued by Eoris. Anyone know if its still on schedule for release this month? Anyone got a copy? It looks pretty. So I guess that means pricey :D
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    [NWOD] Combat - Reloaded.

    The new WW site makes my head hurt every time I try and work it. Anyone know besides 'April' When this is due out? I might actually get to play a vampire game once this is out ! Disclaimer - Though we dont go trenchcoats and Katana's we do have some conflict in our games and none of us are...
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    [Cthulhutech] Vede Mecum is here !!

    came at lunch time. Its sweet guys.... ;-) Crabbie
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    Things that make you go Oooo

    Inspired by a few threads I've been reading here I was looking over my RPG shelves yesterday and menatlly went 'Ooo' When I had a peruse of my gorgeous copy of Dark Heresy. What are the books in your collections that you attach a value beyond what they give you in a game to and why? For me...
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    Hi is anyone out there less smarter than me?

    Well obviously, but I'm looking for a favour from the more prepared of you! I'm running the keep over the shadowfell and I (only just) realized that you don't get maps for the actual keep (where the PC's are headed next session) did anyone map it already and is willing to share? I had a look...
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    Class Feats - (Preqs)

    Do you need to meet the stat requirements of any feats / proficiencies that your profession grants you? Or are you just considered to have 'learned' them ?
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    [Dark Heresy] So I got the inquisitors Handbook

    I nearly bought purge the unclean too but couldn't justify £50.00 for getting both (Did check out the Space marine though ;->) Anyone want to know anything?
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    [WOTG Companion] - Anyone else missing bits?

    Hi all, Probably been done to death but has anyone else's copy got big bits missing? Only got it yesterday (finally) but on a first scan, all the Rare martial arts are missing.... :( Anyone else got similar issues? I know Brad is great for sorting this stuff out but I thought I'd check if...
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    [40K] - Spoil us !!

    Ok - Some of you have (while i wait for mine) so spill !! Like how does the good old Bolter stack up? Have they done it Justice?
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